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If you’d already done regularization but yet to receive an approval message from JAMB, can you go ahead and complete your Direct Entry (DE) registration?

This was a question I got very recently.

The prospective DE applicant was formerly a part-time ND holder. She had done regularization in order to secure the JAMB registration number she would need to complete her Direct Entry application. Even though not every DE applicants will need the JAMB registration number.

However, there is a delay – maybe by JAMB or by his former institution. Hence, she had not got the notice of approval and the registration number for that.

She is aware that the DE form will close very sooner. Her question is now, “is it possible to go ahead with the registration while still waiting for the approval notice?”

You Can’t Go On With DE Registration Without Regularization Approval

In most cases, regularisation will give you a JAMB registration number or approve anyone you submitted to be activated.

This registration number will be asked for at the CBT centre. Then, what will you submit?

And if you submitted any for the regularisation approval, it would not be active in the JAMB’s database until you get the official notice that, the number has been approved.

Alternatively, Consider Using OTHER DIPLOMA Option

As already established, you need JAMB regularisation approval before you can register for DE. However, there is a way to go around things if you have not registered for the regularisation or it’s still in process but DE form will close any time sooner.

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Pay attention!

When you get to the CBT centre, tell them to choose the OTHER DIPLOMA option for you. Even though you’re an ND or NCE graduate and the appropriate option should have been be chosen for you. If you choose either ND or NCeE, as concerned, the system will detect that you don’t have any approved JAMB registration number (that was offered admission before). Hence, they will force you out to register regularisation.

If you choose the OTHER DIPLOMA option, the system won’t bother to ask for any JAMB registration number. Your DE registration will be completed.

After the DE Registration…

If you had not registered for regularization, you can now register it. And if you’d registered but not yet approved, wait for the approval.

As soon as you receive the approval notice in your email and you print your JAMB admission letter, take the approved JAMB registration number back to any CBT centre or JAMB office and ask them to replace your qualification OTHER DIPLOMA with NCE or ND as the case may be.

They will replace that and you’re good to go. This is similar to using Awaiting results or replacing a result with a better one.

In case you’re doubting this, this guide was shared with me at a JAMB office. It works like charm.

You May NOT Even Need The Regularisation in the First Place

Listen, the case narrated above was of a graduate of National Diploma who was offered a daily part-time (DPT) or regular part-time (RPT) and finished as such.

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This set of candidates will definitely need to do JAMB regularisation and wait for its approval. However, candidates for such programmes starting from the 2019 admission year need JAMB part-time registration instead of regularisation.

Whereas, certain candidates might have registered for JAMB regularisation wrongly. For example candidates with JUPEB, IJMB, Cambridge, and NABTEB Advanced and those with Registered Nurse or midwifery (RN/RMW), Diploma in Health technologies, and related courses do not need regularisation.

They just need their matric numbers and choose the OTHERS option during the Direct Entry registration. Problem solved.

Hence, if you belong to the latter and mistakenly put in for regularisation, you can just go on with your DE registration without waiting for the JAMB approval.

Obtain the Present Year UTME and Upgrade to Direct Entry

Very recently, JAMB is advising candidates who have delays in regularization approval or whose regularizations are rejected to consider one of the best alternatives. They can just obtain the UTME for the year and later convert that to Direct Entry (DE).
Candidates who want to skip regularization application and the challenges that accompany that should take to this method as well.
What you will do is register for UTME for the current admission year. Then, after the UTME, return to the JAMB office nearest to you for the upgrading of UTME to DE.
If you’re curious to know, candidates using this method don’t need to write the UTME before they can upgrade. You can convert with/without sitting for the UTME.

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