How to Know If My JAMB Registration Was Done Well?

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UTME/DE candidates may want to know if their JAMB registrations were correctly done by the CBT centers. A few of them have been truly curious to be sure if they’re safe after completing their registrations at the CBT centers or there was a need to panic.

This was the basis of the question asked by one of the JAMB applicants who returned home from his CBT centre to ask if there was a way to know that JAMB registration was perfectly done by the attendant.

Hi Sir, I’m sorry to ask. Is there a way to know or check if the UTME registration was done correctly for a candidate. I’m not sure the attendant who did my registration was good enough.

Of course, it’s nothing bad if you don’t take everything hook, line, and sinker. After all, a few candidates, in the past, had reported that CBT centers’ attendants made mistakes while registering for them.

With that, it should be right – trying to find out if your own was done correctly in the first place.

A Successfully Done UTME/DE Registration Should Have Registration Slip

After submitting your JAMB form by a CBT, they’re to, under normal circumstances, give you the registration slip. 

This is the printout that will show your bio-data e.g names, phone number, gender, state and local government of origin together with your schools and courses of choice.

If given, it means your registration was successfully submitted. If otherwise, there a need to worry and fight for your own copy before leaving the center.

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Though it’s not uncommon to see a few CBT centres that will tell you to come back for it – probably because of print issues or related technical problems. 

A Successful UTME/DE Registration May Still Have Errors

Of course, being able to submit your application after filling the form doesn’t mean errors might have not come in.

A few CBT centres can be nonchalant to the extent that they make the most naked mistakes.

If there are errors or mixup in your names, date of birth, gender, state/LGA of origin, it should not be the attendant fault. These errors should be from your National ID Card.

Don’t forget that JAMB used your NIN to give you the JAMB profile code which was used to buy the JAMB PIN. As a result, the details on your National ID card were the ones JAMB fetched for your UTME/DE registration.

To solve any of such errors, you may need to go back to the NIMC and effect the changes. When it’s time to print your JAMB exams slip, the board could have updated its database to reflect new changes from NIMC. By then, the changes should reflect.

However, if the CBT center erroneously chose the schools and courses you didn’t call for him or her, make sure they do it for you before living. Or else, they will still tell you to pay for the change of institutions and courses later. This will cost you money in the future for their own mistakes.

Meanwhile, under normal circumstances, candidates are expected to be looking at their attendant’s dual-screen monitor while the registration is ongoing so as to correct him if he makes mistake before the final submission. In other words, some errors and payment for it could be born by candidates who were careless enough not to identify errors while the registration was being done in their presence.

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