How Long Does it Take to Get JAMB Profile Code?

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Due to delays in receiving the JAMB profile codes, affected candidates had taken to my pages to ask, “for what time will it take the profile code to enter”.

Let’s break this down.

In other to buy your JAMB PIN, you must start by sending, in SMS, NIN followed by your 11-digit NIN to 55019. Like this NIN 34081932190.

After this, you should expect JAMB, through the same 55019, to reply to you with a text message containing your profile code.

The question is now, “for how long do you have to wait for the message contain the profile code to arrive on your phone?”

Let’s answer this question based on real-life experience.

JAMB Profile Code Should Arrive Immediately After a Conformation Message

After sending the message, if done well, a message should arrive on your phone to confirm that your telecommunication company(e.g MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile) has received the message.

The message will read something like this.

Your message has been received or your request received and it’s being processed.

Of course, there other variations of the returning messages – depending on the service provider.

And within a few seconds, after this retuning message, you should receive the SMS containing your profile code.

That’s under normal circumstances!

Profile Code SMS May Be Delayed Beyond Reasonable Period

Due to network, congestion on the service provider, candidates may receive the first returning message almost immediately after sending the NIN but they may need to wait longer than necessary for the SMS containing the profile code.

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I have seen candidates who sent the NIN in the morning and until even never got the profile codes. I have seen those who waited till the following morning to get theirs.

And if you find yourself here, you need to be patient. If you send in but no confirmation message, you can try a few hours later until you get the confirmation of your service provider.

And if no profile code after that, wait till evening or early in the morning, the second day, before retrying. Sending the SMS when there a few people trying the same, such as in the night, early in the morning may help.

Don’t Expect the Profile Code SMS Unless Debited

The best way to know that your service provider has got your SMS, really, is if after sending the SMS, #50 is debited from your account.

Of course, to send and receive the JAMB profile code, the service provider will charge you #50 (this should be from the main balance – not BOUNS). 

After sending the SMS, check your balance. If the account is not debited, give it a few minutes and recheck. If the same, it means no – charge no code.

Here, you will need to send the SMS again until you’re debited. Once debited, you can now start to expect your code.

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