What to Take Along for Post UTME/Screening

As soon as they complete their post UTME or screening registrations, what most candidates are serious to know is when the exam will be coming up or the date of the physical screening. That has earlier been addressed in the post, “How To Know My Post UTME/Screening Dates“.

What of the items to be taken along for the post UTME or the physical screening of your proposed universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education?

This will be the next concern. And of course, some schools will not specify what you will come along with while coming for the post UTME or screening. They, in my own view, might have assumed that you would get clues from friends or brothers and sisters who had once attended the post UTME/screening of the institutions.

This post will be helpful in guiding you on what you should take along for the post UTME without being fed the wrong information by blinded friends and families.

How to Know What to Take Along for the Post UTME/Screening

Experience has shown that very many candidates are guilty of this confusion. Your school might have already listed these items on the school portal or on the news or similar channels. But because you’re not mindful, the information might have escaped you. Below are the quickest methods to know what to take to the school for post UTME/Screening.

1. Check Your Post UTME Screening Slip

For most universities, polytechnics, and Colleges of Education, as soon as candidates print their application acknowledgment slips (evidence of the online registration), they make it available on the part of the paper what candidates are expected to bring to the exams hall or screening centers.

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If the date of the exams/screening is written on that paper, check under the same for any possible things your school may need for the exercise.

2. Read the Post UTME/Screening Adverts Again

Usually, some schools will be detailed in the post UTME/screening advert, usually published on their websites or admission portals, about what candidates should take along for the exercise.

Since the first time they check this advert, what most candidates want to see are the application procedures, price, and closing dates. They may not pay attention to the items required for the days of post-UTMEs/screening exercise. 

You should go back to that page right now to see if they include that for your reference.

3. Follow the News Board on Your School’s Portal

It’s not uncommon to see a few schools updating on the school or admission portals, later after the Post UTME/screening registrations had closed, to inform their aspirants on what to take along while coming for the exams or physical screening.

It will be wise to bookmark your school portal and be visiting it from time to time, and as the exam date draws closer, so you can see when/if the school will want anything special on that day.

4. Keep Your Mobile Phone Active

There are enough references that some schools will not only send updates on the exam dates to their applicants through SMS but also itemize what they should come along with.

For example, Osun State College of Technology recently sent the SMS below to their aspirants.

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This is to inform all prospective ND students (JAMBITES) to report with their original documents & photocopies for 2020/2021 admission screening exercise starting from Tuesday 19/1/2021 by 11am. The venue is Owamiran Hall, OSCOTECH Esa Oke. Use your nose MASK & also maintain social distancing.

In that SMS, it’s obvious what candidates should bring along for the physical screening. All your credentials e.g local government identification, O’level results, JAMB registration slip/Change of Institution and course slip, JAMB results, etc must be with you on the day.

5. Talk to an Existing Student of the School

Especially students in their year one, friends and families in your proposed institution can be a good source of information on this.

Very many schools follow the same method of admission exercises year in, year out. These schools are not likely going to change anything too soon. Hence, talking to a brother or sister who is already on the same campus may help. If he/she can remember what the school asked for last year, that may save you also the stress.

General Items Candidates Should Prepare for the Post UTME/DE and Screening

If after following the clues shared in the section above, things are still bleak, relax. There are general things that if you can take along you won’t have issues eventually.

Experience has shown that most schools follow the same standard. With the stock of my experiences, I advise you to get set for the screening or exams with the following items.

What to Take Along for the Paper or Computer-Based Exams

If your School conducts exams, you may need the following:

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  1. Post UTME form payment receipt
  2. Online Post UTME registration slip or evidence of completed registration
  3. Post UTME exams slip (if different from the number 2)
  4. Writing Materials e.g pen, pencil. These will come handy if the exam is paper and pencil and if CBT, you may need them to write your names and mark your attendance

What to Take Along for the Physical Screening

For those schools conducting one-on-one checking of candidates’ credentials during the screening, you may need the following:

  1. Online screening receipt e.g REMITA
  2. Online screening registration slip(s)
  3. JAMB registration slip/change of institution slip
  4. Original JAMB result
  5. Local Governement Identifcaiton
  6. Birth/Age Declaration Certificate
  7. O’level Results/certificate
  8. Secondary/Primary school Certificate/Testimonial
  9. Face Masks 
  10. A’level result (for the Direct Entry applicants)

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