P-YES Application May Reopen Through Knowledge Multi-Track Programme

Another PYES application may soon open for awaiting applicants to register. This is not a fact yet but with the looks of things with N-Power and the scheme, P-YES may want to take in a new set of applicants. Let’s me explain if you’re in doubt.

P-YES was closed couples of weeks ago. The application was opened for about 6 weeks for Nigerian youth to apply online. However, the portal was not regular for some days which limited intending beneficiaries from starting the applications, and those who started could not complete it.

However, a few applicants completed all the registration processes including the signing, scanning and uploading of guarantor’s form before final submission.

Several intending applicants were disappointed that P-YES could not extend the application deadline. If by now you try to apply, you will be greeted with “We have currently reached our quota for applications and this phase of the scheme has been closed till further notice”. Is this true? I’m not sure.

If they’d reached the right quota indeed, why haven’t they called the successful applicants for training and engagement till date?

They remained silent until a few applicants reported they were sent SMS to look out for the list of successful applicants. And since that SMS, nothing has been said even after the national election was concluded.

We’re aware that tools and training kits for P-YES applicants had arrived in the country before the election. Yet, no news till now.

Now comes a confirmed report that the Federal government has approved a new Npower application which is different from the N-Teach, Agro, Health, Build, Tech and the likes that we were used to know.

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I suspect they are trying to marge P-YES with Npower. If that’s not true, why haven’t they done anything since on the accommodation of the successful PYES applicants? Their training might have been intentionally delayed as to devise the right approach to conducting the programme. And this could be their final resolution.

It’s possible to think that Npower may just be adding the new category to their collections especially since they had earlier promised to open portal for N-Build late 2018. The new application which has not been activated until the new N-Power Knowledge Multi-Track Youth Empowerment.

Another thing to take note of is that the new category and P-YES share exactly the same prospect. The new category will take in 60,000 beneficiaries in all. The first 12,000 will be trained and empowered. Then, are to accommodate and train the rest 48,000.

This is exactly how P-YES promised. PYES beneficiaries are to be trained on vocations and ventures. Then, they’re to train each second level beneficiary under them.

However, N-Build is different from this. N-build we knew, were trained and equipped to start their own ventures without the need to training further intakes of the scheme.

When the team announced on their Twitter handle that the new Npower will be opened, some prospective applicants reacted to that by accusing them of inconsistency. They were of the views that the team had not opened the link for Nbuild and now wanted to go for another category.

The support team was quick to reply that the two are not related. N-build is different from the N-Power Knowledge Multi-Track Youth Empowerment.

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With this, it’s possible that the federal government has resolved to convert the P-YES to Npower or at least merge both. By this, since new the application will soon kick off, applicants who missed the first P-YES registration may be lucky to apply in this and be successful.

This is not confirmed yet, but I will drop it if my guess becomes real.

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