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Check NECO Nov/Dec. (2020/2021), BECE and NCEE Results Using TOKEN

NECO GCE (Nov/Dec) Results are now available for checking. Meanwhile, the method to check has been changed from previous years. Below is the step by step guides to check your result from 2018 till date.

&-8220;No CA3&-8221; Error For NECO Results Checking: Meaning and What to Do (only July/July candidates concerned)

Firstly note:

  • candidates are expected to purchase a token, with which they would access their results online.
  • result checker cards would no longer be used to check results
  • to check results henceforth, candidates are to log on to the council’s website and click on NECO results to purchase a token that could be used to access their results.
  • On the examination’s website, the instruction reads: “The new Results Online System offers a convenient way to check all NECO examination results. 
  • Once results are released, it will be made available via the NECO Results System (
  • Using NECO Results, candidates can check their SSCE, BECE, and NCEE results by purchasing tokens. 
  • The token(s) can be shared with candidates, parents, schools, organizations or any person who wishes to view the candidate’s results

Steps by Steps Guidelines to Check the Results

        1. Visit
        2. If you don&-8217;t already have the TOKEN, click PURCHASE TOKEN
        3. As a first-timer, click on REGISTER. If you&-8217;d once registered, login instead
        4. A confirmation message will be sent to the email used. Click on the VERIFY EMAIL in the message sent to you.
        5. Go back to the login page and enter your email and the password you chose.
        6. After login, click on PURCHASE TOKEN, pay N550 through Remita Platform. You will be redirected tot the Remita payment page. See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.
        7. After payment, the TOKEN will be available in your account now. Copy that and use it to check your result

        Best of luck!

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        Universities/Courses That Accept English D7 and E8.

        You&-8217;re on the right page of you want to seek admission with D7 in English. You will find a series of courses you can study at university with E8 or D7 (generally pass) in English.

        Some degree-awarding institutions accept D7 or E8 in English for their admissions. This doesn&-8217;t mean they accept the deficiency in all their courses. The opportunity or waver is meant only for some courses. 

        This post will discuss the courses you can do in those universities accepting ordinary pass in English for science courses.

        Dedicated posts will spoon be updated here for courses you can do with D7 or E8 in English in the class of Social Science and Art courses. Subscribe to the updates your email.

        In case you&-8217;re on this page for the related topics, you may want to consider reading the posts below:

        Before we proceed, this information is extracted from the official JAMB brochure. Hence, all the details are authentic.

        Universities and Science Courses Accepting D7 or E8 in English

        1. Microbiology

        1. IMSU, COOU, UYO and EBSU accept O Level pass in English Language.

        2. Physics

        1. UNIZIK accepts D7 in English Language.
        2. COOU and IMSU may accept O Level pass in English Language.

        3. Pure and Applied Chemistry

        1. Imo State University (IMSU) accepts O&-8217;Level pass in English Language under exceptional circumstances.
        2. ABU accepts D7 in English Language for candidates who show special ability in Mathematics and Physics

        4. Soil Science

        1. Imo State University (IMSU) accepts O&-8217;Level pass in English Language i.e D7 or E8 in English

        5. Agricultural Economics

        1. Delta State University (DELSU) accepts O&-8217;Level pass in English Language. That is, D7 or E8 in English

        6. Agriculture

        1. Usmanu Danfodiyo University (UDU) and Ambrose Alli University (AAU) accept O&-8217;Level pass in English Language. That is, D7 or E8 in English

        7. Biology

        1.  Adamawa State University (ADSU) may accept O&-8217;Level pass in English Language

        8. Zoology

        1. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (UNIUMUDIKE) accepts O&-8217;Level pass (D7 or E8) in English Language 
        2. University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) accepts O&-8217;Level pass (D7 or E8) in English Language with O&-8217;Level credit pass in any of the Sciences
        3. Imo State University (IMSU) accepts O&-8217;Level pass (D7 or E8) in English Language

        9. Animal Production

        1. UNIZIK accepts O level pass in English Language. O level credit pass in Mathematics or O level pass in Physics or vice versa.

           10. Chemistry Education

          1. CRUTECH, ABU, UDU and IAUED accept a pass in English Language.
          2. RSUST accepts &-8216;O&-8217; Level pass in English Language.

                    11. Biology Education

                    1. OOU accept a pass in English Language.

                    NOTE: This post will continually be updated. Kindly revisit or subscribe to this blog future additions.

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                    Universities/Courses that Accept Economics D7, E8 or F9

                    We all know how important ECONOMICS is to any social science, management or commercial course in the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. The subject is the backbone of all commercial disciplines. This is why it’s made compulsory for candidates who propose to study the likes of Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing and more.

                    For such courses, JAMB brochure would state, “Mathematics, Economics, English and any other two social or Art subjects as the requirements for O’level. In other words, an admission seeker must have at least C6 in Economics for his proposed course.

                    While this is true, do you know that, with D7, E8 or F9, you can still study your intending commercial course? How? Where?

                    Some courses and schools allow candidates to take advantage of their leniency in the admission policies to study their intended course even with such deficiencies. Hence, below is the list of such schools and courses you can take advantage of with ordinary pass or fail in Economics.

                    Universities that Accept D7, E8 or F9 for Accounting

                    1. PLASU accepts Commerce or Principles of Accounting if you don&-8217;t have Economics
                    2. IGBINEDION accepts O Level credit pass in Financial Accounting if you don&-8217;t have  Economics.
                    3. RENAISSANCE and CUAB accept O Level credit pass in Commerce if you don&-8217;t have Economics. 
                    4. NILE accepts one subject from Accounting, Banking and Finance, Commerce, Geography, Business Studies, Government or Statistics if you don&-8217;t have Economics.

                    Universities that Accept D7, E9 or F9 for Business Administration and Management 

                        1. GOUU accepts: For Business Administration and Marketing, O Level credit pass in Commerce if you don&-8217;t have Economics.
                        2. ABUJA and COOU accept Commerce if you don&-8217;t have Economics
                        3. PLASU accepts Commerce or Principles of Accounts if you don&-8217;t have Economics.
                        4. UNIZIK accepts a pass (i.e D7 or E8) in Economics
                        5. LCITY requires O Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Commerce and other two (2) subjects.
                        6. FED-DUTSINMA accepts five (5) O Level credit passes to include: English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Entrepreneurship/Commerce/ Marketing and any two (2) subjects.
                        7. DELSU requires five (5) credits at SSC O Level or its equivalent obtained at not more than two (2) sittings which must include English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Commerce, one Social Science subject and any other subject in Arts, Science and Social Science.

                        Universities that Accept D7, E9 or F9 for Business Education

                            1. BENIN accepts Commerce if you don&-8217;t have Economics (i.e F9 or so)
                            2. UNN requires O Level credit passes in five (5) subjects which must include, English language, Mathematics and any three (3) of the following subjects: Economics, History, Commerce, Financial Accounting, Typewriting, Government, Geography, Physics and Chemistry
                            3. BAUCHI requires five (5) O Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Social Studies and any two (2) subjects.
                            4. TASUED requires five O Level credit passes at one (1) sitting or six (6) O Level credit passes at two (2) sittings in English Language, Mathematics and any other three (3) subjects in the Social Sciences or Arts which must include Economics.
                            5. NDU requires five (5)O Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and any three (3) of Principles of Accounts, Commerce/Economics, Insurance, Store Keeping/Management, Word Processing, including any one (1) of the Social Sciences at not more than two (2) sittings.
                            6. KWASU requires five (5) O Level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics plus any one (1) of Economics, Commerce, Financial Accounting, Typewriting plus any two (2) other Social Science subjects.
                            7. FED-OYE EKITI requires five (5) TC II merit, SSC or NTC/NBC credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Commerce and two (2) other subjects in the Social Science or Arts. For NBC holders, the other subjects could be from any of the following: Commerce, Office Practice, Principles of Accounts, Secretarial Duties, Typewriting and Shorthand.
                            8. BSU requires English language, mathematics, and any other 3 subjects from Social Sciences and Business related courses and Economics from SC/GCE/SSCE or NTC/NBC/WASSCE/RSA Business Studies (stage ii intermediate).

                            Universities that Accept D7, E9 or F9 for Criminology and Security Studies

                            1. NILE accepts Principle of Accounting or Commerce if you don&-8217;t have Economics
                            2. AUN requires five (5) O Level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, and any other three (3) subjects from the following; Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature in English, Government, History, Economics, Geography, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Visual Arts, Computer Studies, Information Technology, Civics, and French.
                            3. FED-OYE EKITI accepts five (5) SSC credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Government and anyone from(Economics, Commerce, Geography and one Science or Arts subjects at SSC.
                            4. PAN-ATLANTIC requires five (5) O Level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics/ Economics/ Accounting/ Commerce and other relevant subjects.

                            Universities that Accept D7, E9 or F9 for Entrepreneurship

                            PAUL requires five (5) O&-8217;Level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics plus any two (2) of Accounting, Business Method, Commerce, Government, Geography and Statistics.

                            This means you can be offered admission even without Economics.

                            Universities that Accept D7, E9 or F9 for Banking and Finance

                            1. UNN requires five (5) O&-8217;Level credit passes to include: English Language, Mathematics and any other relevant subjects. For NBC the other two (2) relevant subjects could be from any of the following: Accounting, Principles of Accounts, Commerce, Office Practice and Economics.
                            2. UNILORIN requires O&-8217;Level credit passes in any three (3) of Accounting, Business Method, Commerce, Geography, Economics, Statistics, and Government. 
                            3. RENAISSANCE and CUAB accept O&-8217;Level credit pass in Commerce in lieu of Economics.
                            4. LAUTECH requires two (2) subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science and Geography.
                            5. NDA requires O&-8217;Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Accounting and two (2) other subjects from Commerce, Geography, History, French, Arabic and Government.
                            6. OOU requires O&-8217;Level credit passes in any three (3) of Accounting, Business Methods, Commerce, Economics, Statistics, Government and Geography. Islamic Studies/Christian Religious Studies, Yoruba and History.


                                  Work continues on this kind of series. I will continually be updating this post until all schools and courses are covered. You may want to subscribe to this blog for future updates for such and related posts.

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                                      “No CA3” Error For NECO Results: Meaning, What Schools/Students Can Do

                                      Why No CA3 Error?
                                      NECO logo
                                      Have you tried to check your NECO result with no success? Did you receive an error message &-8220;No CA3&-8221;? Then, this is a post right for you.

                                      A few candidates had been trying to check and print their NECO results and after entering the candidate&-8217;s number, Token and exams type and year, all they got was an error &-8220;No CA3&-8221; instead of the expected result page. This seems to be very rampant lately.

                                      If you must find a solution to this, consider reading to this post to the end.

                                      Why No CA3 Error?

                                      The full meaning of CA is Continuous Assessment. During NECO registration, schools were instructed to submit their candidate&-8217;s continuous assessment tests results.

                                      These must be filled online while entering each candidates&-8217; data. CA 1 means first term test, CA 2 means 2nd term test and CA 3 means third term test. All these scores must be submitted, normally, during the NECO June/July registration.

                                      However, some schools might, by mistake, not added their candidates&-8217; CA3. This was why you received this error why trying to check your result.

                                      Will My Result Be Released Sooner?

                                      The only way NECO will release your result is after your school has contacted NECO on this issue. The school management has to do the right things &-8211; thereby take their candidates CAs to NECO office or fill it online, if instructed.

                                      Having said that, below are the procedures for each affected schools to correct the errors and let students be able to see their results.

                                      Schools Should Make Payment of N20,000 for Late CA 3 Submission

                                      The fee for late CA 3 upload can be found here and is required before any candidate will be allowed to check their results.

                                      Use these steps to make payment for late CA 3:

                                      1. Log into your SSCE internal account with your username and password.
                                      2. From your dashboard, you can either click on the Make Payment button or use the Payment button located on the side menu to begin purchase.
                                      3. Select CA 3 option and click on the Submit button.
                                      4. You’ll be redirected to the Remitta web page to complete your purchase.
                                      5. Once your purchase is completed, you’ll be able to upload your CA 3. Launch the offline application and enter each Candidates CA 3 that was not uploaded previously.

                                      What Candidates must Do Regards this

                                      Kindly return to your school and report the errors you&-8217;re getting. I&-8217;m sure you&-8217;re not the only one in this mess. As soon as the school is aware of the problem, they will take the necessary actions.

                                      With time, hopefully not too late, NECO will release your result. Then you can check and print.

                                      How to Know When Finally Released

                                      You will have to be checking NECO result checking portal continually until your result is displayed.

                                      You can also be reaching out to your school and exams officer to find out if they&-8217;d done the right thing or results released.

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                                      690 Ogun State Accredited NYSC, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB Cafes or Registration Centres

                                      135 Accredited NYSC, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB Cafes or Registration Centres in BORNO State.


                                      Do you want to register for NECO, WAEC, NABTEB or NYSC Mobilization, below is the list of accredited centres in your state or town.

                                      Search the name of your town, area or landmark using Ctrl+F key or your keyboard or Find option on you mobile device&-8217;s browser.

                                      690 Internet Service Operators found in Ogun State.

                                      No.    Name    Email    Address    Town
                                      1     DILIGENT SECONDARY SCHOOL     [email protected]     7,idowu williams street,iju ishaga,lagos     a
                                      2     TEJAYSCENT EDUCONSULTS     [email protected]     1,     abekoko
                                      3     SETUP LIMITED     [email protected]     suite 10-12     Abeokuta
                                      4     HIS DOMINION CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     1,Ayorinde street, Surulere Area, Ita Eko     Abeokuta
                                      5     DAS & DAL NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     28, Adesina Street, Idimango     Abeokuta
                                      6     LARDEL CAFE     [email protected]     27,Bola Enilolobo Close, Olorunsogo Area, abeokuta, Ogun State.     Abeokuta
                                      7     FOUNTAIN COMPUTER COLLEGE & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     4, SURULERE STREET, BEHINDE AFRIBANK, OKE ILEWO     ABEOKUTA
                                      8     INSHA ALLAHU COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES     [email protected] and inshaallahucommercialen     4, ALAKE STREET, AKE     ABEOKUTA
                                      9     CHEAPEST CYBERCAFE..A DIVISION OF MS SUCCESS WORLD     [email protected]     IYANA-OLOKE,JUNCTION     ABEOKUTA
                                      10     XENON CYBER SERVICES     [email protected]     1 AGO OKO JUNCTION OFF YALOG PAINTS ROAD AGO OKO     ABEOKUTA
                                      11     LARDEL CAFE     [email protected]     27, Bola Enilolobo Close, Olorunsogo Area, Abeokuta, Ogun State.     Abeokuta
                                      12     BODSALPET TECHNOLOGIES DIVISION OF SAMBAOUG TECHNO     [email protected]     MASABA COMPLEX,     ABEOKUTA
                                      14     Sambaoug Technologies     [email protected]     7, Masaba Complex Ita-Oshin Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      15     CLASSIC GLOBAL LINK     [email protected]     1, Quarry road, Ibara.     Abeokuta
                                      16     FOUNTAIN COMPUTER COLLEGE & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     4, SURULERE STREET, BEHINDE AFRIBANK, OKE ILEWO     ABEOKUTA
                                      17     FAB NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     8, Bridge street , Lafenwa     Abeokuta
                                      18     MaxMe Infomation and Coaching Services     [email protected]     5 Anuya House Opposite Navy Secondary School Onikoko Ibara     Abeokuta
                                      19     FOSTER TECHNOLOGIES VENTURE     [email protected]     7, NEPA ROAD, IMO, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      20     TRUDREAM TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED     [email protected]     120, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO AVENUE,     ABEOKUTA
                                      21     DEBESTER-AG CONSULT     [email protected]     FRIENDLY PLAZA, 1, OGO-OLUWA BANKOLE CRESCENT, G.R.A, IBARA     ABEOKUTA
                                      22     CLIQUE-RITE TECHNOLOGY NIG ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     135, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO RD, BESIDE CONOIL FILLING STATION, IBARA     ABEOKUTA
                                      23     WEST END COMPUTERS AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     63 Onikolobo road, opposite st paul&-8217;s demonstration school     abeokuta
                                      24     OLA-YEMEY GLOBAL VENTURES     [email protected]     7, ALIU WASIU STREET, OLORUNSOGO ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE     Abeokuta
                                      25     OLA-YEMEY GLOBAL VENTURES     [email protected]     19a, Obafemi Awolowo Avenue, Adjacent Wema Bank, Imo, Abeokuta, Ogun &-8211; State     Abeokuta
                                      26     Hisbeloved Cybercafe a subsidary of Unik Ventures     [email protected]     Opposite Lafenwa High School,     Abeokuta
                                      27     TOPNOTCH INTERNATIONAL     [email protected];topnotchinterna     1, GREAT NIGERIA HOUSE,     ABEOKUTA
                                      28     KING-DAVID EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     SALAU ABIOLA COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL.OSIELE,ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      29     KING-DAVID EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     HIS WILL COMPUTER BESIDE MADOJUTIMI SAPON ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      30     JAMZHALL MULTIMEDIA     [email protected]     1, akinhanmi street, olorunsogo, abeokuta, ogun state     abeokuta
                                      31     Bright Technologies     [email protected]     2, unaab/alabata road, Camp     Abeokuta
                                      32     EDULEGACY NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     9 MOSHOOD ABIOLA WAY,IYANA MORTUARY JUNCTION,ABEOKUTA.OGUN STATE     ABEOKUTA
                                      33     FRYSTS INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     20 OLUSEGUN OSOBA ROAD     ABEOKUTA
                                      34     MABROYAL COMMUNICATION LIMITED     [email protected]     GREAT NIGERIA INSURANCE BUILDING PANSEKE ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      35     Mabroyal Communications Limited     [email protected]     Dambod Petroleum Station Camp Junction or     Abeokuta
                                      36     HISBELOVED CYBERCAFE A SUBSIDIARY OF UNIK VURES LT     [email protected]     Shop 10 Bajomo Street opposite Lafenwa High School     Abeokuta
                                      37     XENON CYBER SERVICES     [email protected]     1 AGO OKO JUNCTION     ABEOKUTA
                                      38     LARDEL CAFE     [email protected]     BLOCK F,SHOP 2,OLOBE SHOPPING COMPLEX.IYANA MORTUARY ,ABEOKUTA,OGUN STATE.     ABEOKUTA
                                      39     DAS & DAL NIG LTD     [email protected]     24,ADESINA STREET,ADIGBE     ABEOKUTA
                                      40     PROMA     [email protected]     Timmy Adejobi Junction     Abeokuta
                                      41     MSCONCEPT CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     60b, Awolowo Avenue Opposite MRS filling station Grammar School Isale-Igbein     Abeokuta
                                      42     E911MUSICWORLD     [email protected]     NO. 6, OLUSEGUN OBASANJO WAY,     ABEOKUTA
                                      43     ZAINKAD INVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     2 LATEEF ADIGBE ROAD     ABEOKUTA
                                      44     SETUP LIMITED     [email protected]     Suite 10-12 Ondun&-8217;s Plaza, Along Mango Rd, Adigbe     Abeokuta
                                      45     FIRST LINK INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     OPPOSITE WAEC OFFICE,     ABEOKUTA
                                      46     xenon cyber services     [email protected]     1, AGO OKO JUNCTION     ABEOKUTA
                                      47     Dave Aries     [email protected]     Suite 8-9, Wing B     Abeokuta
                                      48     CHEAPEST CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     IYANA-OLOKE     ABEOKUTA
                                      49     FOSTER TECHNOLOGIES VENTURE     [email protected]     7, NEPA ROAD, IMO, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      50     DEJOY CONEPT     [email protected]     26B Kugba Road, Saje     Abeokuta
                                      51     Sambaoug     [email protected]     7, Masaba Shopping Complex, Ita-Oshin     Abeokuta
                                      52     Josemaria Support Services     [email protected]     12, oke-ilewo, abeokuta     abeokuta
                                      53     CLASSIC GLOBAL LINK     [email protected]     1 QUARRY ROAD IBARA     ABEOKUTA
                                      54     OKETECH VENTURE     [email protected]     Opp. Eniola Housing, Olomore Housing Estate     ABEOKUTA
                                      55     DEBESTER-AG CONSULT     [email protected]     SUITE 101,FRIENDLY PLAZA,     ABEOKUTA
                                      56     HIS DOMINION CYBERCAFE     [email protected]; [email protected]     1, SURULERE, ITA EKO, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      57     HIGH CLASS CYBERSERVICES     [email protected]     2, lakesin sreet,carwash, abeokuta     abeokuta
                                      58     Trudream Technologies Limited     [email protected]     120, Obafemi Awolowo Avenue, Omida, Ibara road, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      59     SHCC ABEOKUTA     [email protected]     Lalubu Street, Oke-Ilewo.     Abeokuta
                                      60     ABEOKUTA GRAMMAR SCHOOL (SNR)     [email protected]     BISI ONABANJO WAY, OPP FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER, IDIABA     ABEOKUTA
                                      61     hppid     [email protected]     NO 19 sapon post office frontage Abk Ogun state     Abeokuta
                                      62     Tech Cil International     [email protected]     63 onikolobo road     Abeokuta
                                      63     Westend Computers & Educational Services     [email protected]     63 onikolobo road     Abeokuta
                                      64     Hidden Treasures Golden Profile Limited     [email protected]     Office 3, Ayoola Plaza, Near Texaco Filling Station, Asero, Abeokuta.     Abeokuta
                                      65     Merits Ventures     meritventures     Remi Onajole Close     Abeokuta
                                      66     BODSALPET TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     masaba shopping complex     ABEOKUTA
                                      67     SUMFUN COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED     [email protected]     MANGO STREET, OLUWO, ONIKOLOBO     ABEOKUTA
                                      68     COMPREHENSIVE COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     c/o COMPREHENIVE ACADEMY, 50 AYETORO ROADLAFENWA     ABEOKUTA
                                      69     CyborgDom Techno-Enterprises     [email protected]     K-Plaza, 4th Floor, 18 Lalubu Street, Oke-ilewo, Ibara     Abeokuta
                                      70     HIZEE TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     BESIDE RABENG PETROLEUM     ABEOKUTA
                                      71     COSA(CITY of SUCCESS ACADEMY) Educational Services     [email protected]     1, Akamo Street, Off Police Post B/stop, Fajol-Obantoko     Abeokuta
                                      72     HIBEE TECH CONSULT     [email protected], [email protected]     Block 102, Along Abeokuta-Ibadan Rd, Asero     Abeokuta
                                      73     Expy Multimedia     [email protected]     Suit ii, First floor, Chief Amosun Plaza, Oluwo Junction, Onikolobo,     Abeokuta
                                      74     ASOROLINK VENTURES     [email protected]     Suit D3-D5, Ramdat Shopping Complex, Elega, Abeokuta.     Abeokuta
                                      75     Setup Limited     [email protected]     Suite 10-12     Abeokuta
                                      76     Josjane Cyber World     [email protected]     conoil filling station,asero obantoko,abeokuta     abeokuta
                                      77     ZEDAF Enterprises     [email protected]     Shop 11 Folasike shopping Mall     Abeokuta
                                      78     EDULEGACY NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     1 ADEBIMPE HOUSE     ABEOKUTA
                                      79     IMS     [email protected]     6, Adaraloye street ,Ayetoro road, Ladico Estate Lafenwa     Abeokuta
                                      80     Trudream Technologies Limited     [email protected]     120, obafemi Awolowo Avenue,     Abeokuta
                                      81     TRUST MOBILE TELECOMMS ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     3,olaiya bakery road, opposite muyad filling station,     abeokuta
                                      82     NUDO VENTURES     [email protected]     15, Al-Hudah St., Labaiwa Village     Abeokuta
                                      83     ROJAD COMPUTECH     [email protected]     9 Shomolu Olajide Close, Opposite GOFAMIT Church     ABEOKUTA
                                      84     WestEnd Computers & Educational Services     [email protected]     63 Onikolobo Road     Abeokuta
                                      85     appreciation computer work cyber     [email protected]     aduragbemi estate bode-olude     abeokuta
                                      86     READYHANDS TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     SUITE 4, OGUNSOLA MEMORIAL PLAZA     ABEOKUTA
                                      87     M &M CYBER CAFE ( A division of FRASEG VENTURES)     [email protected]     Beside Silver Dot, Olomore, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      88     BRIMMASS COMPUTERS CAFE     [email protected]     ELITE ROAD, ALONG LANTORO HIGH SCHOOL, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      89     FIRST ATTEMPT EDU CARE     [email protected]     G4/22 FEDERAL HOUSING ESTATE OLOMORE     ABEOKUTA
                                      90     SETUP LIMITED     [email protected]     SUITE 10-12     ABEOKUTA
                                      91     INSHA ALLAHU COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     22, Alake Street, Ake, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      92     lardelcafe (HINCK TECH VENTURES LTD)     [email protected]     shop 2, block f, olobe shopping complex iyana mortuary     abeokuta
                                      93     hincks cybercafe     [email protected]     shop 2, block f, olobe shopping complex iyana mortuary     abeokuta
                                      95     AFRICAN CHURCH GRAMMAR SCHOOL MISSIONARY     [email protected]     7, KAYODE SOYINKA STREET     ABEOKUTA
                                      96     HISBELOVED CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     BAJOMO STREET, NO10     ABEOKUTA
                                      97     Page me network and communications     [email protected]     No 9 Bridge Street, Lafenwa     Abeokuta
                                      98     FRYSTS INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     20, OLUSEGUN OSOBA ROAD, IBARA, OKE-ILEWO, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      99     TOSIN CYBER & COMPUTER SERVICES     [email protected]     A4/34 F.H.E ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE     ABEOKUTA
                                      100     Dam &-8211; mic Nig. Enterprises     [email protected]     96A Nawair &-8211; ud -deen Road, Oke Yeke Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      101     HIGHBKAY     [email protected]     16, Awolowo Avenue, Imo Abeokuta, Ogun State     Abeokuta
                                      102     CITY OF SUCCESS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     1 Akamo street, off police post b/stop, obantoko, abeokuta, ogun state     abeokuta
                                      103     DAS AND DAL     [email protected]     24,Adesina st Adigbe     Abeokuta
                                      104     FOSTER TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     7, Nepa road, imo, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      105     His Dominion Ventures     [email protected]     5, Olapade Street, Quarry     Abeokuta
                                      106     LIMELIGHT CONCEPTS     [email protected]     1, ALAWODE STREET, OFF OLOKE ROAD, ONIKOLOBO, ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE     ABEOKUTA
                                      107     EASYWAY     ALAPA VILLAGE,ABEOKUTA     ALAPA VILLAGE     ABEOKUTA
                                      108     Promotower communication Limited     [email protected]     18B, Lalubu Street,     Abeokuta
                                      109     Risam Dataland Limited     [email protected]     4 Folami Street, Off Total Rentals,     Abeokuta
                                      110     Josemaria Trust Nigeria Limited     [email protected]     1 Adebambo Street, Oluwo, Abeokuta Ogun State     Abeokuta
                                      111     SKYLIMIT BUSINESS SERVICES     [email protected]     97 Ijaiye State Government Complex     Abeokuta
                                      112     &-8220;A&-8221; CLASS VENTURES     [email protected]     12A, NUD ROAD (OPP NUD HIGH SCHOOL), ISABO     ABEOKUTA
                                      113     HIGHBKAY     [email protected]     Directly opposite Ebenfem Oil Obantoko     Abeokuta
                                      114     SKYLIMIT EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     97 Ijaiye State Government Complex     Abeokuta
                                      115     Seed Solution & Co.     [email protected]     Plot 112 bk 13 Federal Housing Estate     Abeokuta
                                      116     OLABAB CONCEPT     [email protected]     2 Imo Compound Nepa Road Isabo Abeokuta Ogun State.     Abeokuta
                                      117     GOD&-8217;S FAVOUR BUSINESS CENTRE, 23, OBAFEMI OWODE NU     [email protected]     ITA-BALE JUNCTION ADIGBE ABEOKUTA OGUN STATE     ABEOKUTA
                                      118     SURE SUCCESS GLOBAL RESOURCES     [email protected]     Ministry of Works Secretariat, Oke-Ilewo     Abeokuta
                                      119     JOHN BEST COMPANY     [email protected]     62, KUTO ROAD OPPOSITE KUTO GARAGE KUTO ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      120     JOHN BEST COMPUTER     [email protected]     62, KUTO ROAD OPPOSITE KUTO GARAGE KUTO ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      121     PARADISE DIGITAL WORLD     [email protected]     SHOP 7, SSANU SHOPPING COMPLEX, FUNAAB     ABEOKUTA
                                      122     Sherismal Educational Services     sherismale[email protected]     3 Adebesin Street, Car Wash     Abeokuta
                                      123     DAVAKORD & COMPANY     [email protected]     Shop 1, Ijeja Shopping Complex     Abeokuta
                                      124     Abato Connectivity Ventures     [email protected]     Ramdat Shopping Complex, Elega, Abk     Abeokuta
                                      125     Abato Properties Nigeria Limited     [email protected]     19, 39& 40 Radmat Shopping Complex, Elega, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      126     HOLADEB GLOBAL CONCEPTS     [email protected]     km 3, Ibadan Road, Alogi, Obantoko, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      127     E911MUSICWORLD     [email protected]     NO 6, OLUSEGUN OBASANJO WAY, ITA-EKO     ABEOKUTA
                                      128     HIGHBKAY BUSINESS OFFICE     [email protected]     1, Directly opp. Ebenfem oil, Alogi Obantoko, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      129     Babcock Academy Abeokuta     [email protected]     Ajebo road Abeokuta, Ogun State     Abeokuta
                                      130     HEPA BUSINESS VENTURES     [email protected]     Block 11, Plot 12 Asero Housing Estate     Abeokuta
                                      131     ICTHERO ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     9B, OLUSEGIN OSOBA ROAD,     ABEOKUTA
                                      132     EBOLIBRLA CONSULT     [email protected]     1,ONIJAYE STR.OKE-SOKORI,ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      133     DTC Divine Touch Ventures     [email protected]     14, Toye Kuti Street, Panseke     Abeokuta
                                      134     Patterson Memorial Baptist Grammar School, Abeokut     [email protected]     Olabisi Onabanjo Way, Idi-Aba     Abeokuta
                                      135     charis international college     [email protected]     oke ata     abeokuta
                                      136     GOLDEN GRACE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL     [email protected]     2&3 BEN FAKANMBI STREET, OLUWO, ONIKOLOBO     ABEOKUTA
                                      137     Command Day Secondary School Lafenwa,Abeokuta     [email protected]     Command Day secondary School Lafenwa, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      138     NIGERIAN NAVY SECONDARY SCHOOL, ABEOKUTA     [email protected]     NIGERIAN NAVY SECONDARY SCHOOL     ABEOKUTA
                                      139     FRONT FOUNDATION COLLEGE     [email protected]     Sokoto Town,     Abeokuta
                                      140     EMMANUEL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE     [email protected]     1, HARDCORE ESTATE, BEHIND POLICE-POST, OBANTOKO, ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      141     Adura Computer Technology Nigeria Enterprises     [email protected]     75, Joju Road, Sango Ota, Ogun State.     Abeokuta
                                      142     Sambaoug Technologies     [email protected]     7, Masaba Shopping Complex, Ita-Oshin Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      143     Baptist Girls College (Mission)     [email protected]     Olabisi Onabanjo Way, Idi-Aba     Abeokuta
                                      144     GATEWAY ICT LIMITED     [email protected]     KUDIRAT ABIOLA COMPLEX     ABEOKUTA
                                      145     DIVINE FAVOUR COMPUTERS     [email protected]     ASERO STADIUM ROAD ABEOKUTA     ABEOKUTA
                                      146     Folbiod Computers     [email protected]     Suite 11, Panseke Motor Park,     Abeokuta
                                      147     Prudent Technologies and Innovations     [email protected]     1, Moyosore Oke Street,     Abeokuta
                                      148     DEEPER LIFE HIGH SCHOOL, LAGOS     [email protected]     km 10, ibadan /abeokuta road, odeda, abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      149     Prudent Innovations Limited     [email protected]     15 Timothy Akinbode Street, Agbeloba, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      150     SURE SUCCESS GLOBAL RESOURCES     [email protected]     KM 2 AYETORO ROAD,     ABEOKUTA
                                      151     Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta     [email protected]     p m b 2191     Abeokuta
                                      152     Earnest College     [email protected]     B5(Block IX), Federal Housing Estate, Elega     Abeokuta
                                      153     THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE HIGH SCHOOL     thechiefco[email protected]     km 19, Lagos-Abeokuta Express way, beside Lakesin Hotel, Ita-Oshin, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      154     JADE & JADA (NIGERIA) ENTERPRISES JJ     [email protected]     NO 41, CROWN COLLEGE     ABEOKUTA
                                      155     GRACE EDUCATIONAL CONSULTS     [email protected]     KM3, ABEOKUTA/IBADAN ROAD, BESIDE ASERO GARAGE     ABEOKUTA
                                      156     YUSCOMSOFT     [email protected]     1, Adenekan street,Gbonagun, Obantoko, Abeokuta     Abeokuta
                                      157     D-MODEL ICT CENTRE     [email protected]     3, NAWAIR-UD-DEEN ROAD     ABEOKUTA
                                      158     HISBELOVED     [email protected]     8, BAJOMO STREET, OFF AYETOTO ROAD, GARAGE AYETORO, ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE     ABEOKUTA
                                      159     IYKECHRISTIES (NIG) ENTERPRISE     [email protected]     20, ogunnusi street, panseke, ibara     abeokuta,
                                      160     BONIQUE GALAXY VENTURES     [email protected]     SHOP 4, IMALA SAWMILL, ALONG F.H.E. ELEGA ROAD,     ABEOKUTA,
                                      161     Capitallero     [email protected]     no 19 sapon post office     Abk
                                      162     K A B SYSTEMS&-8217; INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]/[email protected]     SHOP 11, PLOT 17,     ABULE IROKO,
                                      163     Quality Creations Computers     [email protected]     Shop 5, Sesadex Complex Prince Adeyemi Avenue     Adiyan
                                      164     KLM Communications     [email protected]     Ground Floor, A.A. Ekweme Plaza, Ado-Odo, Ogun State     Ado-Odo
                                      165     ADO-ODO ICT CENTRE     [email protected]     OLD LIBRARY OPPOSITE LIBERATION ACADEMY     ADO-ODO
                                      166     KLM Communications     [email protected]     Ground Floor, A.A Ekweme Plaza, Ado-Odo.     Ado-Odo
                                      167     KLM Communications     [email protected]     Ground Floor, A. A Ekweme palza, Ado-Odo     Ado-ODO
                                      168     KLM Communications     [email protected]     Ground Floor A.A Ekweme Filling Station     Ado-Odo
                                      169     KLM Communications     [email protected]     Ground Floor, A.A Ekweme Plaza, Ado-odo, Ogun State.     Ado-odo
                                      170     ADO-ODO I.C.T CENTRE     [email protected]     Old Library, Opposite Liberation Academy,     Ado-Odo
                                      171     Samdek International Concept Limited     [email protected]     Ijoko road, Jaffa near BMC Hotels, Jaffa bus stop, Agbado     Agbado
                                      172     SOONE(SUNDAY OLUWASEYI OMOTOLA NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     4,OLATOYE STREET,POWERLINE AGBADO,OGUN STATE     AGBADO
                                      173     glory ventures     [email protected]     38,agbado rd yidi bus stop     agbado
                                      174     HOLYRAIN TELECOMINICATION & SERVICES     [email protected]     14,Giwa Oke Aro Road     AGBADO
                                      175     SAMTON Cybercafe, Computer Training & Business Cen     [email protected]     5, Mudashiru Amusa Street, Ilupeju Estate, Jaffa     Agbado
                                      176     fatcom computers     [email protected]     aboro     agbado
                                      177     bolson ent     [email protected]     2 agbado road     agbado
                                      178     ABIGAEL ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     9, aboro avenue agbado ogun state     agbado
                                      179     ABIGAEL ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     9, aboro avenue agbado ogun state     agbado
                                      180     Monidams Lighthouse College     [email protected]     3/9 monidams St. Idi-Obi bus/stop     Agbado
                                      181     PENDULUM ACADEMY     [email protected]     1,eweje street,Agbado off Adiyan road.Ijoko     AGBADO
                                      182     ADFAT COMPUTERS     [email protected]     adiyan agbado     agbado
                                      183     ADFAT COMPUTERS     [email protected]     adiyan agbado     agbado
                                      184     DBanj Communications     [email protected]     6, Odo-Oba Street     Agbado
                                      185     FORTSON CONCEPTS     [email protected]     9, aboro avenue agbado     agbado
                                      186     THREE A     [email protected]     8,ADEOLU STREET AGBADO     AGBADO
                                      187     Westfield college     [email protected]     155 orudu road Adiyan, Agbado     Agbado
                                      188     MONIDAMS PRIVATE SCHOOLS     [email protected]     3-8, MONIDAMS STREET, IJOKO-LEMODE     AGBADO
                                      189     ALWAYS EXCELLENT ACADEMY     6/20, Amusa Savage Street, off ile-ise Bus/Stop, Agbado Crossing, Ogun State     Agbado
                                      190     FORTSON CONCEPTS     [email protected]     9, aboro avenue     agbado
                                      191     st timothy comprehensive high school     [email protected]     26,27,28 unity avenue,     agbado
                                      192     LULI SCHOOLS OF COMPUTER     [email protected]     KM 8 AGBADO-IJOKO RD, AGBADO STATION     Agbado
                                      193     World&-8217;s Greatest Computer Institute     [email protected]     21, Salami Street,     Agbado Crossing
                                      194     access educational consults     [email protected]     agbado     agbado station
                                      195     SAMTON (CYBERCAFE, COMPUTER TRAINING & BUSINESS CE     [email protected]     5, MUDASHIRU AMUSA STREET, ILUPEJU ESTATE,     AGBADO,
                                      196     DE &-8211; BANAHS GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD.     [email protected]     127, Market Road, Off Lagos &-8211; Badagry Express Way, Odan Agbara, Ogun State.     Agbara
                                      197     Corona Schools&-8217; Trust     [email protected]     Yenagoa Road Agbara Etate     Agbara
                                      198     A6 NIGERIA LTD     [email protected]     suit 232 jidah shopping complex     agbara
                                      199     DE &-8211; BANAHS GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD     [email protected]     127, Market Road,     Agbara
                                      200     JETSMSPRO SOLUTION     [email protected]     52b igan road,     ago iwoye
                                      201     MATH EDUCATIONAL CENTRE     [email protected]     JUBRIL MARTINS KUYE SHOPPING COMPLEX, IBIPE AGO-IWOYE     AGO-IWOYE
                                      202     THE SUBTLE CONCEPTS     [email protected]     SHOP6, OPP OOU MINI CAMPUS,     AGO-IWOYE
                                      203     The International School O.O.U.     [email protected]     Olabisi Onabanjo University     Ago-Iwoye
                                      204     IBK COMPUTERS     [email protected]     15, Oluwakemi Street, Ireshe, Ikorodu, Lagos     Ago-Iwoye
                                      205     OLAIJ CYBER-CAFE A DIVISION OF MAXICON UNIQUE RESO     [email protected]     5, AWOLESI STREET, ODOLOWU QUARTERS, AIYEPE IJEBU, OGUN STATE.     AIYEPE IJEBU
                                      206     WOLEXP COMPUTER ACADEMY     [email protected]     1, ANUOLUWAPO CRESCENT OFF AJAO BLOCK INDUSTRY AIYETORO     AIYETORO &-8211; ITELE
                                      207     K&T COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, SANGO OTA     [email protected]     ABULE IROKO     AJEGUNLE
                                      208     ODUN&-8217;S COMPUTER INSTITUTE     [email protected]     17 Ilaro road up Animal care owode Yewa South Ogun State     Ajilete
                                      209     CA CAISO ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     15 Baale Akinosi off Akute Road     Ajuwon
                                      210     I-Connect Tundres Nigeria Ltd     [email protected]     6 Akinyemi street iju Ajuwon ogun State     Ajuwon
                                      211     Deluxe Pacesetter College     [email protected]     1, Kunle Martins Avenue, Ajuwon     Ajuwon
                                      212     Trinity College, Cotonou     [email protected]     C/68 Segbeya Akpakpa, Cotonou, Republic of Benin     Akpakpa
                                      213     tundres nig ltd i connect technologies     [email protected]     6 akinyemi street iju ajuwon     akute
                                      214     DOLAND INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL     [email protected]     9 FOLORUNSHO IBIKUNLE STREET HERITAGE ESTATE AKUTE     AKUTE
                                      215     goldenpeecomputers     [email protected]     Suite 12, Olatunji Shopping Complex     Akute
                                      216     Boblac Ventures     [email protected]     3, Jolasco Bus Stop, Akute, Ogun State     Akute
                                      217     DE MENTOR     [email protected]     OLAMBE JUNCTION     AKUTE
                                      218     Doland international secondary school, Akute, Ogun     [email protected]     20,Folorunsho ibikunle Street, heritage estate, Akute,Ogun state     Akute
                                      219     glory mercab services     [email protected]     suite c15/16 Adegoke complex akute ogun state     akute
                                      220     Y-LINKS TECHNOLOGY     [email protected]     26b, Akute &-8211; Ijoko Road, Osaro     Akute
                                      221     DE GREAT EDUCATION CONSULT     emd[email protected]     42, alagbole akute road,     AKUTE
                                      222     NEEMA BUSINESS CENTRE     [email protected]     1, Adeta Road, Akinbo     Akute
                                      223     Ndisco IT Solutions     [email protected]     3, Ayawoele Rd     Akute
                                      224     Hortative Comprehensive College     [email protected]     96,Akute Road Opp Zenith Bank Akute Ogun State     Akute
                                      225     Success College, Akute     [email protected]     8, Raji close, alagbole     Akute
                                      226     LIFE MOULDERS EDUCATION     [email protected]     3, Alhaji Yusuf Street, Osho,     Akute
                                      227     BIYEM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL     [email protected]     2,IFELODUN CLOSE, OYEYEMI B/STOP AKUTE     AKUTE
                                      228     TUNDRES NIGERIA LTD     [email protected]     6 AKINYEMI STREET IJU AJUWON OFF AYAWOLE ROAD     AKUTE-AJUWON
                                      229     FORTSON CONCEPTS     [email protected]     9, aboro avenue alagbado     alagbado
                                      230     logic computer college     [email protected]     9/11 gbenga ilupeju str,off egbado rd,dalemo,alakuko     alagbado
                                      231     Popular Demand     [email protected]     Agbado Station     Alagbado Villa
                                      232     ISOLOG COLLEGE     [email protected]`     TEMIDIRE ESTATE ALAGBOLE AKUTE     ALAGBOLE
                                      233     logic high school     [email protected]     9/11gbenga ilupeju str     alakuko
                                      234     AL-AMIN SECONDARY SCHOOL     [email protected]     9 Adekunle Adebayo Close, Coker Estate Dalemo     Alakuko
                                      235     Al-Hijrah college     [email protected]     Kilometre 32 lagos Ibadan express way     Alapako
                                      236     Al-Hijra college     [email protected]     Kilometre 32 lagos Ibadan express way     Alapako
                                      237     Al-Hijra college     [email protected]     Kilometre 32 lagos Ibadan express way     Alapako
                                      238     Al-HIJRA COLLEGE     [email protected]     Kilometre 32 lagos Ibadan express way     Alapako
                                      239     Al-hijrah College     [email protected]     Km 32, Lagos Ibadan expressway, Alapako Oni     Alapako
                                      240     Tango Technology     [email protected]     20 Journalist Estate Arepo, Ogun State     Arepo
                                      241     zaharah cybercafe     [email protected]     Murphy hotel complex, Ikawolaso Bus Stop     Atan-Ota
                                      242     BAKKY COMPUTA     [email protected]     50, obafemi awolowo way, AWA-IJEBU     AWA &-8211; IJEBU
                                      243     BAKKY COMPUTERS AND CYBERLINK     [email protected]     50, OBAFEMI AWOLOWO WAY, AWA-IJEBU     AWA-IJEBU
                                      244     BAKKY COMPUTA     [email protected]     50, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Awa-Ijebu     Awa-Ijebu
                                      245     BAKKY KOMPUTA CENTRE     [email protected]     50 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Awa-Ijebu     Awa-Ijebu
                                      246     YWC COMPUTER INSTITUTE     [email protected]     km 49, Lagos Abk Expressway Ayede ifo Ogun     Ayede
                                      247     TEEY JOHNNY     [email protected]     1, SOLOMON ADEWUNMI STREET. IRE-AKARI ESTATE,AYETORO     AYETORO
                                      248     GURUSVILLAGE WRITING SERVICE     [email protected]     Akinwande&-8217;s House, Opp. Wema Bank Plc, Oke-oyinbo     Ayetoro
                                      249     Royal Comprehensive College     [email protected]     Olowu Quarters     Ayetoro
                                      250     technoBRAINY SYSTEMS LTD     [email protected]     Awebiogbon House Beside Danddy Hotels, Olodo Road, Idagba, Ayetoro, Yewa North LGA, Ogun State     Ayetoro
                                      251     Biodun Bello     [email protected]     2, Fadeyi Close     Dalemo
                                      252     AUTHENTIC LOGISTICS     [email protected]     MEMORIAL LODGE, EWU OLOYE VILLAGE,     EWU OLOYE
                                      253     CAFE EXPRESSO SERVICES COMPANY     [email protected]     4 AIM PLAZA OKECELE, IBAFO. OGUN STATE     IBAFO
                                      254     upstream soft ventures     [email protected]     24B     ibafo
                                      255     SAMSUNMORA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     3, Jimoh ogunjimi street, off opeyemi street, ogun state     Ibafo
                                      256     AFRICA COMMUNICATION OF NIGERIA     [email protected]     16/10,BUYINKUMI STREET,BEHIND DIGITAL HOTEL,KARA BUS STOP,IBAFO     IBAFO
                                      257     O&-8217;tega school     [email protected]     3-7 O&-8217;tega close,     Ibafo
                                      258     christower International school     [email protected]     14/16 Agboola street     ibafo
                                      259     INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE IBEFUN     [email protected]     Km12, Old Ijebu ode / Lagos Rd, Ogun Boundary, Ibefun Ogun State     Ibefun
                                      260     International College Ibefun.     [email protected]     km 12, Old Lagos/Ijebu-ode Road, Ibefun, Ogun State     Ibefun
                                      261     SOS-G COMPUTER VENTURE     [email protected]     1, kitibotu street ibiade, ogun waterside, ogun state     ibiade
                                      262     REHOBOTH INFOTECH     [email protected]     BESIDE MAKNJUOLA FILLING STATION IBOORO     IBOORO
                                      263     FARIS CAFE     [email protected]/[email protected]     BESIDE PHCN OFFICE,IDIROKO     IDIROKO
                                      264     Odubit System Enterprises,     [email protected]     110, Old Baggage Road Ode-Ogun, Idiroko, Ogun State.     Idiroko
                                      265     surelink ventures     [email protected]     12     Idiroko
                                      266     De-genius Breeders Ventures     [email protected]     Border road, opposite Timlak Filling Station     Idiroko
                                      267     DIVINE LINKS     [email protected]     Divine Links Beside Wema Bank plc     Idiroko Border
                                      268     De-Genius Breeders Ventures     [email protected]     Border Road, Idiroko, Opposite Mobil Filling Station     Idiroko-Ipokia
                                      269     ELIJOY ASSOCIATES SERVICES     [email protected]     African Church Complex, Beside African Church,     Ifo
                                      270     WAREM INTERACTIVE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY     [email protected]     12, REV. GBEMI OTOLORIN CRESCENT, EGUNNLA     IFO
                                      271     NEW GLORY NIG LTD     [email protected]     5,OLATUNBOSUN CRESCENT BUNGALOW     IFO
                                      272     FX-KEYPLUS CONCEPTS (FX-KEYPLUS CYBER CAFE)     [email protected]     Old bank bus stop, Ifo.     Ifo
                                      273     INFINITY TECHNOLOGY     [email protected]     67, ADENRELE ROAD     IFO
                                      274     WAREM INTERACTIVE SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY     [email protected]     40, ORILE IFO ROAD, IFO     IFO
                                      275     FX-KEYPLUS CONCEPTS     [email protected]     ALLAHU-NURU BAKERY     IFO
                                      276     unit computers     [email protected]     3, olalekan okebunmi str, ifo     ifo
                                      277     OYES COMPUTERS     [email protected]     Shop3 Eserere ifo     Ifo
                                      278     NEW GLORY NIG LTD     [email protected]     5,OLATUNBOSUN CRESCENT BUNGALOW     IFO
                                      279     DISTINCT INFOTECH COMPUTERS     [email protected]     30 Olaseni Adejola Street Agosi Estate     Ifo
                                      280     Faith Of Sharon Computers     [email protected]     35B Ifesowapo Estate     Ifo
                                      281     BOLEX CAFE NIG LTD     [email protected]     40 LAGOS ABEOKUTA EXP WAY     IFO
                                      282     RUFFEL-GENTIAN RESOURCES LIMITED     [email protected]     FLAT 3, VANTAGE CHEMIST/OLD BATA BUILDING, OPPOSITE IFO MARKET     IFO
                                      283     TEMPERANCE SCHOOLS     [email protected]     OFF ISAIAH AJANI STREET,AGOSI,     Ifo
                                      284     IRETI-OLU COMPUTER CENTRE     [email protected]     Ireti-olu street, olomu road ifo ogun state     ifo
                                      285     SCHELPS CONCEPTS     [email protected]     33 sawmill ashimolowo area,     ifo
                                      286     Integrity Gold Solutions Enterprises     [email protected]     No 82, Olomu Road     Ifo
                                      287     Foresight     [email protected]     Ifo     Ifo
                                      288     Loral Cafe     [email protected]     km 8 Agbara-Ota expressway,     Igbesa
                                      289     Olore Concept Computer Institute     [email protected]     76, Oba Adeshola Market Road, Opposite Christ Apostolic ChurchAina,     Igbesa
                                      290     tomsonbenco nigeria ltd     [email protected]     12, inakoju street igbes     igbesa
                                      291     Barrymarcorp     [email protected]     Loral International Boarding Schools, Igbesa     Igbesa
                                      292     CTHS COMPUTER SCHOOL     [email protected]     Oju-atan, igbogila Motor Park, Yewa North, Ogun State     Igbogila
                                      293     CTHS COMPUTER SCHOOL     [email protected]     Oju-Atan Igbogila Yewa North, Ogun State     Igbogila
                                      294     GOD IS GREAT COMPUTER CENTRE     [email protected]     OPPOSITE WATER RESERVIOUR, IGBOGILA YEWA NORTH, OGUN STATE     IGBOGILA
                                      295     GOD IS GREAT COMPUTER CENTRE     [email protected]     OPPOSITE WATER RESERVIOUR, SAWONJO ROAD, IGBOGILA EGBADO NORTH, OGUN STATE     IGBOGILA
                                      296     CTHS COMPUTER SCHOOL     [email protected]     Shop 13, Igbogila Motor Park Igbogila Yewa North, Ogun State     Igbogila
                                      297     Achievers Computer Institute     [email protected]     Ilupeju Extension, Ijaba,Iyana Iyesi, Ogun State     Ijaba
                                      298     Double-Ayo Ventures     [email protected]     Block G3, Behind Bursary,     Ijagun
                                      299     BOYOR GLOBAL ENT     [email protected]     plot 286, yisadewunmi street ijako     ijako
                                      300     BOYOR GLOBAL ENT     [email protected]     plot 286 yisadewunmi street ijako     ijako
                                      301     SOLLYMORE INTERBIZ VENTURES     [email protected]     71, Old Lagos Road, Obalende     Ijebu &-8211; Ode
                                      302     SANNI LUBA COLLEGE     [email protected]     KM 3, ATAN/ERUNWON ROAD, G.R.A. IJEBU &-8211; ODE.     IJEBU &-8211; ODE
                                      303     SHAHADAT BUZ CENTRE & CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     4, OKE SOPIN, IJEBU IGBO     IJEBU IGBO
                                      304     D PROGRESSIVE NIGERIA VENTURES     [email protected]     No 63 Bonojo Street, Ijebu Ode     Ijebu Ode
                                      305     D1 SOLUTION COMPANY     [email protected]     PARAGON VILLA HALL,IJAGUN ,IJEBU ODE     IJEBU ODE
                                      306     FATBAT BUSINESS ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     30, Adeola Road, Ijebu Ode     Ijebu Ode
                                      307     easynet     [email protected]     59 oke owode, ilese-ijebu     ijebu ode
                                      308     COLDCROWN CAFE     [email protected]     1, Adeola Odutola Road, Beside Adeola Main Gate     Ijebu Ode
                                      309     D PROGRESSIVE NIGERIA VENTURES     [email protected]     63 Bonojo Street,     Ijebu Ode
                                      310     SUCCESS POINT EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT     [email protected]     43,osimore street ijebu ode,ogun state     ijebu ode
                                      311     Paragon Global-Tech     [email protected]     No 19, Ibadan Rd     Ijebu Ode
                                      312     EASEEB SUCCESS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT     [email protected]     12, ODUTOLA STREET, IJEBU ODE. OGUN STATE.     IJEBU ODE
                                      313     Vanguards Academy Business Venture     [email protected]     km10, Ijebu Ode/Epe Road     Ijebu Ode
                                      314     SANTOS     [email protected]     22, IGBEBA HOUSING ESTATE , IJEBU ODE     IJEBU ODE
                                      315     SUCESS POINT EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT     [email protected]     1,PRAISE AVENUE IJEBU ODE     IJEBU ODE
                                      316     DI SOLUTION COMPANY     [email protected]     11, ODUTOLA STREET, IJEBU ODE. OGUN STATE     IJEBU ODE
                                      317     sm multipurpose ventures     [email protected]     shop 18 allaw&-8217;s will plaza 12 abeokuta road ijebu od     ijebu ode
                                      318     Quadri United Technical Company (Nawaves Venture)     [email protected], [email protected]     33, Itatenbo Street,     Ijebu Ode / Oru Ijebu
                                      319     Fidelity College of Bussiness Management and Infor     [email protected]     308, Adeboye road Opposite Oando Filling station , Atikori , Ijebu-Igbo     Ijebu-Igbo
                                      320     SHAHADAT BUSINESS CENTRE & CYBER CAFE A DIVISION O     [email protected]     85, Aimasiko House Igbaire     Ijebu-Igbo
                                      321     SHAHADAT BUSINESS CENTRE,IJEBU-IGBO.A DIVISION OF     [email protected]     85,AIMASIKO HOUSE,OKE-SOPEN,IJEBU-IGBO.     IJEBU-IGBO
                                      322     HADHEX EDUCATIONAL CONSULTS     [email protected]     5, MOBORODE STREET, ALONG ASIGIDI ROAD, OKE-AGBO, IJEBU-IGBO, OGUN STATE     IJEBU-IGBO
                                      323     SHAHADAT BUSINESS CENTRE & CYBER CAFE IJEBU-IGBO,O     [email protected]     3,ISLAMIYYAH CLOSE,ALONG TOPON ROAD,OKE-SOPEN,IJEBU-IGBO.     IJEBU-IGBO
                                      324     LOUISVILLE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, IJEBU-ITELE, OGUN ST     [email protected]     IJEBU-ITELE     IJEBU-ITELE
                                      325     Louisville Girls High School, ijebu-Itele, Ogun st     [email protected], [email protected]     Louisville Road     Ijebu-ltele
                                      326     TIDA VENTURES LIMITED     [email protected]     37, ADEOLA ODUTOLA COLLEGE ROAD, CAR WASH, IJEBU-ODE     IJEBU-ODE
                                      327     SMALL WORLDS EDUCATIONAL CONSULT (A DIVISION OF OL     [email protected]     77, Folagbade Street, Opposite Post Office     Ijebu-Ode
                                      328     FEEKY EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     120,ondo road,Ijagun junction,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      329     MURPHY EDUCATIONAL CONSULT A DIVISION OF STEPPOP &     [email protected]     45, ONDO BENIN ROAD, OPP MUSLIM COLLEGE,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      330     V.P. BUSINESS & EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     25, BONOJO STREET,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      331     TUNLIGHT NIG.VENTURES(A DIVISION OF OLABSH (NIG.)     [email protected]     10, ISOKU STREET     IJEBU-ODE
                                      332     SATLINK COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTER     [email protected]     107,EJIRIN ROAD JOSSOMANADE BUILDING, 2ND FLOOR     IJEBU-ODE
                                      333     Tala Harmony Ventures Educational Consultant     [email protected]     24, Ibadan Road,     Ijebu-Ode
                                      334     salamsalam cyber cafe     [email protected]     103 Ejirin Road Ijebu-Ode Ogun State     Ijebu-Ode
                                      335     SMALL WORLDS EDUCATIONAL CONSULT (A DIVISION OF OL     [email protected]     77, FOLAGBADE STREET,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      336     TIDA VENTURES LTD     [email protected]     37, ADEOLA ODUTOLA COLLEGE ROAD, CARWASH IJEBU-ODE     IJEBU-ODE
                                      337     TITUS OLADELE FOLUSO AREMU MATE (TOFAM) NIG. ENTER     [email protected]     Plot 2 Sanni Luba Poultry Close, Erunwon Road, Ijebu-Ode.     Ijebu-Ode
                                      338     SOLLYMORE INTERBIZ VENTURES     [email protected]     71, Old Lagos Road, Aberuagba House,     Ijebu-Ode
                                      339     LOGBECKY ASSOCIATES ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     14, Idepo street, ijebu-ode     ijebu-ode
                                      340     TAI SOLARIN UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION     [email protected]     TASUED SECONDARY SCHOOL     IJEBU-ODE
                                      341     DIFFERENTIAL CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     5, OSOSSA STREET OFF OLISA RD     IJEBU-ODE
                                      342     JOKEM FAMED VENTURES     [email protected]     6, OMOSANYA STREET     IJEBU-ODE
                                      343     RichGREENRESOURCE     [email protected]     -196, Folagbade Street, Opp. Wema Bank, I-ode     Ijebu-Ode
                                      344     NEIGHBOURHOO EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     10A, OKE-OWA,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      345     OLABASH (NIG.) VENTURES     [email protected]     79, FOLAGBADE STREET     IJEBU-ODE
                                      346     FOLA COMPUTERINSTITUTE     [email protected]     1, OGUNDE CLOSE OFF ADENUGA STREET MAKALEWO IJEBU ODE     IJEBU-ODE
                                      347     TOFAM NIGERIA ENTERPRISE     [email protected]     PLOT 1 POULTRY ROAD, VIA SANNI LUBA INSTITUTIONS, IJEBU-ODE.     IJEBU-ODE
                                      348     FREEDOM COMMUNICATIONS LTD an arm of DARMISOFT TEC     [email protected]     Suite 4, Beside Mama B restaurant, TASUED     Ijebu-Ode
                                      349     OLAIJ COMPUTERS/EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     36, MAKALEWO STREET, IJEBU-ODE, OGUN STATE.     IJEBU-ODE
                                      350     DEJUL ENGINEERING NIG LTD     [email protected]     2, Akitipa Street, Saw Mill, Ilese Ijebu-Ode     Ijebu-Ode
                                      351     EPIC model college     epicmodel[email protected]     EPIC ESTATE, IREWON, IJEBU-ODE     IJEBU-ODE
                                      352     Dupmos COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL     [email protected]     Sabo Molode Ososa Road, Ijebu-Ode     Ijebu-ode
                                      353     TASUESS     [email protected]     P.M.B 2001     IJEBU-ODE
                                      354     GOD&-8217;S ZION COMPUTER CONSULTANT (A Subsidiary of Ra     [email protected]     BEHIND AYESAN MARKET, OFF IBADAN ROAD,     IJEBU-ODE
                                      355     DUPMOS GROUP OF SCHOOLS     [email protected]     Sabo-Molode, Ijebu-Ode     Ijebu-Ode
                                      356     CITY OF KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY     [email protected]     ITANRIN     IJEBU-ODE
                                      357     DE-FOSTER CONCEPT NIGERIA ENT.     [email protected]     Yebade Junction, Along Ntabo Rd.,     Ijoko
                                      358     TJOINT COMMUNICATION VENTURES     [email protected]     21, Ntabo Road, Ijoko,     IJOKO
                                      359     BETACOM TECH VENTURES     [email protected]     KLM4, AGBADO ROAD, LEMODE IJOKO     IJOKO
                                      360     DeFOSTER Concept Nigeria Ent.     [email protected]     Yebade Junction, Along Ntabo Road     Ijoko
                                      361     MONIDAMS LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE     [email protected]     3/9 MONIDAMS STR. IDI-OBI B/STOP, IJOKO-LEMODE     IJOKO
                                      362     MONIDAMS LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE     [email protected]     3/9 MONIDAMS STR. IDI-OBI B/STOP, IJOKO-LEMODE     IJOKO
                                      363     DeFOSTER Computers     [email protected]     67, Ntabo Road, Yebade Junction     Ijoko
                                      364     MONIDAMS LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE     [email protected]     3-8, MONIDAMS STREET IDI-OBI BUS STOP IJOKO     IJOKO
                                      365     vicdel model school     [email protected]     school junction onimalu fadunsi ijoko, ogun state     ijoko
                                      366     E-BIT SYSTEM NIG. LTD     [email protected]     liberty lane, gasline bus stop, ijoko ota     Ijoko
                                      367     motland Model College     [email protected]     117/121, Ntabo Road, Ntabo bus stop, Ijoko     IJoko
                                      368     MONIDAMS     [email protected]     3/9, monidams street, idi-obi B/Stop, Ijoko Lemode     Ijoko &-8211; Lemode
                                      369     MONIDAMS LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE     [email protected]     3/9, Monidams Street, Idi-Obi B/Stop, Ijoko Rd, Agbado     Ijoko Lemode
                                      370     jufhope comprehensive high school     [email protected]     28/30 Engr. fatai ogunshola avenue,     ijoko lemode
                                      371     MONIDAMS LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE     [email protected]     3-9, monidams Street, Idi-Obi, Lemode &-8211; Ijoko     Ijoko-Lemode
                                      372     Mac J communications     [email protected]     22,Olofin Road, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State     Ikenne
                                      373     potential consult     [email protected]     shop 4, Aiyepe junction opp. Alfredos guest house.Ikenne     ikenne
                                      374     PEAK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL     [email protected]     53/55, awolowo avenue, ikenne     Ikenne
                                      375     POTENTIAL CONSULT     [email protected]     ule Poten, Ikosa.Odogbolu     ikenne
                                      376     BabaKawo Computer Services Ltd     [email protected]     BabaKawo&-8217;s Place     Ikenne
                                      377     JAIYE AYU (NIGERIA) ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     12,ESISA MAYEJU AVENUE,IKENNE REMO     IKENNE REMO
                                      378     BabaKawo Computer Engineers Ltd     [email protected]     BabaKawo Computer Engineers Ltd     Ikenne-Remo
                                      379     POTENTIAL CONSULT     [email protected]     Potential Consult,opp.Alfredos Guest house.     Ikenne-remo
                                      380     BabaKawo Computer Services Ltd     [email protected]     No 15, Tai-Solarin Way     Ikenne-Remo
                                      381     VALENTINO EDU-KONSULT     [email protected]     IKENNE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL,IKENNE-REMO,OGUN STATE.     IKENNE-REMO
                                      382     IKENNE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL {SENIOR}     [email protected]     IKENNE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL,IKENNE-REMO.     IKENNE-REMO
                                      383     OXFORD INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL     [email protected]     OXFORD AVENUE, OLD ODOGBOLU ROAD,     IKENNE-REMO
                                      384     K & T COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, ILARO.     [email protected]     SHOP 3&5, EMIABATA COMPLEX, DOSUMU STREET, ORITA, ILARO.     ILARO
                                      385     KREMKO COMPUTERS, A DIVISION OF BOKE VENTURES     [email protected]     1, KUMOYE JUNCTION, LIBRARY,     ILARO
                                      386     KREMKO COMPUTERS     [email protected]     1, KUMOYE JUNCTION,LIBRARY,     ILARO
                                      387     K&T COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, ILARO     [email protected]     Shop 3/5 Emiabata Shopping Complex, Orita, Ilaro     ILARO
                                      388     VIAC CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     NEW GARIAGE ILARO.     ILARO
                                      389     KREMKO COMPUTERS     [email protected]     1, KUMOYE JUNCTION, LIBRARY,     ILARO
                                      390     SEGUN & CO NIGERIA LIMITED.     [email protected]     ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ILARO     ILARO
                                      391     Yemimicheal ventures     [email protected]     2, Oke-Ela Street by Oronna High School Ilaro     Ilaro
                                      392     Oluboriictconsult     [email protected]     Opp. Skye Bank Ilaro Ogun State     Ilaro
                                      393     Comfem Cybercafe     [email protected]     Suite 2,     Ilaro
                                      394     Oluboriictconsult     [email protected]     Opp. Skye Bank Ilaro Ogun State     Ilaro
                                      395     Dream Education Consult     [email protected]     37, Upper Leslie Road     Ilaro
                                      396     Zolartem     [email protected]     Km 2 Ilaro-Ibese Road     Ilaro
                                      397     JOSSYKING FACULTY OF ICT     [email protected]     LESLIE AREA, ILARO, OGUN STATE     ILARO
                                      398     OLUBORI ICT CONSULT     [email protected]     51 OLD ABK RD, OPPOSITE SKYE BANK ILARO OGUN STATE     ILARO
                                      399     ComfemTech Nigeria Ltd.     [email protected]     Suite 2, Bola Market, Pahayi Road,     Ilaro
                                      400     MOBIK CYBERWORLD     [email protected]     mobik building, orita junction, along gbogidi road, ilaro, ogun state.     ILARO
                                      401     DEBZACCHOL KONSULT     [email protected]     2, KUMOYE STREET ILARO     ILARO
                                      402     COMFEMTECH NIGERIA LTD     [email protected]     Suite 2, Bola Complex,     Ilaro
                                      403     K&T ENTERPRISE, ILARO     [email protected]     NO 3, DOSUNMU STREET, ORITA,     ILARO
                                      404     POLY STAFF COLLEGE, ILARO     [email protected]     THE FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ILARO     ILARO
                                      405     BAPTIST HIGH SCHOOL, ILARO     [email protected]     Off Owode road, Ilaro     Ilaro
                                      406     ANGLICAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ILARO     [email protected]     anglican grammar school ilaro     ILARO
                                      407     G-side     [email protected]     Yewa College Ilaro     Ilaro
                                      408     blissful home college     [email protected]     10, oloruntoba estate     ilepa
                                      409     CTS COMPUTER SERVICES     [email protected]     block 28, flat A, Army barracks ijebu ode     ilese
                                      410     Best Legacy Educational Consult     [email protected]     Opposite Ilese Army Barracks     Ilese Ijebu
                                      411     JUWKLE VENTURES     [email protected]     18,Araromi street     ilisan
                                      412     BABCOCK UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL, ILISAN     [email protected]     BABCOCK UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL     ILISAN
                                      413     DEE UNIQUE FIRST CLASS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES NIG LT     [email protected]     1-5, DEE UNIQUE AVENUE, OFF IROLU ROAD     ILISAN REMO
                                      414     Abrahfaith     [email protected]     Babcock university     Ilisan remo
                                      415     G-GREAT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES AND CONSULTANCY     [email protected]     17, itunwaye street     ilisan remo
                                      416     FIRSTFEB COMPUTER CONSULTS     [email protected]     Opposite Christ church school, imasayi     imasayi
                                      417     M&D COMMUNICATION VENTURES     [email protected]     No:7 Ultimate shop oke-owode, imashai     Imashai
                                      418     MAJUB VENTURES     [email protected]     IGBO-IFA QUARTERS     IMEKO
                                      419     EL&-8217;ELOHIM BUSINESS VENTURES     [email protected]     1, Ayetoro Road, beside Dominion Life Mission     Imeko
                                      420     FASTLINK CYBER SERVICES     [email protected]     OKE-OLA QUARTERS, IMEKO     IMEKO
                                      421     TOBILOBA COMPUTER CENTRE     [email protected]     JESUTEDO STREET, BEHIND EMILANDU SAWMILL, IMEKO     IMEKO
                                      422     PRINCE OF PEACE GLOBAL CONSULT     [email protected]     1, PRINCE ADEYANJU STREET, ORI-OKE IDOFA, IMEKO-AFON LOCAL GOVERNMENT, OGUN STATE     IMEKO
                                      423     BABS CONCEPT CAFE     [email protected]     oke-ola imeko     imeko afon
                                      424     IJEBU ANGLICAN DIOCESAN COLLEGE     [email protected]     1, ILODO ROAD, IGAN &-8211; IPABI     IMUSHIN IJEBU
                                      425     Grace College Junior     [email protected]     Down Dabira street,     Iperu
                                      426     PUNDIT EDUCATIONAL CONSULT AND INTERNET SERVICES     [email protected]     120,IMAJE STREET IPERU REMO OGUN STATE     IPERU REMO
                                      427     Grace College CyberHub     [email protected]     Down Dabira street     Iperu Remo
                                      428     PUNDIT CAFE     [email protected]     ORIGIRIN STREET,IPERU REMO     IPERU REMO
                                      429     Christ Apostolic Grammar School Cyberhub     [email protected]     Old Ibadan Road     Iperu-Remo
                                      430     EPIC SCHOOLS     [email protected]     EPIC ESTATE, IREWON     IREWON
                                      431     Solidrock Model College     [email protected]     2/4, Dr. W.A. Akinwale street, Araromi Estate     Iroko town
                                      432     Kingsconsult     [email protected]     2/4 owolabi close, bible college b.stop, off Abeokuta Expressway, Saka-Iroko Road     Iroko Town
                                      433     IOC Express     [email protected]     6 owolabi close, bible college b.stop, off Abeokuta Expressway, Saka-Iroko Road     Iroko Town
                                      434     IPHEOLAH KOMPUTERITE     [email protected]     127, ODEMO ROAD, ISARA REMO, OGUN STATE     ISARA
                                      435     Ifesegun Tech and Services     [email protected]     Prof Wole Soyinka Way, Opposite Bestway Secondary, School, Isara Remo, Ogun State.     Isara
                                      436     Remo Anglican College, Isara Remo     [email protected]     Orile Avenue, Isara Remo, Ogun State.     Isara Remo
                                      437     Mavellous Cyber Cafe     [email protected]     No 1 sabo     Isara Remo, Ogun State
                                      438     fstc     esure, ijebu imusin     itAMOGIRI     ITAMOGIRI
                                      439     kesta cafe     [email protected]     no 127 ilupeju itori ogun state     itori
                                      440     ROHI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS     [email protected]     Igbusi via Oke Osa     Iyana Ilogbo
                                      441     JIL-JULIREM VENTURES     [email protected]     Isale Odo shopping complex, Iyanailogbo Ogun State     Iyana-Ilogbo
                                      442     adlatworldcomputers     08138545461     4, Baruwa street, Iyana-Iyesi, Ota,     Iyana-Iyesi & sango Ota
                                      443     adlatworld computers     [email protected]     4, Baruwa Street, Iyana-Iyesi Ota, Ogun State.     Iyana-Iyesi, Ota
                                      444     now now cafe     [email protected]     jcwdkjvdk     jksdvkjdcjk
                                      445     MONUMENT FUTURE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES     [email protected]     Via Crawford University, Orile-Igboko/Lusada     Lusada
                                      446     SAMORL NIG. LTD.     [email protected]     suite1 genew complex magboro     Magboro
                                      447     SUNTEX EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     128 EWUSI MAKUN SAGAMU     MAKUN
                                      448     suntex educational technologies sagamu     [email protected]     128 ewusi makun sagamu ogun state     makun
                                      449     GUNJU EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     15, KAYODE OYENUOLA STREET     MATOGUN
                                      450     STEADFAST ASSOCIATES     [email protected]     70, ADESAN ROAD, ORISUMBARE BUS STOP, MOWE     MOWE
                                      451     KENNY EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY.     [email protected]     BESIDE APOSTOLIC CHURCH,ORIMERUNMU TOWN,ALONG MOWE-IBAFO,OGUN STATE.     MOWE
                                      452     REDEEMER&-8217;S HIGH SCHOOL, REDEMPTION CAMP     [email protected]     Km 46 Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Mowe, Ogun State.     Mowe
                                      453     Bethel venture     [email protected]     Bethel guest house R.C.C.G.     mowe
                                      454     Nurturedscills Ltd     [email protected]     5 Redemption Road,     Mowe
                                      455     Nurturedscills Ltd     [email protected]     5, Redemption Road, OPIC, Loburo, Mowe     Mowe
                                      456     DANIELLA VENTURES     [email protected]     shop 38, Alasco bus stop,     Mowe
                                      457     Julisun It & Marketing Limited     [email protected]     Daluwon Arigbawonwo off Mowe Ofada Road     Mowe
                                      458     HEBRON COLLEGE     [email protected]     2-6, ATALA STREET, OFF ADESAN ROAD, MOWE, OGUN STATE.     MOWE
                                      459     REDEEMER&-8217;S HIGH SCHOOL     [email protected]     KM 46, LAGOS/IBADAN EXPRESSWAY,     MOWE
                                      460     DEEPER LIFE HIGH SCHOOL, Mowe     [email protected]     km 42, Lagos/Ibadan Express way, Mowe     Mowe
                                      461     OLUMAJEK IT CONTINENTAL     [email protected]     09 mowe ofada road mowe ogun state     mowe
                                      462     HIGH-SPEED Internet     [email protected]     HIGH-SPEED Internet, Mowe Main Market     Mowe
                                      463     FRUITFULVINE GROUP OF SERVICES     [email protected]     11, Redemption Road, Loburo, Mowe, Ogun State     Mowe
                                      464     WHITEBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL     [email protected]     PLOT 30-40 ADETUTU CLOSE     MOWE
                                      465     Noblevine college     noblevinecollege1     19/21, oluwatoyin kayode street     Mowe
                                      466     AMPEF CYBERCAFE SERVICES     [email protected]     M & K SHOPPING PLAZA, OFADA &-8211; MOWE ROAD, OGUN STATE     MOWE
                                      467     DeGreat Computers Services     [email protected]     30, Atala Estate, off Adesan Road, Mowe, Ogun State     Mowe
                                      468     NURTUREDSCILLS LIMITED     [email protected]     5 redeem road, opic bustop, loburo, mowe, ogun state     mowe
                                      469     FLYING COLOURS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL LIMITED     [email protected]     8/10, FAITH LAYO STREET, OFF AYODEJI STREET     MOWE
                                      470     Lead Vision Concepts     [email protected]     48, Redeemed Road, Near OPIC, Loburo, Mowe     Mowe- Ofada
                                      471     NETIZEN     [email protected]     p.o.box1899.mushin     mushin.
                                      472     HIGH CLASS CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     odeda road     odeda
                                      473     CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF IJEBU ODE_CKCC     [email protected]     CKCC ROAD     ODOLEWU-IJEBU
                                      474     Vanguards Academy Ventures     [email protected]     1Thanni Olodo Street,off Moshood Abiola way,Jibowu Lagos     Odosengolu
                                      475     Vanguards Academy Ventures     [email protected]     1,Thanni Olodo Street, off Moshood Abiola way,Jibowu,Lagos.     Odosengolu
                                      476     vanguard academy ventures     [email protected]     1,Thanni Olodo Street, Jibowu Busstop, Lagos.     Odosengolu
                                      477     vanguards Academy business ventures     [email protected]     1.Thanni olodo,street,jibowu bustop,lagos     odosengolu
                                      478     vanguards business ventures     [email protected]     KM 10,IJEBU-ODE/EPE ROAD,     ODOSENGOLU,
                                      479     Trinity International College     [email protected]     Trinity Hills, Ofada     Ofada
                                      480     able consult     [email protected]     33 oremeji street     ogbado
                                      481     AFRICA COMMUNICATION OF NIGERIA     [email protected]     70-74,OLD ODE ROAD     OGERE
                                      482     FASTECH COMPUTER ISNTITUTES AND CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     35, Sagamu road Oja Ogijo     Ogijo
                                      483     FASTECH COMPUTER ISNTITUTES AND CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     35, Sagamu road Oja Ogijo     Ogijo
                                      484     TEE WHY     [email protected]     14, Sebiro Street     Ogijo
                                      485     DIVINE COMPUTERS     [email protected]     14, Sebiro Street     OGIJO
                                      486     TEEWHY TECH     [email protected]     14, Sebiro Street     Ogijo
                                      487     Tolamorphic trippleM     [email protected]     1, Falolu obele road, Gbaga, Shagamu,     Ogijo
                                      488     Ripe Orange Link     [email protected]     37, Ndike Street, Obawole Estate, Ifako-Ijaye. Lagos State     Ogijo
                                      489     EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL CONCEPT (subsidiary of Jinka     [email protected]     23 HOSPITAL ROAD     OGIJO
                                      490     HIGHKLASS COMPUTERS     [email protected]     9/11, HIGHKLASS STREET, OGIJO     OGIJO
                                      491     BESTLEAD     [email protected]     Agbowa Ogijo     Ogijo
                                      492     Emho Data Services     [email protected]     Plot 1, Falolu Obele road,     Ogijo
                                      493     MAYSTAR COMPUTER INSTITUTE     [email protected]     169, idomoun, ogijo, Ogun state     Ogijo
                                      494     HIGHKLASS COMPUTERS     [email protected]     9/11, HIGHKLASS STREET,     OGIJO
                                      495     babs solution of life     [email protected]     no 7 ogijo street     ogijo
                                      496     Fastech Computer     [email protected]     35, Sagamu-Ikorodu Road     Ogijo Sagamu
                                      497     OKANLOMO BAYUS NIG ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     POWERLINE ILOYE SANGO OTA     OGUN
                                      498     National Examinations Council (NECO)     [email protected]     NECO     Ogun
                                      499     ckingdom computer academy ojaodan     [email protected]     dosunmu comp.ojaodan,yewa north     ojaodan
                                      500     Speedway Information Technology     [email protected]     17 Igbehinadun street     Ojodu
                                      501     Speedway info tech     [email protected]     17 Igbehinadun street     ojodu
                                      502     JAMESON EDU & BIZ CONSULT     [email protected]     9, D-close, united estate, alagbole     ojodu-alagbole
                                      503     ONE WORLD CAFE     [email protected]     OKE ARO PLAZA, BESIDE COCACOLA MINI DEPOT, OFF MATOGUN ROAD,     OKE ARO
                                      504     MEGAWAVE SYSTEMS LTD     [email protected]     shop 16 bounty plaza     Oke Aro
                                      505     wallexcafe     [email protected]     30 cac close amubioya st,oke aro,agbado     oke aro
                                      506     adex     [email protected]     3 arolambo str agbado     oke aro
                                      507     Unique cybercafe     [email protected]     3,Matogun Road.Oke Aro Agbado     Oke Aro Agbado
                                      508     TOFFYYBRIGHT CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     ARAROMI COMPOUND, OKE-AGBEDE     OKE-AGBEDE
                                      509     Thanni Enterprises     [email protected]     16, Adeniyi Bankole Sreet, Yewande, Giwa B/Stop     Oke-Aro.
                                      510     ATHENA COMMUNICATIONS     [email protected]     16, ADENIYI BANKOLE STREET.     OKE-ARO.
                                      511     HEIGHBOURHOOD EDUCATIONAL CONSULT(A DIVISION OF KA     [email protected]     10A,OKE-OWA,     OKE-OWA,IJEBU-ODE
                                      512     BALANCE ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     SHOP 7, TITILAYO SHOPPING COMPLEX, APASE BUS STOP, OLAMBE-AKUTE, OGUN STATE     OLAMBE
                                      513     TIT-TOS KOMPUTERS     [email protected]     178, AKUTE-IJOKO ROAD, OLAMBE JUNCTION BY NEW PHCN POWER STATION, OLAMBE. OGUN STATE     OLAMBE
                                      514     Leadersville College, Olambe     [email protected]     7, Rahman Street, Alausa by Powerline     Olambe
                                      515     Leadersville College, Olambe     [email protected]     7, Rahman Street, Alausa by Powerline     Olambe
                                      516     DE MENTOR ACADEMY     [email protected]     OLAMBE JUNCTION     OLAMBE-AKUTE
                                      517     patjoe schools     [email protected]     22,ebgayelo street     olodi apapa
                                      518     FIRST LINK INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     OLD OWODE ROAD, OPPOSITE WAEC OFFICE     ONIKOLOBO
                                      519     MUMMY &-8216;J&-8217; BUSINESS CENTRE     [email protected]     opp. shodubi junction onikolobo abeokuta     Onikolobo
                                      520     LAKUNCEKOMPUTA     [email protected]     50,agbon street,oru     oru-ijebu
                                      521     FIRST TRACK ALLEN GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY lIMITED     [email protected]     F.C.E shopping complex, Osiele Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.     Osiele
                                      522     MICRODOT COMPUTER SOLUTION     [email protected]     SENIOR STAFF CLUB COMPLEX     OSIELE ABEOKUTA
                                      523     VIZ-A-VIZ CAFE     [email protected]     18, BANKOLE STREET BEHIND BANK PHB,     OTA
                                      524     SUNNY COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED     [email protected]     5 unity street iloye sango ota     ota
                                      525     STAGES EXECUTIVE VENTURES     [email protected]     Opp. Iganmode Grammar School, Oju-Ore     Ota
                                      526     davelyn     [email protected]     km.4 nascon road ijoko ,ota     ota
                                      527     VIZ-A-VIZ CAFE     [email protected]     18, OLUSEYE STREET, BEHIND YIDI BUS STOP,     OTA
                                      528     FAITH ACADEMY     [email protected]     km 10 canan land ota     ota
                                      529     The Bells Educational Foundation     [email protected]     Km.11,Idi-Iroko Rd opp.Intercontinental Dist. Ltd     Ota
                                      530     Adlatworld Computers     [email protected]     4, Baruwa street, Iyana Iyesi, Ota Ogun State     Ota
                                      531     AFRICAN FOUNDATION FOR ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT     [email protected]     29, Bolanle Awosika Street, Off Ilogbo Rd, Oju-ore     Ota
                                      532     Imc cyber Link     [email protected]     Opposite Cele Nla, High Court Bus stop     ota
                                      533     west side cyber cafe     [email protected]     38, Prince Fadina Street, Ota, Ogun State     Ota
                                      534     west side cyber cafe     [email protected]     38, Prince Fadina Street, Ota, Ogun State     Ota
                                      535     VIZ-A-VIZ CAFE/EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     17/18 OLUSEYE STREET, BEHIND YIDI BUS STOP     OTA
                                      536     Adeola Prince Computers Limited     [email protected]     8, Babafemi Osoba Estate, Beside De-United Foods (Indomie), Idiroko road, Ota, Ogun state.     Ota
                                      537     SUBAIR COMPUTER CENTRE     [email protected]     7, oluseye street     ota
                                      538     WANDE BUSINESS CENTRE     [email protected]     52, Ijoko road, Sango-ota     Ota
                                      539     Dhs computers     [email protected]     46, adeshina street, bariga     Ota
                                      540     DALOS VENTURES NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     83, IDIROKO ROAD     OTA
                                      541     VIZ-A-VIZ EDUCATIONAL SERVICES/CAFE     [email protected]     08121310079     OTA
                                      542     ADEOLA PRINCE COMPUTERS LIMITED     [email protected]     8, BABAFEMI OSOBA ESTATE     OTA
                                      543     Twinsnice cafe     [email protected]     Ayetoro B.Stop, Iyana Iyesi, Ota     Ota
                                      544     DHS COMPUTER     [email protected]     klm 14, Onibuku, off owode Idiroko road, Ota, Og/St.     Ota
                                      545     learnxtra educational consultant     [email protected]     2 arewa street sango ota     ota
                                      546     Darmorlink communications     [email protected]     Sango     Ota
                                      547     abbeymichael     40 iyesi road iyana iyesi     16 igedaramola str iyana iyesi     ota
                                      548     the bells educational services     [email protected]     klm 11 off idi iroko road Ota     ota
                                      549     abbeymichael     [email protected]     40 iyesroad ota     ota
                                      550     TUNTOY CONCEPTS NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     123, ITELE ROAD, OTA, OGUN STATE     OTA
                                      551     KUNFSO VENTURES ( GRACE CAFE )     [email protected],[email protected]     SHOP 40/41 BASANYA COMPLEX OJUORE OTA OGUN STATE     OTA
                                      552     klinlife company Limited     [email protected]     215 obafemi awolowo way osi ota     ota
                                      553     Biogust-tech Ultimate Ventures     [email protected]     no 17, adeshola okunuga street     Ota
                                      554     Faith Academy Canaanland     [email protected]     Faith Academy, Canaanland     Ota
                                      555     SELINDA NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     39,iganmode road,off ahmadiya junction,oju-ore, ota.     Ota
                                      556     SELINDA NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     39,iganmode road,off ahmadiya junction,oju-ore, ota.     Ota
                                      557     LEADWELL ACADEMY, OTA     [email protected]     KM 4, IDI-IROKO ROAD, OJUOORE     OTA
                                      558     ADEOLA PRINCE COMPUTERS LIMITED     [email protected]     8, BABAFEMI OSOBA ESTATE, BISIDE INDOMIE, OTA, OGUN STATE     OTA
                                      559     pius hopewell schools     [email protected]     4, hopewell close, owode ota, ogun state     Ota
                                      560     abbey michael     [email protected]     40 iyesi road ota     ota
                                      561     TOSYNO COMPUTER VENTURES     [email protected]     Shop 37/38 Basanya Complex Oju Ore     Ota
                                      562     Anchor Springfield School     [email protected]     40/43 Anchor Avenue, Off Itele Road, Beside Iswat Filling Station B/stop     Ota
                                      563     LEADWELL ACADEMY OTA     [email protected]     KM4, IDIROKO ROAD ROAD, OJU-OORE, OTA, OGUN STATE.     OTA
                                      564     god&-8217;s pride college     [email protected]     13-14, olugbemi street, ali ishiba, sango ota     ota
                                      565     GRACE COMMUNICATIONS     [email protected]     The Bells     Ota
                                      566     abbeymichael     [email protected]     16 iyesi road ota     ota
                                      567     EAST STREET VENTURES     [email protected]     omolabake avenue, off idiroko road     ota
                                      568     VISIONMATE COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMY     [email protected]     2ND TRANSFORMER, IJAGBA BEHIND OBASANJO FARMS     OTA
                                      569     VIZ-A-VIZ EDUCATIONAL SERVICES     [email protected]     17/18, OLUSEYE STREET,     OTA
                                      570     Pukka Educational Consult     [email protected]     15, Ikola road, Odo Eran, osi round about     Ota
                                      571     Darmorlink Communications Limited     [email protected]     5, Oladiran Ojo Street, Adalemo Bus Stop, Sango     Ota.
                                      572     given-biz nig enterprise     [email protected]     3, ultimate college, oyewumi street, doctor bus stop, itele road, ota, ogun     otta
                                      573     APEL TRADING AND SERVICE COMPANY     [email protected]     5 iyesi road iyana iyesi ota     otta
                                      574     OLORIEBI HOTEL AND SUITES     [email protected]     OLORIEBI HOTEL AND SUITE ALAGBON OWODE-YEWA     OWODE
                                      575     OLORIEBI INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     OLORIEBI HOTEL AND SUITES ALAGBON OWODE YEWA     OWODE
                                      576     SOADOL NIG. LTD     [email protected]     62,Agoro Road,Owode Titun,Ijako Otta,Ogun State     Owode
                                      577     OMO-OYE COLLEGE     [email protected]     62, AGORO ROAD, IFESOWAPO, OWODE, OGUN STATE     OWODE
                                      578     Global Computer Consultants     [email protected]     7, Ado-Odo Road, Beside Wema Bank     Owode
                                      579     ODUNS COMPUTER INSTITUTE     [email protected]     67 petesi meji bus/stop Ajilete Yewa South Ogun State     Owode
                                      580     DOTMO NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     1, IFESOWAPO STREET, OFF OWODE MARKET ROAD     OWODE
                                      581     wireless & more technological concept     [email protected]     127, lagos road, sabo, owode, yewa south, ogun state.     owode
                                      582     NEO CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     Opp. Sango Garrage,     Owode
                                      583     Glorious Business & Cybercafe (A subsidiary of Lea     [email protected]     6, Salau Olayode Street, Beside The Best Legacy Academy, Owode-Yewa, Ogun State     Owode &-8211; Yewa
                                      584     UN cyber cfae     [email protected]     akinyele plaza opposite police sattion, owode egba.     owode egba
                                      585     FORTUNE CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     15, OPPOSITE MABEL LINK SHOPPING COMPLEX OFF ADO ODO ROAD     OWODE YEWA
                                      586     Logic-gate computers     [email protected]     Quine unic college, Owode yewa.     Owode Yewa
                                      587     FORTUNE INTERNET CAFE     [email protected]     15, OPPOSITE MABEL LINK SHOPPING COMPLEX OWODE YEWA     OWODE YEWA
                                      588     EMMANUEL VENTURES(a subsidiary of Hopefull Afos ve     [email protected]     5,ifedapo area,behind multistars filling station,     owode yewa
                                      589     EMMANUEL VENTURES     [email protected]     5,ifedapo area,behind multistars filling station,     owode yewa
                                      590     COMPAK COMPUTER COLLEGE     [email protected]     1, ILARO ROAD OWODE YEWA     OWODE YEWA
                                      591     YA-SALAM CYBERCAFE     [email protected]     5, baba onilu house,     owode yewa
                                      592     NEOTECH CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     4, OPPOSITE SANGO GARRAGE, IDIROKO ROAD     OWODE YEWA
                                      593     Olubukola Abiola (Nig) Enterprises     [email protected]     22, Salau Olayode Street Off Ilaro Road Owode Yewa South     Owode Yewa South
                                      594     Logicgate Computers     [email protected]     Ado odo road, Owode Yewa, Ogun State     Owode Yewa, Atan Ota
                                      595     ONIBABA VENTURES     [email protected]     9 IFEDAPO AREA,IGHOHOTEDO,OWODE YEWA,OGUN     OWODEYEWA
                                      596     eagerminds     [email protected]     lemode     robiyan
                                      597     SMARTEDGE GEOMATICS     [email protected]     105, GRA ROAD, SABO     SAGAMU
                                      598     COMP. EDUCATION SUPPORT NETWORK TRUST(CESNEtT)     [email protected] or [email protected]     c/o centenatary plaza,68 ewusi st.makun sagamu     sagamu
                                      599     CRYSTAL COMPUTER RESEARCH VENTURES     [email protected]     MULTILINKS OFFICE @ 21, HOSPITAL ROAD, OPP.     SAGAMU
                                      600     COMPUTER EDUCATION SUPPORT NETWORK TRUST (CESNETT)     [email protected]     c/o centenary plaza,68 ewusi street makun sagamu     sagamu
                                      601     ISZYTECH COMPUTER & COMMUNICATION     [email protected]     170 AKARIGBO STREET, SABO SAGAMU OGUN STATE     SAGAMU
                                      602     ISZYTECH COMPUTER & COMMUNICATION     [email protected]     170 AKARIGBO STREET, SABO SAGAMU OGUN STATE     SAGAMU
                                      603     LUKESH NIG. ENT.     [email protected]     4, OLOKO ADEBAYO STREET, SABO, SAGAMU     sagamu
                                      604     Islau and Sons Nig Ent     [email protected]     9 oke odo street sabo     sagamu
                                      605     SI CAFE SAGAMU     [email protected]     13 akarigbo street, oko-2, Sagamu, Ogun state     Sagamu
                                      606     EXCEL COMMUNICATION LIMITED     [email protected]     5, TEMIDIRE STREET SABO, SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      607     APEX CYBERCAFE LTD     [email protected]     5 AKARIGBO ROAD ISALE OKO SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      608     RIGHTCLICK CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     7,SODE STREET,SABO SAGAMU,OGUN STATE     SAGAMU
                                      609     GARVIN NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     216 AKARIGBO ROAD SABO SAGAMU OGUN STATE     SAGAMU
                                      610     ALFA COMPUTERS     [email protected]     45b akarigbo street ita oba     sagamu
                                      611     MASTER BUSINESS VENTURE     [email protected]     108,akarigbo street ijokun sagamu     sagamu
                                      612     ACADAEDU AND EDUCATION SERVICES     [email protected]     65/67 ewusi street makun sagamu     sagamu
                                      613     Ola jesu computer ventures     [email protected]     PMB 2045, iperu road     Sagamu
                                      614     iszytech Computer & communication     [email protected]     220 AKARIGBO STR, SABOOLODO JUNCTION SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      615     Ebutos Ventures     [email protected]     93, Ewusi Street, Makun, Sagamu, Ogun State     Sagamu
                                      616     Ga merg business international consultant     [email protected]     172,akarigbo street,off agura road,sabo     sagamu
                                      617     Judfem Nigeria Limited     [email protected]     21, Paddy Arikawe Street Gra Quaters Sagamu     Sagamu
                                      618     compo flex computer ventures     [email protected]     pmb 2045     sagamu
                                      619     compo flex computer ventures     [email protected]     fggc sagamu     sagamu
                                      620     Christ College     [email protected]     Km. 50, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Via Aiyetoro Village, Sagamu, Ogun State.     Sagamu
                                      621     fggc sagamu cafe     [email protected]     P.O BOX 2045     Sagamu
                                      622     CHRIST COLLEGE     [email protected]     KM.50 LAGOS/IBADAN EXPRESSWAY, VIA AYETORO VILLAGE,     SAGAMU
                                      623     Redeemed Crown Venture     [email protected]     NO 98, GRA ROAD, SABO SAGAMU, OGUN STATE     SAGAMU
                                      624     TJAPEX TRIPPLE M COMPANY LTD     [email protected]     17AKARIGBO ROAD, BESIDE RIGTH OPTION EATERY, ISALE OKO,SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      625     Magic Result Consulting Management Limited     [email protected]     40 Surulere Street     Sagamu
                                      626     OGUNOSHY INTERNATIONAL NIGERIA LIMITED     [email protected]     40, SURULERE STREET     SAGAMU
                                      627     christ college     [email protected]     km 50, lagos/ibadan expressway, aiyetoro village     sagamu
                                      628     DAPSON GLOBAL COMPUTERS     [email protected]     89, AJEGUNLE STREET, ISALE IJAGBA, SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      629     TJ-APEX TRIPPLE M COMPANY LTD     [email protected]     17 AKARIGBO ROAD, BESIDE RIGHT OPTION EATERY,ISALE OKO, SAGAMU     SAGAMU
                                      630     SURE SUCCESS EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     5, Temidire Street, Off Muslim High School     Sagamu
                                      631     Dazion Business suits     [email protected]     218 AKARIGBO STREET SABO SAGAMU OGUN STATE     Sagamu
                                      632     bade unik     [email protected]     ayiepe road     sagamu
                                      633     Advanced Breed Group of Schools     [email protected]     Block 13, Oba Erinwole II Road, G.R.A.     Sagamu
                                      634     FOCUS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE     [email protected]     NO 7, ALOKOLARO STREET     SAGAMU
                                      635     remo divisional high school     [email protected]     sagamu     sagamu
                                      636     Chachaopic Software     [email protected]     24 Soyebo Street Surulere Makun Sagamu     Sagamu
                                      637     bade     [email protected]     sabo     sagamu
                                      638     Advanced Breed Comprehensive College     [email protected]     Block 13, Oba Erinwole II Road, G.R.A.     Sagamu
                                      639     Stride Computer Insttitute And Networking     [email protected]     33 Folarin Street Ojumele Sagamu Ogun State     Sagamu
                                      640     WHITEHOPE ACADEMY     [email protected]     31, ijoko Motor Road     Sango
                                      641     EASYCLICK COMMUNICATIONS     [email protected]     EWUPE ROAD, SANGO OTA     SANGO
                                      642     Star Computer Institute     [email protected]     38, Arogundade Street, Sango Ota     Sango
                                      643     MAJEK TECH VENT.     [email protected]     20, idiroko road, sango ota     SANGO
                                      644     ADURA COMPUTERS     [email protected]     75, JOJU ROAD, SANGO OTA, OGUN STATE.     SANGO
                                      645     betacom tech. ventures     [email protected]     32, akinleye street, ijoko, lemode     SANGO
                                      646     betacom tech. ventures     [email protected]     32, akinleye street, ijoko, lemode     SANGO
                                      647     perfect point academy     [email protected]     26, fakayode street iloye     sango
                                      648     D-Triumph Computer Institute     [email protected]     9, Moruf Owolabi Street, Alagbon, Owode Yewa, Ogun State.     Sango
                                      649     HAMGAM VENTURES ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     17, ITOKI ROAD,     SANGO
                                      650     BERYL CHRYSOLITE HIGH SCHOOL     [email protected]     9, C & S CHURCH STREET, EWUPE     SANGO &-8211; OTA
                                      651     Optimism Computer Centre     [email protected]     12, Tarmac Road Adalemo Sango Ota     Sango Ota
                                      652     MAJEK TECHNOLOGY VENTURES     [email protected]     20, Idiroko Road, Traveller&-8217;s Complex, sango     SANGO OTA
                                      653     Majek Tech. Vent. Cyber Cafe     07066827733     20, Idiroko Road, Traveller&-8217;s Complex, Tell: 07066827733     SANGO OTA
                                      654     shineco prints production & cyber cafe     [email protected]     37, oyedeko street off ali-ishiba street, sango ota, ogun state     sango ota
                                      655     ADEMOLA CYBER CAFE     [email protected]     39, ALI-ISHIBA ROAD, SANGO OTA     sango ota
                                      656     TUNTOY CONCEPTS NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     1, ASAGUNLA STREET OTA     SANGO OTA
                                      657     TUNTOY CONCEPTS NIGERIA ENTERPRISES     [email protected]     1, ASAGUNLA STREET OTA     SANGO OTA
                                      658     Samlads Computer Technologies     [email protected]     7, Hassan gbolagade Street     Sango Ota
                                      659     QUANTUM CAFE     [email protected]     GASLINE AREA, IJOKO     SANGO OTA
                                      660     EasyWare Network     [email protected]     Suite 23, Iyanu Oluwa Shopping Complex,     Sango Ota
                                      661     cuss     [email protected]     KM 10, IDIROKO ROAD     SANGO OTA
                                      662     Abey White Computer Institute     6, ADEEYO STREET, ATUWARA-IJALIYE, IJAKO     Sango Ota
                                      663     OPTITECH CONCEPT     [email protected]     12, TARMAC ROAD, ADALEMO, SANGO OTA     SANGO OTA
                                      664     TEESCOM VENTURES INTERNATIONAL     [email protected]     km 14 Sango idiroko rd Ota     Sango Ota
                                      665     Rootbuoy International     [email protected]     5, Idowu close, off second Powerline, via plaza junction     Sango Ota
                                      666     grait international college     [email protected]     7, jehovah witnesses convention road ota off idiroko road ogun state     Sango ota
                                      667     The Goldbeam schools     [email protected]     5/7 enkalon/alhaja abeni street iroko ota     sango ota
                                      668     perfectworld communications     [email protected]     22, fakayode stret, iloye, sango ota, ogun state     sango ota
                                      669     EASYCLICK EDUCATIONAL CONSULT     [email protected]     2B, TEN ACRES, JUNCTION, EWUPE SANGO OTA, OGUN     SANGO OTA
                                      670     easyclick educational consult     [email protected]     2b, ten acres junction, ewupe sango ota     SANGO OTA
                                      671     MAJEK TECHNOLOGY VENTURES     [email protected]     20, Idiroko Rd, Sango Ota,     Sango Ota, Tel: 07066827733
                                      672     Shobonet Communications     [email protected]     Suite 3, Arigbabu House, Obalanlege Street, Araromi 1, Sango Ota     Sango Ota/Abeokuta
                                      673     ABEY WHITE COMPUTER INSTITUTES     6, Adeeyo Street, Atuwara, Ijaliye,     Sango Otta
                                      674     THE CRESCENT EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS LTD     [email protected]     80, Ijoko Road     Sango Otta
                                      675     The Crescent Educational Consultants Limited     [email protected]     80, Ijoko Road, Sango, Otta     Sango, Otta.
                                      676     Immaculate Cyber Cafe     immaculate.c[email protected]     Suite A, Ground floor TKB Shopping complex, Sango-ota, ogun state     sango-ota
                                      677     JOAS COMPUTER INSTITUTES & CAFE     [email protected]     57, BABAKONKOLO CLOSE, IRE-AKARI SHOPPING COMPLEX ,     SANGO-OTA
                                      678     C.T Cafe     [email protected]     19 ijoko road sango ota     sango-ota
                                      679     Febod Computer Institute & Cyber Cafe     [email protected]     70, Joju Road, Opposite Z-Place (Formely Joju Hotel)     Sango-Ota
                                      680     RADIUS COMPUTERS     [email protected]     23, Lagos-Abeokuta Exp way     Sango-Ota
                                      681     INFO-SYS TECHNOLOGIES     [email protected]     41, IDOROKO ROAD, 1ST FLOOR, BACK FLAT     SANGO-OTA
                                      682     Debadex Business Concepts ltd     [email protected]     1, community road, iloye ota     sango-ota
                                      683     ABEY WHITE COMPUTER INSTITUTE     6, Adeeyo Street, Atuwara -Ijaliye     Sango-Ota
                                      684     Beryl Chrysolite Schools     [email protected]     8/9 joseph street ,ewupe     sango-ota
                                      685     ABEYWHITE COMPUTER INSTITUTE     3, Akogun Street, Esuyago,     Sango-Ota
                                      686     Halelluya Strong Tower Concepts     [email protected]     Shop 10, Kudirat Abiola Shopping Complex     Sango-Otta
                                      687     D-IVY COLLEGE     [email protected]     153, Ilo Awela Road     Toll Gate
                                      688     OTA TOTAL ACADEMY     [email protected]     10-14,LOVE-ALL STREET,AFOBAJE ESTATE&-8217;OTA     TOWN
                                      689     WALES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,ASEESE, OGUN STATE     [email protected]     3/5 unity close     via Ibafo
                                      690     Bethel Higfh School     [email protected]     95/97, Baaye road,     Wasinmi