Top 10 Richest Politicians In Kenya 2020

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Kenya is the largest economy in east Africa. It is also an ancient home of some African tribes and a very important cultural center in Africa. However, this very important country seems to suffer from the very same affliction that has befallen the rest of the continent, and much of the world in general; corruption.

In Africa, politicians have the responsibility of directing national policies, and also controlling the commonwealth. This, unfortunately, is the avenue for them to dip their hands into the nation’s treasuries; becoming obscenely rich in the process.

In this article, we want to beam our searchlight and follow the money trail in the Kenyan political landscape. We want to find out who the top 10 richest politicians in Kenya are, and also find out what we can about them and their financial dealings.

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Kenya 2020

  •  1. Mama Ngina Kenyatta 

Mama Ngina Kenyatta; the widow of Kenya’s first president, and mother of the current president of Kenya, is the de-facto matriarch of the Kenyatta dynasty. She is the most influential person in the country and without doubt the richest. Mama Ngina Kenyatta is the single biggest landowner in Kenya, most of these lands have been acquired during the time of British rule, and she sits at the head of a vast financial empire spanning agriculture, banking, hospitality and much more.

She controls assets worth well over USD1.5 billion.

  • 2. Uhuru Kenyatta 

Uhuru Kenyatta, the fourth son of Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta, is the second in command in the Kenyatta dynasty. He is often estimated to be worth about USD500 million, but that quote is just his personal wealth. 

Together with his family, he controls well over 1 billion dollars in assets and businesses. Mr. Kenyatta has been instrumental in managing and growing his family’s wealth, thus proving himself a managerial asset of grand proportions. Some of his interests are politics, agriculture, land and real estate, finance, and the media. He is the head of Brookside. The figure of USD500 million is often quoted as his net-worth.  

  • 3. Raila Odinga 

Raila Odinga is a former President of Kenya. Of course, he must have had some money before becoming president, but there is very little doubt that he has benefited immensely from the office of President. He is very relevant in the political scene, and that influence has granted him a first-row seat in government. Today, Raila Odinga is one of the biggest underground figures in Kenyan politics, consulted widely by aspiring politicians. He is also consulted by lobbyists, seeking to alter government policies to their favor. 

He is estimated to be worth USD500 million, making him one of the wealthiest Kenyans.  Raila Odinga has interests in oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics, and real estate. Let us not forget; he is still relevant in politics.

  • 4. Gideon Moi

 Gideon Moi is not just the richest senator in Kenya; he is a member of The Moi family who descendants of former Kenyan president Arap Moi. This is another political dynasty with wealth in excess of USD3 billion.  This family has several companies, and the wealth is obviously not controlled by a single person. 

 Gideon Moi owns ranches, the media outfit called Standard Media Group, real estate property, agriculture, transport, and even aviation.

His net worth is estimated to be around Ksh 40 billion. USD374,095,120.00

  • 5. Johnstone Muthama 

Senator Johnson Nduya Muthama was elected into the senate in 2013 to represent Machakos County. Before then he was in the National Assembly of Kenya from 2008 to 2012 representing Kangundo Constituency. He is a wealthy gemstones magnate and the founder of the Kenya Gemstone Dealers Association. Senator Johnson Nduya Muthama He is the executive chairman of Muthama Gemstones (Kenya) Ltd. According to one international investigative journalism body he was named in connection with 8 HSBC bank accounts which were opened with his relatives’ names.

  • 6. Gideon Mbuvi 

Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam Mike Sonko who also goes by several confusing names as Mike Sonko or simply Sonko (which is the Sheng word for “rich person” or “boss”), is a wealthy Kenyan politician. He served as the second Governor of Nairobi since devolution.  It is estimated that Sonko’s net worth is $120 million to 200 million.

  • 7. Moses Wetangula 

Moses Masika Wetangula is a Kenyan politician. Wetangula represented Sirisia Constituency in the National Assembly from February 2003 until January 2013. After that he was elected to the Senate of Kenya in 2013, to represent Bungoma County, and became Minority Leader in the Kenyan Senate. 

Prior to securing elected office, he served in the government of Kenya as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2008 to 2010, and again from 2011 to 2012, then he was appointed Minister for Trade from 2012 to 2013.  He is said to worth at least $300 million dollars.

  • 8. Amos Wako 

Amos Wako, who served as Attorney General to the government during the Arap Moi tenure is the third richest senator in Kenya. Additionally, he served as the first senator for Busia county in the Western province of Kenya from 2013 to 2017. He is said to be worth around 300 million dollars. 

  • 9. Kiratu Murungi 

Kiraitu Murungi is a wealthy Kenyan politician. He is the Governor of Meru County in Central Kenya. He is also a former long-serving Member of Parliament who represented South Imenti constituency (1992-2013). Furthermore, he is a former Cabinet Minister and former Senator for Meru County. He is said to be one of the richest politicians in the country with a net worth estimated around 200 million dollars. 

  • 10. Mwai Kibaki  

Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H. is a Kenyan politician who rose to the apex of his political career when he became the third President of Kenya, serving from December 2002 until April 2013.

Before that, he was the fourth Vice-President of Kenya for ten years from 1978 to 1988 under President Daniel Arap Moi. He also proved himself a capable minister when he served in ministerial positions during the Jomo Kenyatta and Moi governments. He is estimated to be worth around 100-200 million dollars. 



Even though we refrain from making definite statements about the suspicious nature of the wealth acquired and displayed by many African politicians, we cannot but wonder what will be left in the national treasuries of most African states, for the improvement of our children’s lives. The idea of becoming ultra-rich immediately one attains political office has to be rejected at all costs. 

Top 10 Best Mobile Online Loans In Kenya 2020

Top 10 Best Mobile Online Loans In Kenya 2020 &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2020-09-17 20:52:08 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

An update on the list of best online mobile loans In Kenya 2020. The world of finance is rapidly changing; the focus is no longer on saving money, but on spending it. Loan Apps are a new development designed by financial services operators to make money available to people who have a steady and fixed monthly income.

Instant mobile loans are very important for business-minded individuals to run their small businesses and, in some other measure, save themselves from financial difficulties. In Kenya, there are a number of online platforms that offer mobile loans to customers.

These apps help people have access to money when they need it, even before their salaries are paid. That way they can meet up with their financial obligations, without having to wait till the end of the month. Although these mobile loan platforms offer reliable and constant loan services to customers, there are certain requirements that borrowers must fulfill before they can be considered.

To assist you in the quest for securing a mobile loan, we’ve carefully provided a list of fast Kenya’s Mobile Loan Apps within this article. Also, the requirements to qualify for each of the mobile loan apps have been provided in detail. Without wasting time, we now give you the top 10 loan apps in Kenya.

Top 10 Best Online Loans In Kenya 2020

1. Branch Loan App

Branch International Inc is a financial services firm based in San Fransico. They have also been operating in Kenya since 2015, a subsidiary in Nairobi. The company is quite competitive and has gained a lot of customers since its inception. The mobile loan app has remained consistent and operative.

In order to be eligible for a loan using this service, Branch International Inc requires customers to be Facebook users with duly registered Mpesa accounts. Likewise, The names on your Mpesa and Facebook must match those on your National ID card.  

To get started with Branch app and obtain instant mobile loans in Kenya, follow the easy steps below;

  • Launch Google Play store on your smartphone
  • Download the Branch app
  • With the download successful, install the app
  • Launch the app and connect/link your Facebook account with it
  • You will be required to fill in some personal details including National ID number and your phone number
  • After providing the details, you will receive an SMS containing a link where you’re to verify your phone number
  • After receiving the link, visit it to confirm your phone number

Though the maximum loan limit is set to Ksh 70,000, Branch International Inc sets its minimum loan limit as Ksh 250. Likewise, customers are required to receive any disbursed loans through their Mpesa accounts. For every disbursed loan, and the interest rate is flexible; it is largely dependent on how quickly you repay the loan. 

Like other mobile loan apps, Branch app imposes various penalties on loan defaulters and the penalties are;

  1. The tendency of being reported to CRB especially when the loan repayment is delayed for a very long time
  2. Reduction in Branch credit score
  3. The tendency to suffer loan denial for one week or more
  4. Restriction from obtaining higher loans


2. Timiza by Barclays

Timiza is a popular loan app in Kenya. It is operated by ABSA Kenya. Remarkably, this product is open to anyone regardless of whether you have a mobile smartphone or not. 

The app works even if you do not have an ABSA account. It is also suitable for saving, and you increase your chances of getting a loan by depositing money into the App. These deposits help the company determine your credit ratings. You can deposit through M-Pesa.

If you do not possess a smartphone, you can still access the Timiza loan app by dialing *848- on whatever phone you have.

3. CBA Loop Loan

CBA Loop is a mobile loan in Kenya, from the Commercial bank of Africa. The loan application was launched in 2018 and has seen several facelifts since then. The App does not only give you money when you need it; it also helps you manage your money right from your phone.

The app helps you to avoid the long queues, the time-wasting, and the stress that comes with conventional banking. You can send money, make payments, invest, and save, right from your mobile phone! 

The loan app allows for loans of up to 3 million, although you have to be using the app for some time, gradually scaling up on your trust score with the company. Furthermore, the repayment period is long, so we can say that it is one of the most convenient in Kenya. 

4. Zenka Loan App

Zenka is the new app category. However, it is increasingly becoming popular among Kenyans. There are no hassles; once you register you are immediately qualified for a small loan.

As a stimulus, the first loan is interest-free. The app is owned and operated by Zenka Finance, and they offer loans of about 500 to 30,000, with a repayment duration of 61 days. Zenka has captured the hearts of Kenyans; the app has recorded over 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play. 

5. HF Whizz Loan App in Kenya

HF Whizz App from HF Group is a noteworthy and trusted loan app. Many who registered initially got instant loans of up to 22,000 Kenyan Shillings, but it seems that a lot of them did not repay the loans, forcing the company to make some changes. Now you have to visit a branch of the firm to do registration before you can qualify for a loan.

The app allows you to receive a loan of 50,000 KSH as the maximum. Apart from loans, you can also pay bills and send money to other people. This saves time and energy which would otherwise be wasted queuing up in a bank.

To get started with HF Whizz App, go to Google Play Store, and download the App. After that, you need to register. 

6. Okash Loan App

Okash is yet another company with a good fan-base in Kenya. This loan app is a product of Opay, which is a subsidiary of the Opera group; makers of the Opera mini browser.

Okash loan is quite popular throughout Africa; the app has received over 1,000,000 downloads on the Google Play. Anybody within the ages of 20 to 55, who has a fixed income is eligible.

According to the company, Okash can give loans of up to 500, 000 KSH, depending on the applicant’s credit score. 

7. Mshwari Loan App

Mshwari loan is one of the best online loans in Kenya, a banking facility designed in conjunction with CBA (the Commercial Bank of Africa). Established in the year 2012, Mshwari operates via Mpesa accounts and since it was established, the loan app has remained vibrant and responsive.

Mshwari loan app has an undisclosed amount of the maximum loan limit. However, the least amount a customer can borrow is Ksh 100. Significantly, customers are encouraged to refund their existing loans before requesting for new loans. Likewise, there are time limits for loans obtained and customers are required to repay their outstanding loans before the stipulated time.

Meanwhile, a customer will not be eligible to obtain a higher loan if he/she fails to refund the outstanding loan at the required time. Also, you need to ensure the fund in your Mshwari account is sufficiently increased in order to boost your eligibility for a higher loan.

When customers apply for Mshwari loans, they are required to comply with the deadline scheduled for loan repayment –this is usually a 30-day limit. At the same time, every Mshwari loan bears a 7.5% interest rate which a customer must be ready to afford. Moreover, Mpesa accounts are the means for disbursing Mshwari loans and the disbursement is usually completed within a few minutes.

For a customer to ascertain whether he is eligible for a Mshwari loan via a Mpesa account, he is expected to have met the requirements below:

  • A Mshwari account duly activated
  • A duly registered and activated Mpesa number which has been in use for a six-month period
  • A Mpesa menu with an up-to-date status

Also noteworthy is that when a Mshwari loan is due for repayment and a customer delays the repayment by an extra 30-day period, the loan will carry an extra 7.5% interest rate which the customer must bear. In a situation whereby a customer fails to comply with this regulation, the customer’s loan limit will be decreased and he/she will be denied access to obtaining any loan for a 30-day period.

8. KCB Mpesa Mobile Loan App

By means of Safaricom, the KCB Mpesa maintains a collaborative relationship with KCB –the Kenya Commercial Bank. In 2015, KCB Mpesa came into inception and was specified as a savings account. Since it began its operation, the loan platform has remained vibrant and responsive. Quite interestingly, KCB Mpesa allows customers to obtain loans even without having any funds deposited in their accounts. For the loan disbursement, customers are provided with a KCB Mpesa Menu which they can open through their mobile phones.

The loan system comes with the maximum loan disbursement of Ksh 1,000,000 while the least amount of loan a customer can obtain is Ksh 50. For every loan obtained, a customer is required to bear a 1.16% interest rate on a monthly basis.

Like other loan apps, KCB Mpesa requires that customers fulfill some conditions before they can be qualified to obtain loans. For a customer to be eligible, he/she must be actively registered on Safaricom for at least a 6-month period. Meanwhile, customers who have met the stated requirement can attempt the activation process for the KCB Mpesa account by dialing the code *844- from their mobile phones. After dialing the stated code, customers are encouraged to comply with the on-screen instructions in order to complete the activation.

Besides, KCB adopts some criteria in evaluating customers’ standards before increasing their loan limits. Before your loan limit can be increased, you must have bagged a good record and fulfilled conditions such as good saving history and reliable repayment behavior. By adopting these criteria, KCB evaluates a particular customer’s ability to save frequently as well as repay loans on time.

9. Tala Mobile Loans

Tala Mobile Loans is one of the best mobile loans in Kenya, the first Kenyan platform specified to provide borrowers with instant mobile loans. Prior to the change of its brand name to Tala, the mobile loan app was previously known as Mkopo Rahisi when it was established.

The conditions which qualify customers for Tala Mobile Loans are very simple and straightforward. And as a customer who is active on Facebook and uses a smartphone, Tala is ready to consider you for its instant mobile loan.

As a Tala customer, your loan limit greatly depends on the details of your various Mpesa transactions and your loan repayment behavior. Therefore, the details of your Mpesa transactions are very essential and you’re strongly encouraged to keep them safe.

To get started with Tala Mobile Loans, you can simply

  • Launch Google Play store on your smartphone
  • Then, download Tala app
  • With the download successful, install the app
  • Then connect your Facebook account with the Tala app
  • To get activated, provide the required answers to some personal questions

Also noteworthy, Tala uses your Mpesa account as a medium for every loan disbursement. Moreover, the loan system sets limits to what you can obtain and this means a sum of Ksh 50,000 is the maximum loan while the minimum loan is Ksh 500. Likewise, for every loan obtained, a customer bears a 15% interest rate.

Briefly speaking, there are regulations that every customer must abide by and one of them requires the repayment of loans using 851900 as the stipulated Mpesa PayBill number. Additionally, every repayment comes in weekly installments scheduled to last for a three-week period. However, any customer who violates the implied regulation will be termed ineligible for future loans.

10. Saida Loan App

Saida is another top online loan in Kenya, a platform for customers to obtain instant mobile loans. Like various other mobile loan providers, Saida expects customers to have met some requirements before applying for any loans. In order to qualify for its mobile loans, Saida ascertains that interested customers have Airtel Money/Mpesa accounts with valid status. Besides this, the loan platform evaluates customers’ call tasks and their various Mpesa transactions in order to confirm their ability to fulfill loan repayment.

Customers who use smartphones are at liberty of attempting the registration process for Saida mobile loans. In order to achieve this purpose,

  • Go to the Play Store on your phone and download the loan app
  • Install the app after successfully downloading it
  • Provide your phone number and exercise little patience for an invitation message authorizing you to obtain loans
  • To get approved for the invitation message, you might have to wait for 3-7 days

After completing the registration process, customers are encouraged to note that they are only eligible to obtain the maximum loan limit of Ksh 25,000 while the minimum loan limit hovers around Ksh 600. Likewise, each loan granted by Saida bears a 10% interest rate.

Like several other loan apps, Saida allows customers to receive its loan disbursement via their Mpesa accounts. And for the repayment of loans, customers are given a 30-day deadline. To ensure they are good standards, customers are encouraged to abide by the stated deadline and repay their loans using 854400 as the Mpesa pay bill number. On a strict note, customers are warned not to default their loan obligations as such could result in being reported to CRB. Consequently, their names could appear on CRB’s blacklist.

11. OKOA Mobile Loan App

In 2015, Kenya Power collaborated with Safaricom and established Okoa Stima, an online mobile loan in Kenya. Since its establishment, Okoa Stima has remained a responsive and consistent platform for quick mobile loans. Meanwhile, this mobile platform is essential when you find it hard to pay your electricity bill.

For each loan you obtain from Okoa Stima, you will bear a 10% interest rate. Meanwhile, your maximum loan limit is restricted to Ksh 2000 while Ksh 100 is the minimum amount you can obtain a loan. Like several other mobile loan apps, Okoa Stima enables you to receive loan disbursement via your Mpesa account and for every loan obtained, a 7-day period is the time limit for repayment.

12. KOPA CHAPAA Loan App

Kopa Chapaa was founded not too long ago and is specified for interested customers to obtain mobile loans that may be needed to settle immediate business obligations or financial difficulties. Under the auspices of Faulu Kenya, Kopa has been enhanced with the necessary facilities to disburse mobile loans to customers.

Meanwhile, customers cannot be eligible for Kopa’s instant mobile loans until they fulfill requirements that involve being actively connected for a 6-month period as users of Airtel Money.

After meeting the implied standard, customers can obtain mobile loans from Kopa with Ksh 100,000 stipulated as the maximum loan limit. On the other hand, a price sum of Ksh 500 is set as the minimum loan limit.

However, unlike various other mobile loan apps, Kopa stipulates a very short deadline of 10 days for the repayment of its loans.

13. Zidisha

Established in 2008, Zidisha is popularly known in Kenya as a vibrant firm that operates internationally. Right from its establishment, Zidisha has progressively offered mobile loans in Kenya to customers.

Zidisha is considered an online medium specialized for peer-to-peer lending. In this regard, Zidisha carries out its lending services and creates a beneficial avenue for businesses and individuals to borrow money. Significantly, this lending system is made possible through an online medium that directly links borrowers to creditors/lenders.

Apart from its vibrant activities, Zidisha is highly distinguished as a benevolent organization that renders its services without any motive of making a profit. It is also recognized for the ability to link European and North American lenders with Kenyan and other African borrowers.

For customers to be eligible for any Zidisha loans, they must:

  • Have a strong desire and show readiness to post regular reviews and updates on –about the advancement of the business and the loan utility –on the Zidisha web portal
  • Be residents of any of the countries Zidisha presently carries out its operations
  • Be active Facebook users with standard social media relationships
  • Be regularly connected to the internet in order to give relevant replies to the products and queries on the Zidisha web portal
  • Have attained excellent records regarding credit score
  • Be upright and they must show a good reputation
  • Be associated with valid businesses or employment status

14. iPesa loan app

iPesa loan app is another member of the new service on the block category, providing easy and fast mobile loans in Kenya. iPesa is an Easy and Fast mobile loan App that sends your cash direct to M-PESA. iPesa gives loans within the range of 500 Kenya shillings to 50,000. The tenure is flexible; between 91 days and 180 days.

15. Stawi loan app

Stawi is an initiative of the Kenyan Government in partnership with the Commercial Bank of Africa. Stawi loan app is designed to help boost the small and medium micro-enterprises sector. They are the targets of the loans. There are over 100,000 downloads on Google Play.

16. Berry loan app

Berry is a loan application that provides loans with very low-interest rates, and flexible repayment tenures. To benefit from this, go to Google Play Store and download the app, then register.

 17. Haraka loan App

Haraka is owned and operated by a South African financial services company called GetBucks. The company is rapidly expanding its base across East Africa, with many of our neighboring countries quickly keying into their services.

 Haraka loans are in the range of KES 500 to 5000. To subscribe to this service you go to their website and download the website. 


That’s all on the Top Best Online Mobile Loans In Kenya. Online loan apps can be beneficial when you use them wisely, but they can do more harm than good. As a young person working, your goal should be to save as much as possible and make wise investments. It is possible for that goal to be derailed by loan apps because they make it too easy to spend money that you have not even earned. If you do so regularly enough, it becomes a habit.

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Nurses Salary In Kenya 2020

Nurses Salary In Kenya 2020 &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2020-09-17 20:50:50 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

You might have been wondering what the salary of registered Nurses In a country like Kenya is, and also if they receives certain allowances either annually or on a monthly basis. It is no problem, as this article will explore all that concerns Nurses salary in Kenya, as well as Allowances allocated to them as incentives. 

First of all, it should be noted that nursing is a very noble profession, and nurses deserves the best for their service to humanity. These set of people need to be constantly encouraged with not only verbal praises, but also financial incentives so they can be better. Nurses saves lives, and they help promote the well-being of people. Therefore, by ensuring their own well-being, they can concentrate more on their profession and have no need of being divided just to get money to take good care of themselves. Additionally, if they earn reasonably well, they will be encouraged to take personal development to a higher level – where they learn more things that will help humans get much better. 

Unfortunately, it appears Kenya still has a lot to do to ensure the financial satisfaction of nurses, as those practising the profession in the country  have been agitating for better pay for a long time now. 

Nurses Salary In Kenya 2020


  1. The Basic Salary in This Category – Kes16,692
  2. What Was Agreed To Be Paid Under CBA- 23,369

Note: As things stand now in the country, the maximum salary in this category is still kes 21,304. However, if the CBA agreement is implemented, then it will go up to kes 29,826. Therefore, nurses in the Group G category can’t earn above kes 21,304 as salary. 


  1. The Basic Salary in This Category – kes40,000


  1. The Basic Salary in This Category – Kes109,089
  2. What Was Agreed To Be Paid Under CBA – kes136,361

Note: As things stand now in the country, the maximum salary in this category is still kes144,928. However, if the CBA agreement is implemented, then it will go up to kes181,160. Therefore, nurses in the Group G category can’t earn above kes144,928 as salary. 

Having clarified this, let’s now highlight what nurses in Kenya earn, as well as their allowances. 

Nurses Allowances In Kenya

After highlighting the salaries of nurses in Kenya, let us now move to the category of their allowances. In case you are wondering if they also enjoy certain allowances, the answer is yes. However, we should know that the union have pushed for an increase in allowances too. 

  • House Allowance

Nurses in Kenya, as things stand now , are allowed a house allowance that is in the region of kes3,500. Although the amount is not really uniform, it should be noted that other can’t go beyond kes15,000.

  • Extraneous Expenses

As things stand now in the country, this ranges from between 15,000 and 35,000 (depending on various factors, especially the job group). However, when the CBA has been implemented, irrespective of what job group a nurse fall under, they will receive an additional kes5,000

  • Health Rish Allowance

Nurses in Kenya, as things stand now , are allowed a health risk allowance that is in the region of Kes3,850. However, when or if the CBA has been implemented, irrespective of what job group a nurse fall under, they will receive an additional kes5,000

  • Uniform Allowance

Right now, Nurses in Kenya are allowed a uniform allowance that is up to Kes10,000 annually. Nevertheless, if the CBA is eventually implemented, the amount will become Kes50,000.

  • Commuter Allowance

As things stand now in the country, this ranges from between  kes4,000 and kes14,000 (depending on various factors, especially the job group). Nevertheless, if the CBA is now implemented, the amount will go up by between kes15,000 to kes25,000 each month.


There is a union for nurses in Kenya known as Kenya National Union Of Nurses (KNUN), and they have become the mouthpiece for those in the profession. They, in a bid to promote the interest of their members, have embarked on different industrial actions. However, despite that the actions have led to the death of some people in the country, it appears the government isn’t ready to intervene positively. 

If nurses in Kenya are earning as much as their counterparts in some other places in the world, things will have been much better, and there won’t have been need for cases like the 2017 strike which forced the county governments to struck a deal with the nurses (but the agreements are yet to be implemented) 

Many times, politicians usually complain about the unavailability of money to fund the demands of the nurses in the country. For instance, during the incident in 2017, one of the county governors came out to state their powerlessness in honour the demands of the nurses, saying that while he empathize with the nurses, what they want will have a large effect on counties. 

Is the President not aware of these issues? Of course, he is. For instance, after the strike, President Uhuru Kenyatta gave an order that the health workers should get back to work or will be sacked. According to him, it is not pleasant to see nurses in the country not working as they go contrary to the order of the Employment court.

The Nursing Profession Should Be Revived In Kenya 

Actually, certain things might be strange to nurses in some countries because they really cannot relate. The normal system should make the nursing profession one that belong to heroes, as these selfless individuals not only provide good care for those hospitalised, but they pass through various challenges to do what they should do. Imagine being under severe pressure and then you have to give injections, deal with psychotic patients, and so on and so forth. The right thing is actually to take good care of these people. 

There are still not enough nurses in Kenya as things stand now, and despite having to work harder, they are still subjected to fighting constantly for better terms. There are some hospitals in Kenya that are operating with double the number of patients they should have.

Apart from the issue of low pay, nurses in Kenya also face other challenges like, being harassed by patients. A female nurse might be subjected to dealing with over 100 psychotic patients (majorly males), imagine what will likely happen to the poor woman. In fact, there are reported cases where these patients harass the nurses. Unfortunately, according to one of the stakeholders in the country, even after reporting, nothing was done about it. 

On a normal ground, what was recommended was that in a psychiatric facility, the nurses to patient ratio should be 1:10. However, in some Kenyan hospitals, the case is not so, which means the system won’t move without a glitch. 

Indeed, a handful of things need to be revived as far as the nursing profession is concerned in Kenya. For instance, despite official records exposing that there are about 51,649 registered nurses below 60 in the country, it is unpleasant to note that not all of them are actively carrying out their assigned duties (in fact, about half of them are not active). So, nurses in Kenya works overtime compared to their counterparts in some other countries. 


Just as stated earlier, one large reason nurses must be adequately paid is so they can focus much better on their duties without distractions. However, there are some nurses in Kenya that, to take good care of themselves and their households, they have no choice but to indulge in other things. In fact, some of them complained of how, at times, they don’t have time for their loved ones because they are running from one place to another just to earn a decent living. 

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NITA Kenya Salary Scale and Structure 2020

NITA Kenya Salary Scale and Structure 2020 &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2020-09-17 20:49:02 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

 NITA Kenya Salary Scale and Structure for National Industrial Training Authority. NITA corporation is a state corporation established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. The corporation works to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya. Its core area of specialization is mechanical engineering, and so the NITA works to ensure an adequate supply of properly trained engineering manpower at all levels in the industry.

The NITA has its headquarters in Nairobi and five industrial training centres spread across the country; some of which are NITA Nairobi, NITA Textile Training Institute, NITA  Kisumu, NITA Mombasa, and NITA Athi River.

The Training Centres host a number of industry-oriented training courses that target workers in the formal and informal sectors. The courses include short and long programmes including proficiency courses, skill upgrading courses, artisan courses, and tailor-made courses to boost workers’ skills. The Centres provide full boarding accommodation to trainees, as well as training rooms, workshops, and recreational facilities.

Of course, in order to achieve maximum effect in the training programmes, and in order to achieve the desired level of proficiency in the Kenyan Workforce, it is important to keep the staff at the NITA well-motivated by paying them well.

Below is a collection of salaries of Staff of the NITA, and also the scale and structure. Join us as we explore the structure of payments at this very important Kenyan government agency.

 NITA Kenya Salary Scale and Structure 2020

  • Administrative Assistant at National Industrial Training Authority NITA: 

    • Pay: KSh 44,000 per month
    • Description: Administrative officer who handles office management in the training centre. 
  •   Administrative Assistant / Accountant: 

    • Pay: KSh 32,000 per month.
    • Description: This is an office worker whose main job is an accounting and proper recording of the finances of the centres, including expenditures, payments, and procurements.
  •  Administrative Assistant II:

    • Pay: KSh 80,000 per month.
    • Description: Administrative Assistant II is a senior administrative officer whose job is to related to office management and the organization of centers.
  •  Administrative Assistant/Front Desk Officer:

    • Pay: KSh 29,000 per month.
    • Description: This is an office worker whose job is to welcome visitors to enquires at the training centres.  
  •  Driver/Administrative Assistant: 

    • Pay: KSh 14,000 per Month.
    • Description: This position is part of the training center. The position falls under the transportation department. The person is required to drive official vehicles, and transport persons and items from place to place.
  • Project Drivers Jobs, Driver Jobs:

    • Pay: KSh 14,000 per Month.
    • Description: Drivers hired for specific projects on a short time basis
  • Tax Collector:

    • Pay: 44,000 KSh per month.
    • Description: Collection of taxes and Levies. 
  • Procurement Assistant: 

    • Pay: 42,000 KSh per month.
    • Description: Member of staff in charge of making purchases. 
    • Project Procurement Assistant Jobs, Procurement Jobs, Supply Chain Jobs: 
  • Pay: 42,000 KSh per month.
    • Description: Short term staff in charge of making purchases when necessary.
  • Project Administrative Assistant Jobs, Administration Jobs, Office Management Jobs: 

    • Pay: 42,000 KSh per month. 
    • Description: Administrative Assistants hired for the duration of specific projects. 
  • Communication Assistants Job: 

    • Project Communication Assistants Jobs, Communication Jobs, Journalism Jobs: 
    • Pay: 42,000 KSh per month
    • Description: Communication Assistants hired for the duration of specific projects.
  • Part-Time Trainers ICT Job.

    • Pay: 25,000 Ksh
    • Description: Working as a trainer part-time. 
  • Accountant 1:

    • Pay: 97,000 KSh per month.
    • Description: Senior Accountant.
  • ICT Part-Time Trainers Jobs, Computer Science Jobs, ICT Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Part-Time Jobs

    • Pay: 45,000 Ksh
    • Description: Teaching computer-based design applications as well as computer-based solutions.
  • Part-Time Trainers Web Development &-038; Graphic Design Job. 
    • Pay: 42,000 KSh
    • Description: trainers on the use of web design applications.
  • Web Development &-038; Graphic Design Jobs Part-Time Trainers Jobs, Computer Science Jobs, ICT Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Part-Time Jobs, NITA
    • Pay:
    • Description: 
  • Part-Time Computer Programming Trainers

    • Pay: 45,000 Ksh

Description: Training students in Computer Programming.

  • ICT Part-Time Trainers Job. NITA

    • Pay: 25,000 KSh
    • Description: Trainers who are not fully engaged by the NITA, but who may only have limed time to work due to holding other jobs or educational engagements.
  • ICT Part-Time Trainers Jobs, Computer Science Jobs, ICT Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Part-Time Jobs

    • Pay: 25,000 Ksh
    • Description: Part-time trainers in the general field of computer applications. 

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Closing ON NITA Kenya Salary Scale:

As you might have seen, despite having staff on standby, the NITA is from time to time forced to take in Part-time staff to work for short periods of time so as to help meet up with the extensive workload. This is to help do the job of training the huge population of trainees received at the various centres, and thus carry out its mission which is to provide the highest level of technical capacity so as to boost industry in Kenya.

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Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020

Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020 &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2020-09-17 20:25:46 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

List of the most highly demanding courses in Kenya for 2020. Every academic environment has courses that are deemed to be difficult to master, or highly demanding for the student population to conquer. This may be as a result of various social or economic factors which may then have a chain effect on the depth of expertise of the teaching staff, and then on the learning capacity of the students.

In this post we want to look at Kenya as a case study. In this post we look at Kenya as a learning environment, and highlight some of the courses that have proven through analyzed statistics to be highly demanding for the students in terms of performances. We have titled the post: Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya. Enjoy!

Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020

  • 1. Economics and Statistics

This course surprisingly tops the list because even though other African countries find it less challenging, the same cannot be said about Kenya. The course is one of the most difficult to study in Kenya. It consists of huge computations that include calculus, mathematics, statistics, financial accounting, and other theoretical courses. Well, economics prepares a person to handle the finances, not just of his own person, but of public ownership, and so, it is not surprising that this course should not be a stroll in the park. Nevertheless, if a person is mentally endowed, and so committed, it is very possible.

  • 2. Medicine and surgery

The study of Medicine and surgery empowers a person to save lives through medical practice. No doubt, you understand that it is a very important field of study that should naturally have some of the most stringent bureaucratic procedures before a person can scale through. For instance; it takes at least 6 years of hard study in Kenya to be certified. Furthermore, a person needs an overall grade A or at least C including mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and English. An impressive result at secondary school level does not even guarantee a person admission to study medicine, he will still need to be interviewed by a panel to show his attentiveness, and mental abilities. After being offered admission he will then need to show great work ethic and personal sacrifice in order to scale through. It just has to be so. Otherwise we will have doctors that kill more patients than the successfully treat. 

Highly Demanding Courses in Kenya

  • 3. Pharmacy

In the study of pharmacy you study how different medicinal chemicals interact with the human body. No doubt you understand why this field of medicine is important because all it takes is a moment of lack of concentration, and a pharmacist can poison a patient, killing him, instead of saving his life. This course of study takes between 6 to 8 years to complete in Kenya, and one has to scale through a similarly stringent admission procedure in order to gain qualify. Then a person needs to show a great seal of dedication, and effort. Lectures are not to be skipped, and texts and exams must be thoroughly defeated.

  • 4. Telecommunications and Information Engineering

Engineering courses are not easy, generally, but telecommunication and information technology is especially difficult in the context of Kenya. It takes a longer time and demands a lot of diligence and hard work. In Kenya this course is ranked as one of the absolute toughest, and most challenging- academically speaking- because only the brightest students take it on, and excel. There are numerous side courses to pass through in order to prove oneself fit to accreditation in this field.

  • 5. Aeronautical Science/Engineering

In aeronautical engineering you learn the design, composition, maintenance, and disposal of aircraft, aircraft equipment, and the associated services that are used in the aviation industry. Lives are literally in your hands because once a plane takes to the air it cannot just stop for repairs. Therefore the person who checks and certifies a plane good for take-off must be absolutely sure about what he is doing. In order to guarantee maximum safety therefore, it is very important to make sure that aeronautical engineers are highly trained personnel. That is why there is such stringent qualification process, in which passing the secondary exams with flying colors alone cannot guarantee admission. The study includes the everyday use of computerized equipment, and demands extra effort to scale through.

  • 6. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is all about the study of risk. This is important because a social event in one country can mean the annihilation of the economy in another country. An example is the 2009 financial crises in America which resulted in an economic meltdown all over the world, including Africa. Professionals in this field of work must analyze future financial events before they happen, so as to save his principals from financial loses. It is therefore not surprising that a field of study like this should accept only the brightest students they can find, as this is the only way to ensure that the best hands are taken for the job. Furthermore, the process of acquiring the skills and work ethic that can help a person excel in this field is quite long and tedious. Students are trained to analyze a big load of financial data, preparing them for a brutal working experience.

  • 7. Mathematics And Computer Science

This is a joint degree that is a combination of two individual disciplines that are tough by their own right. A person who finishes this course of study will be proficient in handling great mathematical problems with absolute ease. He will also be able to create computer applications to solve computational issues. A person who wishes to excel in this field must put in great effort, to understand deeply the course, and also the practical applications.

  • 8. Accountancy (CPA &-038; CFA)

Accountancy is next on the list as a rather tough skill to master. This is because you need to have the head for mathematics, as well as the understanding of the financial applications of numerical values. Students who are not naturally good with numbers usually find this course of study to be beyond them, while those with good knowledge of numbers still have to put in the effort to succeed. 

  • 9. Architecture And Building Construction

This is an extremely important field of study because houses that eventually collapse do not always immediately appear to be faulty. It is therefore important that the builder has passed through all the industry best practices while putting up the structure. Therefore, students are made to pass through long hours of tough study courses and to show themselves proficient. They have to prove themselves creative, design savvy, and willing to learn.

  • 10. Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the teeth. As with other branches of medicine, it requires good attention as well dedication. A dental surgeon handles any issues relating to diseases or conditions affecting the oral cavity, dentition, facial tissues and so on. This work involves the use of medicines, surgical equipment, and anesthetics. Wrongly done, it could result in fatalities.

That’s all about the Top 10 Highly Demanding Courses In Kenya 2020


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