How to Request Remita Receipt and RRR if Lost/Forgotten

There are situations that may warrant you trying to get back your RRR if you fail to save it after making payment on the Remita platform.

Also, you may need the receipt containing your RRR for a purpose. And there are times you don’t print that right after making the online payment.

A few people who used online or bank for Remita payments might have also misplaced their Remita receipts. And now, there is the need to present them for certain purposes e.g screening registration or a school freshers’ documentation, FIRS, FRSC, NIMC payment submission, etc.

There are ways to get either your RRR or Remita receipt back. These methods are discussed in this post.

Methods to Get Back Your Remita RRR or Receipt

Below are the easiest means to recover or retrieve your lost Remita receipt and RRR:

1. Use the Receipt to Get RRR

Sometimes, as a first-timer, you may not be aware that the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is right on your printed receipt. 

And when asked for the RRR, you may not be looking for that in the right place. Here you have it! If you need your RRR and you have the receipt, it’s right on that paper. Look for the number with 12 digits e.g 3004-5247-0729. This number will be called Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).

RRR on the receipt

Sometimes, if you don’t have your receipt but need the RRR and you have the payment e-invoice instead, the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) will be on that too.

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The e-invoice is the first-generated slip before making the payment at the bank or online. It’s after the payment that you have the receipt or the e-invoice is converted to receipt. This slip can be found in your email in case.

2. Get the Receipt or RRR inside your Email

What if you don’t have both the receipt and RRR? Go and check for them inside your email.

While making attempt to process payment of Remita online or to generate an invoice to make a bank payment, you will usually be asked to fill in your email address. If you had filled in the correct and functioning email, you should be able to see your RRR and receipt if you log in now and trace that transaction.

To do that, log in to your email. Search for the receipt. To be quicker with the search, type Remita into the search box of your email and hit search or enter key on your keyboard.

The email system will search through all your messages and return results containing the keyword “Remita“. You can then locate the one talking about the payment you made. 

The email should contain your RRR and an attachment which is the receipt or e-Invoice for the payment. You can now download the receipt and print or copy out the RRR.

3. Resend RRR or Receipt through Remita Dedicated Link

There is a link provided for people who might have lost their RRRs and receipts for Remita payments – right on the Remita website.

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This link will be helpful in case you don’t have access to email again. It will also help if you’d checked the email but no receipt found (yet).

To use this link, visit the Remita website and locate the link “Resend Receipt or Invoice“. On the resulting page, it will ask you to enter your RRR and send it to your email. If you have the RRR and the email used is still working, fill the RRR and click the Re-send button.

If the email is no longer accessible but you have the RRR, fill it and fill another working email, and click the “Re-send to alternate email” button.

Using the Re-send to alternate email will require you to state the correct base amount you paid and the phone number used during the payment. If correct, the receipt will be sent to the alternate email.

4. Send a Request Message if You Don’t Have RRR, Receipt, or Email Access

There are occasions where you may not have one of the means to get back your receipt or RRR. You don’t have RRR, Receipt and Email. So, what now?

Write a letter.

Your letter doesn’t have to be the usual letter. Just send an email containing certain information. Then, Remita will send your receipt and RRR to any email used to send them the message.

To do this, send an email to [email protected].

Let the email contain the following information:

  1. Name of the payee (the name of the person that paid/name that should be on that receipt)
  2. Payment purpose (e.g payment for FUTA screening/post UTME form, FRSC ticket)
  3. Date of the payment (if you remembered. You can check for it through payment alert on your phone or bank teller filled)
  4. Amount paid (just state the main amount – not necessarily including the bank or online Remita charge)
  5. Email used (the used while paying)
  6. If online payment, ATM card number. Don’t write all the numbers. Write the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the number e.g 563389XXXXXX5677
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After sending the email, Remita will send you a message to acknowledge the receipt of your message. Wait a few hours more to receive the Receipt and RRR requested.

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