Differences Between WAEC Attestation and Confirmation of Results

I started this post when a reader asked to know if there is any difference between WAEC Attestation of Result and Confirmation of Result. A similar question is if there is a difference between confirmation of result and transcript of the result.

In case you’re confused, let me give you some background.

WAEC Issues – Certificate, Attestation of Result, Confirmation of Result, and Transcript of Results

Generally, all WAEC candidates – be it WAEC Internal (school candidates, also called May/June) or WAEC GCE (Nov/Dec, 1st or 2nd series, also called private candidates), are entitled to documents called WAEC certificates or Orignal WAEC results. 

However, there are cases where this document could get lost, damaged, misplaced, burnt, or stolen. This is one of the cases this post will address.

Another scenario is when you even have the certificate but for certain official purposes, a body, school, or organization wants to ascertain the authenticity of the document. In fact, such a body may ask you to request WAEC to send the real breakdown of your result to them as a means to verify it. This is another case this post will address.

Attestation of WAEC Result

This is an official replacement document for candidates who lost or damage their results. If you’d lost your WAEC original result or Certificate, you can’t get that back again because the exams body doesn’t issue certificate out more than once. 

As a provision for the cases of loss, damage, accident, etc, WAEC will replace your original result with the Attestation of Result. And of course, there is no special difference between the two documents except for the titl/name on it. While the original result will show “West African Senior Schools Certificate”, the Attestation of Result will be indicated below the “West African Senior Schools Certificate” to indicate the difference.

How to Request for Attestation of Result

In brief, to get WAEC attestation of the result, follow the following steps: 

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  1. Write a Letter of Attestation: to be written on a letterhead, stamped & signed by a clergyman, or imam, or a court of law; 
  2. Collect a Sworn affidavit from a court of law; 
  3. Provide a Photocopy of result print out from the WAEC website; 
  4. Include N10,000.00 excluding postage (if the candidate is outside the country). 
  5. Book for an approved courier service: prices depend on destination (if you’re outside the country)

WAEC Confiramtion/Transcipt of Result

This is an official WAEC document issued on behalf of a candidate to an organization to affirm the originality of the WAEC result or certificate presented by the candidate to such an organization. Candidates and organizations can request for confirmation or transcript of results. 

Common bodies that may ask for this include WES Advisor that provides international students and skilled immigrants resources on immigration, employment, and education opportunities in the U.S. and Canada. 

This kind of request may be for the evaluation of the results for the purpose of admission or engagement. 

A candidate who asked this question will strictly need the confirmation of the result

I live in California and I’m trying to get my Waec result mailed to a company here in the US directly. Please confirm if this is a service you offer.

You can apply for the Confirmation of your Results in any WAEC office and it will be sent directly to the institution, organization, embassy, etc. To get WAEC confirmation of Result or Transcript, you apply to WAEC. The body will then prepare and send it to the concerned organization. 

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Either of Attestation of Result or Confirmation of Result may be required if you are in the shoes of the candidates below. 

I laminated my GCE of 2002 and I want to legalize it at the embassy. Legalization is denied because I laminated it. I was asked to get a result notification from WAEC. I do I go about it and what’s the cost?

How To Request WAEC Confirmation of Result/Transcripts

  1. Letter of Attestation: To be written on a letter headed paper, stamped and signed by a Clergyman, Imam or a Court of Law
  2. Sworn Affidavit: A Court of Law
  3. A photocopy of Certificate: 1998 downward
  4. Result printout from WAEC website/Certificate 1999 to date
  5. A non-refundable fee of N10,000.00 (Overseas) excluding Postage
  6. A non-refundable fee of N5,000.00 (local) excluding Postage
  7. Approved Courier Services: Prices depends on destination or candidate use either (a) An envelope with N1,750.00 stamp (Overseas) or (b) An envelope with N850.00 stamp (Local)
  8. Two (2) passport photographs

Kindly contact us at the 7th Floor WAEC, Yaba, Lagos for further information and necessary action.


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