Do-It-Yourself: Change of Institutions/Courses, Gender, State/LGA (With Online or Bank Payment)

Step By Step Guide to Change Institutions/Courses
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I’ve covered a series of posts on this topic “changing of institutions and courses“. In fact, it’s a serious issue as far as I’m concerned.

It serious because very many students had recently made mistakes of all kinds. And most of these blunders are so silly that you won’t believe it.

This is why you must read the following posts. They open your minds and eyes beyond whatever you’ve read online or heard from a brother or friend.

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  6. How Long Does It Take JAMB Change of Institution/Course to Reflect?

Done reading? Welcome back!

Thanks for reading those posts. I’m sure you now agree with me that there’s more to the changing of institutions/courses exercise.

If you’re sure you want to proceed with the online registration, follow me.

Let me take you by the hands and show you how to handle this all by yourself.

In other words, you don’t necessarily need to visit a cyber café or CBT centre before doing your change of institution. You can complete it all on your personal computer or mobile phone.

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Step By Step Guide to Change Institutions/Courses

    Visit JAMB portal and log into your JAMB profile to change institutions/courses
    1. Visit JAMB portal and log into your JAMB profile
    2. To log in, you will need your JAMB profile email and its password. Meanwhile, your profile password may be different from your email password. I detailed the difference and how to retrieve it (if forgotten) here.
    3. At the right side of your dashboard or the left side of the screen, locate “Registration (2019 Only)” and click on it to expand for sub-options.
    4. Click “2019 UTME Data Correction”. Direct entry applicants should click “2019 DE Data Correction” instead. This will take you to the page to select a payment option.
    5. Proceed with payment using REMITA for example. Follow the guide and fill the payment form on the next page. Here, you will need MasterCard details to pay a sum of N2,677.19 (including the Remita charge).
    6. After a successful payment, you will be redirected to the UTME Data Correction page.
    7. In order to change institution or course, click inside the radio box next to “Choice of Institution/Course Correction
    8. This will open your schools of choice during the UTME registration.
    9. Now, change your schools as you want to be now and submit.
    10. After the submission, a page containing the old schools of choice and the new ones will open. Download the page in PDF and print.
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    While wishing you luck, you should now realize how easy it’s for you to effect the change by yourself.

    Change of Institutions/Courses Payment: Is the Money for All or Separate Charge Needed?

    Payment for Change of Institutions/Courses at Bank

    It’s equally possible to make payment for this exercise using a bank. To do that, follow the following steps.

    1. At step 5 above, you will see the RRR number on your screen like this 2003-0077-1236.
    2. Copy this or print a copy of the invoice sent to your email (you’ll find that if you log into your email at that stage).
    3. Take it to any commercial bank in Nigeria. They will pay in the amount due for you
    4. Return to your JAMB profile and log in.
    5. This time, locate “My Payment” by the side of your dashboard. Click that to open it.
    6. If required, requery the payment or check the status to activate the bank payment.
    7. Once successful, you will be redirected to the UTME Data Correction page
    8. Then, complete your changes and submit them. However, for the 2020/2021, JAMB has limited changes to only CBT centre and JAMB offices. Hence, you have to visit the nearest CBT centres for the final changes or book appointments with JAMB.

    Should have any issues with your registrations after payment online or at a bank, consider reading, “Problems With Buying JAMB Form, Change of Institution, Admission Letter or Result? See Solutions

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