JAMB Shows “You Are Not Eligible to Use this Service” Why?

JAMB CAPs displayed an error

A few admission seekers had got back to me asking why their CAPS was showing “you are not eligible to use this service“?

You’re likely on this page because you, a friend, or family is facing the same issue. You logged into your JAMB portal and while making attempt to check your JAMB CAPS, perhaps to:

  1. confirm if your O’level results were truly and correctly uploaded,
  2. confirm if you’d been offered admission by JAMB or any school
  3. confirm if you have an open admission offer on the JAMB Marketplace or 
  4. to check if your proposed school has transferred you into another course than you earlier chose.

However, after clicking Access My CAPS, you’re greeted with this error message “you are not eligible to use this service“.

  1. What is the reason for this complaint?
  2. Do you have to worry?
  3. What can you do to resolve this problem or to stop this error message?

These questions and related ones will be attended to in this post.

What Happened If You See Error “you are not eligible to use this service” in CAPS?

This error, from experience, has been attributed to candidates’ carelessness in picking the wrong options while trying to access their CAPS. For example, if you don’t pick the corresponding year of admission or you don’t enter the correct JAMB registration number. See how to retrieve/recover the JAMB registration number.

As a matter of fact, before accessing your CAPS on the JAMB portal dashboard, there two pieces of information that must correctly be chosen/entered. There is one drop-down box containing several years of admissions. There is another box, below, to contain the candidate’s JAMB registration number.

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These two boxes must be filled correctly to avoid seeing the error “you are not eligible to use this service”

JAMB Recommended Candidates Should Use Correct Codes 

When a candidate in this mess asked the JAMB Twitter handler recently why he was seeing the error, the handler suggested that the candidates should use the correct code and clear the earlier codes, if any.

According to the candidate,

What happens to my caps if I try to access my caps it showing me your not eligible to use this service what should I do pls?

The handler replied as loosely as,

For you to access your CAPS, you must use the correct code.  Clear your code and try again.

Checking this response, it’s was clear the handler misunderstood the candidate’s problem. Hence, could not recommend it correctly. Or he might mean to say use the correct JAMB registration number. This is because accessing JAMB CAPS doesn’t practically require any other code than to log into the portal and follow a few steps correctly.

If using any code works for you, you’re lucky. If however, it doesn’t, the guide below will help you out of the “you are not eligible to use this service” error.

How to Bypass the CAPS error “you are not eligible to use this service”

Below is a quick way to check JAMB CAPS and bypass the error in question.

  1. To log into your JAMB CAPS, visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility. or check the procedures to access CAPS on a laptop or phone
  2. Locate and Click “Check Admission Status” on the dashboard
  3. On the resulting page, you will be presented with two options; “Access My CAPS” and “Check Admission Status”. Here, you only need the “Access my CAPS
  4. Before clicking, “Access My CAPS“, choose the right year of your exams or admission in the first drop-down box. Then, fill in the correct JAMB registration number in the box below.
  5. If the year and the exam number match correctly, there won’t be the error, “You are not eligible to use this service”. Otherwise, the error will persist.
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Going through the guide above that, the issue is not from JAMB, rather from individual candidates trying to use the platform. Once, you do things rightly, you will be able to access your CAPS without the error “You are not eligible to use this service”.

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