How Direct Entry (DE) Applicants Will Check Admission

In case you don’t know, most schools and JAMB offer UTME aspirants admissions at the same time as Direct Entry applicants. However, a few DE applicants are not aware of how to check their admissions, especially through the JAMB portal.

Of course, there is a need to check your DE admission also on the school portal. This is because admissions must be given on both the JAMB and school portals. The JAMB admission is literally no different from the school admission. However, both must give you an admission before you’re a bonified admitted student.

So, as a direct entry candidate, how will you know if JAMB has offered you admission? How will a DE candidate know a university has offered him or her admission?

You Should Check Your JAMB CAPS Regularly

One quick way to know when a school has offered admission is through the JAMB CAPS. This is a system designed by the Matriculation and Examination Board to monitor admission activities of all universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and innovative enterprise institutes.

Once you’re able to log in to your JAMB CAPS, you will be monitoring the progress of your admission right at the left corner of your page. Here, CAPS status messages will be changing from time to time. The status may change from NOT YET ADMITTED to Recommended for Admission, Admission in Progress up until you see the good news “YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION”

The waiting may get you confused, of course. However, these are the procedures every applicant including the DE must undergo.

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You Should Be Checking Admission Status on the School Portal Regularly

Of course, each university has a dedicated page, news corner, link, or portal through which DE applicants, like others, can be visiting from time to time to monitor their admission status.

Meanwhile, there may not be progressive notices such as in the case of JAMB CAPS status messages. Yet, you should be updated sooner or later if admitted.

While your university is still compiling the lists, you may just be seeing NOT ADMITTED on the school’s portal. That doesn’t mean you will not be admitted. That’s the message every other DE applicant will be seeing while the compilation of lists is still ongoing.

Direct Entry (DE) Admission May not Be Offered at the Same Time

Just like the UTME candidates, DE aspirants may not be offered admissions at the same time by the universities and JAMB. One of the two parties may be faster.

The university may be quicker to update its list on the admission portal, while you’re yet to see any good news from JAMB.

JAMB, as well, might be faster to update the lists on her portal while you’re yet to see the same on the school admission portal. 

In either case, there is no need to panic. It’s very usual to see one being faster in offering admissions before the other. 

What you need here is PATIENCE. Wait for the other to offer you admission. Then, proceed with other activities which include the payment of the acceptance fee on the school portal and registration as a fresher.

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