JAMB: Can I Use Phone Number Different from National ID Card’s?

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I have got a few calls since JAMB compulsory the use of the National ID card for JAMB UTME/DE registration.

Of course, candidates don’t need the paper printouts for National ID cards, so to say, rather the National Identity Number popularly called NIN.

Each candidate is instructed to send, through SMS, NIN followed by their 11-digit NINs to 55019 in order to get their profile code needed to procure or buy the JAMB UTME/DE e-PIN.

Whereas, some candidates used different phone numbers during the ID card registrations. In other words, they may not have the phone numbers put down during the national ID card registration again.

They have new lines or phone numbers different from the ones used during the registrations for their NINs.

Now, they intend to buy their JAMB PINs following the instruction above. They want to know if they can go ahead using phone lines or numbers other than the one they used for the NINs to buy their JAMB UTME/DE form.

This post will answer your concern and set your mind at ease.

NIN Phone Number is Not Needed For JAMB Form

It’s true that you used a line for NIN. This doesn’t mean that the line is tied to your NIN. Hence, to buy the JAMB form, you can use another phone number (line) that belongs to you (of course) to procure the UTME/DE PIN.

To be certain that the number used during the National ID card registration was not tied to the card, why did all telecommunication companies ask you to link the same NIN with different phone numbers?

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While sending the SMS for the profile code, JAMB will only use your NIN to fetch your details from the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) database. And the details expected to fetch don’t include the old (used) phone number.

The details JAMB will collect include:

  1. Your names
  2. Date of Bith
  3. State/Local Govt of Origin
  4. Address and,
  5. Passport photo

If you use another line or phone number to request UTME/DE profile code, the new phone number will be updated for your JAMB registration instead.


With the explanation above, you can proceed to use another phone number different from the one used for NIN to buy JAMB UTME/DE PIN. Just be sure that the new phone number belongs to you as well. This is because, in the future, you may need to use the phone line to request OTP for the change of institutions and similar other after-JAMB activities.

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