Why Uploaded Result Does Not Reflect on JAMB, What to Do?


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A few students are complaining their O’level results are not reflecting on the JAMB portal. The issue has been so persistent so lately that I deem it fit to explain the reason why your uploaded O’level results had not reflected till now.

I’d been able to guide you on how to upload your O’level results to the JAMB portal. I equally supported that with a guide to check, foremost, if the result had been uploaded before you get concerned or to confirm if it was successfully uploaded in the first place.
Let’s get a clear picture of the situation!
Some admission seekers failed to upload their O’level results during the JAMB UTME/DE registrations. This set of candidates fall among those who forgot to take their O’level results to the CBT centres or some who took it there but the centres didn’t upload for them due to time constraints or similar reasons. Some, using awaiting results, as expected didn’t go to CBT because, of course, they’re waiting for their WAEC, NECO, NBAIS, or NABTEB results.

These candidates later returned to any available CBT centres to upload. The CBT centres had uploaded their results and showed them the evidence of a successful upload. In fact, some CBT helped by printed out the screenshots of the uploads and confirmation messages.
Confirmation of successful results upload to the JAMb portal
However, while candidates visit their JAMB profiles to check if the results were truly and successfully upload, they were surprised to see that the results were not there. They’re greeted with “No Olevel result Uploaded!’ Message.

So, What happened? Why was my uploaded result not reflecting?

As a matter of fact, this issue is not only specific to you. It’s been reported by very many candidates uploading their results lately. I’d personally saw that among my candidates. 
Answering this question is similar to my answer to Why CAPS Doesn’t Show O’level Exams Number?
As a result, I had to contact JAMB support for you to give you an official explanation for this.
Below was my finding.
The message sent to JAMB support was briefly detailed
Good day, I uploaded my WAEC result at the JAMB portal in Bwari on Friday, 21st August and it’s still yet to reflect on my CAPS. Is it normal for it to take this long? 
The JAMB support team gave an unexpected reply. But that’s true!
Be patient, Once admission starts, your details will show. Thank you 
In fact, when candidates ask me the closing date for uploading of O’level results, my best answer is “the deadline is only when your own proposed institution is ready to release admission lists”.
JAMB reply why your result is yet to show on the JAMB portal
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That answer should correspond with what the support team replied with. This is a clear indication that, admission only starts when the lists are being prepared not necessarily when post UTME forms are being sold by various institutions.
You don’t need the result on your JAMB profile until institutions start releasing or about to release the admission list.
This could be why JAMB was taking its time before making your result to reflect in the first place.
It’s, of course, compulsory to upload your O’

level results if you will be offered admission. However, it shouldn’t course alarm if the results are yet to reflect after being uploaded.

What to Do if Your Results Doesn’t Reflect

As JAMB already noted, you just need to be patient. 
For how long? 
Wait until your school post UTME or screening form closes. This is the time schools will start compiling lists. This can be the right time to check your JAMB portal again and see if things had refected.
If by that time, it’s still not reflecting, consider using another CBT centre to re-upload your result. Candidates are allowed to re-upload if you deem it fit, until results eventually reflect. You can also change the result if you have a better one.
Just be sure you keep making the effort until your result shows in the right place. Without your O’level result, no school will offer you admission even if you merit it.
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