Less Competitive University Courses With Better Employment Prospects

Less Completive Courses with better employment prospects

Writing this when the JAMB UTME/DE admission activities are ongoing is perfect. The time is right! With that, I know you will be attentive.

This post is a further guide on the courses to consider during this change of course exercise. And it’s a succeeding update on the recent one where I gave blunt pieces of advice on why a poor man’s child should avoid chasing a rich-man child’s course. That post got some quick shares back then that’s why I knew I was passing the right message.

And when I gave my readers a list of courses they could go for if they aimed for businesses or independence after graduation, they applauded it as well.

And right now, I want to add more to why admission seekers should avoid chasing some courses. Hence, this post will recommend a list of courses that are not only less competitive but have a great self-reliant and employable future.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Less Completive Courses with Better Employment Prospects

1. Hot Education Courses

Only a VERY FEW students want to be teachers. We all agree on that. But this is becoming the only field you can easily get engagement as soon as you’re done in schools.

Even though we don’t want to be holding chalks and facing a set of children seeking better futures, yet a part (if not most) of our lives will engage us as teachers.

If you doubt me, very many of us will teach as soon as we leave secondary schools. Probably you’re already teaching by now before you gain admission? While in the universities, polytechnics or colleges, some will end up making side-money with part-time tutoring and home lessons. I don’t doubt it that, about 70% of corpers will be posted to schools across the nation.

And when you’re done with NYSC, you still return home to teach at least to get yourself engaged before any befitting job, if ever.

The most disappointing thing is that we don’t make much from the teaching engagements. You know why? A few of us were trained and certified teachers. While your colleagues who are trained teachers with NCE or B.Ed are earning 100, you may be paid 50 since you’re not seeing as a qualified teacher.

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Then, why don’t you go for this right from the start?

Education courses are less competitive, yet high in demand

If the situation of things in this country is favouring people in classes than the trained bankers and accountants, why swimming against the tide? Why don’t we choose teaching our university or college courses?

It’s high time we stopped following the crowd. We need to know and follow what works.

Having said that, we must however carefully choose these education courses. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English and Mathematics Education are hot-cakes. A few others that we must go for include Education Economics, Education Agriculture and so on. What matters is to go for the courses that are much more in demand in our schools.

Don’t fall for courses that a state governor may discard along the way. Physical and Health Education, Religious Education, Music Education, Home Economics, French Education and a few other good education courses but they are less rewarding because they are fading off in our schools.

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2. Consulting/Professional Courses

There are courses that will train you to be independent after graduation. The government is spending millions to campaign for self-employment and entrepreneurship instead of spending that budget to create jobs. But that’s what they want – which is not going to change anytime sooner.

Graduates are getting the message now. You’d better gone for a course which not only can get you a government or office job but as well prepare you for personal business or consulting services.

Consulting/Professional Courses can be less competitive if chosen carefully

Having said that, most of the courses such as Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, etc are already crowded. A few are getting jobs and where they do, they are paid less. Don’t forget the law of demand and supply. The higher the number of competing workers, the less likely they earn.

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Hence, I suggest you consider a few other less competitive and rewarding courses such as Industrial Relation and Personnel Management, Marketing, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Technology, Architecture, Entrepreneurship, Electrical Electronic Engineering, and so on.

The main reason I recommended those courses was because, on your graduation, you can start working with little capital if the labour market has no provision for you.

3. Agriculture Courses

I know you don’t want to be a farmer just like you don’t want to be a teacher. Yet, you teach most time of your life. Fear of hunger and poverty?

I don’t have to remind you that just as the government is clamoring for self-reliance, they are calling people to return to farms if we must get out of poverty.

As a result, they are making policies to favor a few who want to consider Agric-related courses or go for farming.

Fewer candidates are competing for Agric related courses

If you can get it from other reliable sources, confirm please! A graduate of animal science is being compensated as a medical doctor on the same salary scale if employed by the government. Know why? They want more people in the Agriculture field.

I heard this from a doctor whose daughter was offered Nursing but the man insisted she should change to Animal Science.

A few universities are now offering some Agric courses tuition-free. For example, Welsley University Ondo started offering admission into four of her free-tuition agric courses.

They’re numerous Agric courses in our universities now. Consider a competitive and independence-encouraging one while filling your admission form or changing your course. Another bonus! They won’t be as competitive. Hence, your chance to be on campus this year is higher.

4. Internet/Online Marketing and News Reporting Courses

Several graduates returned home to be left jobless for years in the past. Today, people are catching up. How?

They’re still be being helped by the government policies or the economy in general. There are being cared for by the internet.

Internet has been one of the best things ever happened to mankind. Graduates are taking advantage of this to start online businesses and services.

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Courses preparing you to become an internet expert can be favourable

What I observed though was that, very many graduates who are taking advantage of the internet for marketing and knowledge/information sharing were not trained in line with this. They use it better in some cases than those who were trained to use it.

A majority of accounting graduates end up blogging on topics such as phones and electronics. Banking and Finance graduates are reporting local and international news from the corners of their rooms. And with this, making millions in cash yearly.

What I want you to pay attention to here is, what if these people were trained from schools for this work? They would possibly be the best of the best.

This is why I recommend going for courses that can get you set for internet marketing, SEO, news reporting, and the likes. Hence, Mass Communication, Education Management, Marketing, Computer Science, Journalism, Religious Studies, Library and Information Science, Guardian, and Counseling are a few less competitive but prospective courses if you plan to sell information using the power of the net in the future.


Every decision boils down to your choice. When in the state of doubt, trust your heart. This work is a product of my personal encounters and shared experiences of others.

Don’t join the league of people who are proud of their courses because of the names and popularity. It’s important to have the end in mind from the very start.

While selecting your next course, think about employment and self-employment. Go and out for it and welcome to the winners’ world.

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