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Do I Need FingerPrint For Change of Institution/Courses

A few readers had asked me if they would need fingerprint scanning during the change of institution/course registrations. In other words, they want to know if to do JAMB change of institutions/courses will require fingerprints and biometrics.

There is actually the need to ask this question if you&-8217;re a first-timer for JAMB or this is your first time to change any of your data

Candidates who are contemplating on whether to hand over the change of data to their parents, teachers, or friends are wondering if their presence will be required before they can change their information on the JAMB portal.

This post won&-8217;t only clarify whether you will need to do finger scanning for the JAMB UTME/DE change of institution/courses but will also add other alternations of data including names, date of birth, state, local government, and gender.

Change of Data is Beyond Institutions and Courses

You have to be informed that the JAMB change of data is a broad language use to describe your attempt to change

  1. institutions
  2. courses
  3. date of birth
  4. state of origin
  5. the local government of origin and 
  6. gender

For any of these activities, in the past, candidates were only required to make a payment and proceed to alter things at any cafe or internet business center or by themselves. 

However, starting from the 2020 admission year, to alter any of these items, after the payment, candidates are required to visit the nearest JAMB accredited CBT centre

Although a few cafes seem to have connected with the right CBT centre to help you cut the traveling and stress of going to CBT centres. Yet, they&-8217;re not allowed to officially handle any of these changes.

Going to CBT Centre Gives Raise to Asking Whether There is Need for Fingerprints

Having said that only the CBT centres were officially allowed to register you for changes, you might have concluded that these should be due to the fact that fingerprints could be required (just like when registering UTME/DE).

As a matter of fact, you won&-8217;t need a fingerprint or biometric scanning in order to do JAMB UTME/DE change of data &-8211; be it institutions, courses, date of birth, names, gender, state/LGA

All it takes to change data include:

  1. Making payment of N2,500 on the JAMB portal: You can make this payment by yourself or through the CBT center or a cafe. If you decide to do that yourself, you will need a Mastercard. You have to log into your JAMB profile first, proceed to the right section, and make the payment.
  2. Getting OTP through your JAMB phone number: After a successful payment, you will receive an SMS from 55019 directly on your JAMB phone line. This message will contain an OTP. This will be required for the changes
  3. Taking the OTP to a CBT centre or JAMB office: While proceeding to the CBT centre, cafe, or JAMB office, take the OTP, JAMB profile code, and full names along.
  4. JAMB email and profile code equally needed: There is a need to match your email and profile code at the JAMB office or the CBT centre. That&-8217;s why these other details are needed.


Changing your institutions, courses, and similar data doesn&-8217;t require fingerprints or any biometrics. And it doesn&-8217;t matter whether the changes are being made at a CBT centre, JAMB office, or cafe. None will ask you to do a fingerprint of any sort.

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JAMB UTME/DE Form 2020/2021: Registration Date, Latest Price Update and More

Official JAMB Logo

The 2020/2021 JAMB UTME/DE Form will be on sales on January 13, 2020. You will find answers to other questions, right on this page.

Asking JAMB whether the sales of new JAMB form has commenced, the body has affirmed that the form was not on sales as of now.

The latest news, however, has it that both UTME and DE form will be on sales between January 13 and February 17.

Having said that, prospective applicants should be aware that both UTME and DE forms will be on sales at the same time. Hence, interested candidates shouldn&-8217;t wait until it&-8217;s too late to obtain their forms.

Subscribe to so I can send you an email message as soon as UME/DE starts selling.

Exams Date: According to JAMB, UTME will hold between March 14 and April 4.

2020/2021 Sales of DE and UTME Form Application Procedures

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Minister of Education has announced that the sales of 2020/2021 UTME form will commence sooner at a price below what we’re used to.

Hot-Takes for 2020/2021 Sales of JAMB form

  1. The price announced would only be face value for the form. However, the expected price should be N4000. This will include bank or seller charges.
  2. Applicants should be ready to pay N700 for CBT centre charges for the registration and another N700 for Mock exams (if interested)
  3. Applicants should get set for the UTME registration by studying the JAMB brochure to avoid errors and check the subject combinations for their proposed courses.
  4. Also, see modalities the 2020 application will take to prepare forearmed.
  5. Applicants should consider reading my well-crafted post on how to prepare for JAMB and pass within weeks. It will be your best read this year. That post contains tested and trusted resources to help you pass in flying color.
  6. Applicants should prepare themselves for the registration and you can take advantage of Catchment Areas and Educationally Less Developed States.
  7. In case you want to use awaiting result (if you will write the next WAEC, NECO or GCE), consider reading this post, &-8220;AWAITING RESULTS: Answers to Students&-8217; Questions on Admission&-8220;

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JAMB Speaks on Sales of 2019/2020 UTME Form. Latest Update

JAMB official logo

Admission seekers have been on the lookout for the time the 2019 UTME form will commence.

Some fake news had it earlier that the body had started selling the forms. I got lots of calls for that. That’s why I posted, “When is the Next JAMB form Coming Out? What Applicants Must Know

In that post, I had said, it&-8217;s likely we have the form on sales by January 10. This was based on the latest update from the official desk.

There was report also that the body has recently announced to start selling the form in the month of October.

The body has just cleared the air about some updates that JAMB has started selling UTME form for this year. This quick update was posted on the body’s Twitter handle.

Kindly disregard news from any source stating that the Board has begun
sales of it UTME application documents. Such news reports are false.

With this clarification, it’s no more a doubt that the body has not commenced selling form through any channels. Hence, aspiring admission seekers should wait until the official update – announcing the commencement of the 2019 admission exercise.

However, the report was silent about the actual date people should be waiting for the form to be out for purchase.

Sales of UTME 2019 update &-8211; this was November

Several students asked beneath the update whether the body will announce the date sooner but no response from the handler yet (as at the time of this post)

Update: The exams body has announced January 10 if all things work as planned.

See: JAMB Supports: How to Contact JAMB for Helps If You Have Issues

Having said that, if you want to receive updates directly to your email when the form is announced, kindly subscribe to this blog. You will continue to enjoy my updates and guides about schools, admission and jobs.

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JAMB Exams Starting Date for 2020/2021 UTME: UTME Time-Table

JAMB official logo

JAMB has laid down how they plan to run the activities for the 2020/2021 admission year.

JAMB Modalities for 2020/2021 UTME Registration and Examination

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has finally released details for the next UTME.

Recommended: Do I have to Reprint JAMB slip at CBT Centre or Cafe?

The breakdown of the details are:

Sales of Forms

UTME/DE Registration for all candidates including foreign candidates is scheduled to commence from January 13, 2020.

Closing Date/Deadline

This year, the sale or registration forms to all candidates (UTME/DE) including those outside Nigeria, started January 13 and will end February17.

See also: When Will JAMB UTME Slip Reprint Start, How and Portal to Print it? See Answers

UTME Mock Examination

There will be an optional Mock Examination Saturday, February 18, 2020.

UTME Examination Date

Also, the 2020 computer-based test examination will begin on Saturday, March 14 and end on April 4.

See also: Can I change my CBT Centre/Venue for JAMB UTME? Answer to your Question

All interested Candidates are hereby expected to visit the JAMB official website in order to create their profiles in earnest.

Cost of Registration
The following costs shall apply to 2020/2021 JAMB UTME registration as stated below:

  • JAMB Registration E-PIN: N3,500. Note that N500 could be charged for JAMB literature book for English
  • CBT Registration: N700

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Use JAMB Marketplace: Gain Admission To Another University

JAMB logo
Have you heard about JAMB Marketplace admission? Did you know anything about the admission exercise called Marketplace in your JAMB profile/CAPS page? Is the admission in the Marketplace real?

This post will answer your questions and shed some light on similar ones.

What’s JAMB Marketplace Admission

JAMB has introduced a means through which candidates can still gain admission into institutions they didn’t choose in UTME/DE. This is medium for institutions that have spaces within their departments to invite candidates they deem qualified but didn’t choose them.

In most cases, JAMB will forward the lists of candidates who are awaiting admissions from certain schools (that are yet to consider them or may not eventually offer them admissions) to other institutions that are able to admit them with their marks in JAMB and grades in O’level.

Candidates are then left to accept such or reject.

How to Check if You Have Been Offered Admission on Marketplace

Take the following steps to log into your JAMB profile and check marketplace admission status.

  1. Visit JAMB efacility or click
  2. Login with your JAMB email and the password. You can reset your password if forgotten.
  3. Now, you’re on the dashboard. Click on the check admission status right below the page.
  4. On the next page, click Access My CAPS to the left not Check Admission Status to the right.
  5. On the next page, you will see some links to your left. Locate Marketplace. Click on that to see if any institution has offered admission other than the one you’re expecting. Change your view to Desktop if you’re using a mobile phone to check. This will help you see things completely and better than the mobile view.

What to Do If Offered Admission on Marketplace

If offered admission in the Marketplace, your page will look exactly like the one below.

If offered admission in the Marketplace, your page will look exactly like this.

For your reference, the candidate in the picture above has sought admission into Ekiti State University (EKSU). In fact, she was sent a message by the school that she has been transferred to another course. She accepted the new course and did the change of course to that on the JAMB portal.

However, for weeks no good news. She was not eventually admitted by EKSU (at least not yet).

While waiting, she checked her Marketplace only to find out that Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State.

If you’re interested in the school, you can accept the offer. If otherwise, reject.

If you reject this (one) offer, you can still be lucky to be offered admission by another institution through the same marketplace.

What Next After Accepting Offer at Marketplace

Accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted. It simply implies that you have accepted to be be considered for admission by the institution.

After the acceptance, you’re to be checking your regular admission status on CAPS. If eventually offered, you will need to do a change of institution to the school together with the course offered.

It’s after this, you will need to print the JAMB admission letter and the original result (you can reprint this if already printed). Take these to the school for further instructions and documentation.

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