How to Check 1st Choice Institution and Course on JAMB

When a student asks, “how will I check or know the particular institution in my first choice?”, you’re likely to wonder why this question.

  1. After all, every candidate should know what he chose right while registering JAMB UTME/DE
  2. At least every candidate was given the registration slip which detailed the first, second, third, and fourth choice institution.
  3. And if you ever do the change of institution, there should be a confirmation slip showing the new changes.

However, with all these available a few students are still confused. And this may not be their faults since:

  1. there have been updates that JAMB will not offer you admission to a school, not in the first position
  2. hardly will you have a school offering 2nd position candidates admission in the first place.

And if you hand your registration, especially the change of institution, to someone you don’t trust, you’re may not just believe what you see on your papers. You want to confirm, by yourself, the school that eventually stands in the first position.

This post will address this issue and set your mind at rest.

JAMB Registration Slip is Enough to Confirm this if You Don’t Change Institution

If you’re a candidate that never changes institution, the registration slip given to you, at the CBT centre that registered you for UTME/DE, is enough to tell you what institution is right at your first choice position.

This is the evidence for your choices. And in fact, if you’d misplaced that, you can retrieve that in your email used for the JAMB registration. A copy of this slip was sent to your email the very day you submitted your JAMB form at the CBT centre. Check for it!

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If however, you’d changed institutions lately, go to the next sections.

Change of Institutions/Courses Slip is Enough Confirmation to Know Your First Choice School

Just as the registration slip will detail the exact four choices you made during the UTME registration or two choices during the DE registration, the change of institution slip will detail your previous choices at the top section while the news choices at the lower section of the slip.

Once you have this given to you by the CBT centre or cafe that changed the institution or course for you, this should be enough evidence to confirm which school is the first position.

However, for those who are not satisfied still, the next guide will never lie.

Check Your First Choice School on the JAMB CAPS

JAMB has given you the access to log into your JAMB profile (be it on your phone or computer) to monitor activities on your JAMB CAPS. Here, you will be able to monitor activities such as:

  1. the first choice school in your JAMB
  2. the course that was chosen for the school
  3. the subject combination you wrote for the course
  4. transfer of admission (if any)
  5. marketplace admission (if any)
  6. and so on.

To check for the first choice institution:

  1. Log in to your JAMB profile
  2. On the dashboard, locate and click Check Admission Status
  3. On the resulting page, click Access My CAPS
  4. On the next page, click Admission Status
  5. Here, you will see a page like below.
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CAPS showing the first choice school

This is where you’ll find the school that finally reflects on your JAMB as the first choice. Any school here is your first choice.

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