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Direct Entry Form: DE 2020/2021 Registration, Price, Closing Date etc

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The direct entry form is meant for holders of NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge or NABTEB Advanced, Bsc, and HND who want to continue their studies in their previous or related course at a university of interest.

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Background of Direct Entry Form

If you had completed or about to complete your NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, etc, you can apply for the JAMB DE form. Picking up this form will let you seek admission directly to 200 level to any university/course of your choice without writing UTME.

JAMB is the body in charge of Nigerian admission. Hence, they administer admissions through UTME (for SSCE holders who are to proceed to universities, polytechnics, and colleges) and DE (for holders of qualifications already mentioned above who are to proceed to universities for the continuation of their studies)

To learn more about the differences between UTME and DE, kindly read my post “UTME/DE: A Compulsory Requirement to Gain Admission to Nigerian Tertiary Institutions”.

How to Register for JAMB Direct Entry Form

Currently, there are two procedures to apply for DE admissions.

1. Fresh Application 

If you did not gain admission to your earlier qualification through JAMB, this is for you. I mean if you already have BSC, HND, ND, NCE but the admission was not given through JAMB. It could be through pre-ND, Pre-ND, pre-degree, Daily part-time programme, etc.

You’re required to do a fresh application if you don’t have existing
JAMB profile. Those who had done the two noted above must have already got the JAMB profile. Hence, they may choose not to do a fresh DE
application. You can just use your old profile if all details, therein,
remain the same.


  1. some candidates did any of the pre- programmes but later wrote JAMB through which they’re offered admissions. They may not use a fresh application.
  2. If however, you did JAMB regularization recently, it means you also had been given admission by JAMB. You may not use fresh applications too.

Read further!

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Procedures for Fresh DE Registration

  1. Send YOUR FULL NAME as an SMS from your unique GSM number to 55019 (e.g TOLANI TIJANI MUTIU to 55019).
  2. Note that you may be debited with N50 for the SMS service.
  3. A profile/confirmation code will be sent to your phone after being debited.
  4. Use the code to buy DE form/PIN through JAMB sales of form portals. The form price is N3,500. Text price N500. Registration at CBT centres N700.
  5. After the purchase of the form (PIN), proceed with your PIN to the nearest CBT centre for full registration and biometrics
  6. Go to CBT centre with your SSCE results and the higher qualification results for scanning and uploading unless you’re using awaiting results. It’s important to return to any CBT centre for reuploading if you use awaiting results this time before you can be offered admission.

2. DE Application By Upgrading

This is for you if you had earlier registered for UTME but also had ND, NCE, IJMB, etc. Then, later you change your mind to obtain DE form. You&-8217;re not allowed to register for both UTME and DE in the same year. Hence, you should just upgrade the UTME to DE. 

JAMB now allows candidates with existing UTME profiles to upgrade their profiles from the UTME of a year to the DE of the same year. This will attract no charges at the nearest JAMB office. The upgrade registration, though, can only be done at the JAMB offices nationwide.
In other words, you won’t need to buy a fresh DE form. They will just log in to your existing UTME profile and upgrade to DE. See more details in &-8220;How to Upgrade UTME to DE For ND/NCE/JUPEB/IJMB/HND/Bsc/RN Holders&-8220;.

  1. This is possible because all your O’level results, fingerprints, passport photo, etc were already in the UTME profile. Hence, no need for new profile registration.
  2. Just walk into any JAMB office, tell them you’re a UTME applicant and you want to upgrade from your recent UTME to DE.
  3. In the guideline, direct entry candidates can ‘upgrade’ their UTME form to direct entry without buying two forms.
  4. The board said direct entry candidates would be required to provide their JAMB registration numbers with which they wrote UTME.

Direct Entry form Closing Date 

  1. This year, the sale or registration forms to all candidates (UTME/DE) including those outside Nigeria, started January 13 and will end February 17.
  2. There could be an extension though. Subscribe to this blog to know when sales of the form is extended.
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Universities that Accept Direct Entry Applications

JAMB logo

I&-8217;d covered a series of posts around Direct Entry form and admissions into various universities. Some of those posts linked at the end of this post. However, a topic of concern now is to point out the list of universities that accept direct entry applications and probably those that are not accepting it.

In other words, is there any university not accepting DE applicants? Or, are all universities accepting applications for Direct entry?
If you&-8217;re on this page to get answers to these questions, kindly read to the end of the post. There are more things to talk about.

Direct Entry Applications are Widely Accepted But Not Generally

For the basics, Direct entry applications, in this context, are the JAMB forms obtained by holders of BSC, HND, ND, NCE, RM/RN, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB A&-8217;level and Cambridge who want to proceed to university to further their studies into related courses to their previous ones or new ones entirely.
Direct Entry in this sense is different from what most candidates mistake for admission into universities or polytechnics without JAMB. We can best refer to those ones as part-time admission, distance-learning, or sandwich.
Back to our heading above, all universities are expected to accept DE applicants. However, a few don&-8217;t have provisions for DE at all or have provisions but not for all the courses.

Some Universities Have Preferences For Certain A&-8217;levels

For instance, some universities will prefer BSC or IJMB over NCE or JUPEB and vise versa. In fact, some may accept certain A&-8217;levels but with certain conditions such as &-8220;we don&-8217;t accept Maths in A&-8217;levels&-8221;. This means for such a course, the school won&-8217;t accept a candidate who sat for Maths in JUPEB, IJMB, etc. In fact, some don&-8217;t admit for some courses through DE at all.
More on this later.
To open your mind to these situations, I&-8217;d extracted a few courses from the official JAMB brochure. Under these courses, some universities make it clear that they won&-8217;t accept direct entry applicants at all or for certain reasons. Except those that state that,  other universities are accepting candidates for the courses and through the Direct Entry.

Courses and Universities Accepting Direct Entry Based on Conditions

The following courses and institutions are just a few chosen to explain the situations some applicants may find themselves while seeking admissions through JAMB direct entry. However, for more, if your course or university is not here, kindly check the list of courses and universities in my mini JAMB brochure or check the official one online.
  1. University of Calabar (UNICAL) does not admit through Direct Entry.
  2. Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) does not accept NCE
  3. Plateau State University (PLASU) does not accept University diplomas and other diplomas not accredited by the relevant accrediting bodies. Note: They accept diplomas only from recognized bodies or institutions.
  4. Federal University of Lafia (FED-LAFIA) does not accept NCE. 
  5. University of Benin (UNIBEN) does not accept Mathematics at &-8216;A&-8217; Level.
  1. University of Calabar (UNICAL) does not accept IJMB or any &-8216;A&-8217; Level paper or NCE for Direct Entry.
  2. American University of Nigeria (AUN) accepts ICGSE and &-8216;A&-8217; Level Cambridge and does not offer admissions direct to 200 level programs. May transfer credits relevant to it&-8217;s major at the discretion of the Dean of School.
  1. Ambrose Alli University (AAU) does not accept any Diploma and NCE but accepts only first-degree second class lower plus the UTME requirements. AAUA requires &-8216;O&-8217; Level credit passes in Literature in English and Mathematics.
  2. University of Jos (UNIJOS) accepts any class of first degree but does not accept NCE, ND and HND.
  3. Bayero University Kano (BUK) does not accept NCE.
  4. University of Lagos (UNILAG) does not accept JUPEB / A&-8217; level passes in Fine Arts, Accounting or Commerce

  1. University of Lagos (UNILAG) ts; Very good passes in the following three (3) JUPEB/&-8217;A-&-8216;level subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Biology. Candidates must have Further Mathematics at &-8216;O&-8217; level. Direct Entry into Computer Science is four  (4)years. It does not accept NCE.
  2. University of Jos (UNIJOS) does not accept ND in Statistics.
  3. Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) does not accept NCE.
  4. American University of Nigeria (AUN) accepts ICGSE and &-8216;A&-8217; Level Cambridge and does not offer admissions direct to 200 level. May transfer credits relevant to its major at the discretion of the Dean of school.
  5. Plateau State University (PLASU) does not accept university diplomas and other diplomas not accredited by the relevant accrediting bodies.
University of Jos (UNIJOS) does not accept ND, HND and NCE as entry requirements.
Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA)does not accept NCE.
  1. University of Ibadan (UI) does not accept &-8216;A&-8217; Level Zoology.
  2. Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) does not accept NCE.
  3. American University of Nigeria (AUN) accepts ICGSE and &-8216;A&-8217; Level Cambridge and does not offer admissions direct to 200 level. May transfer credits relevant to its major at the discretion of the Dean of school.
  4. Plateau State University (PLASU) does not accept university diplomas and other diplomas not accredited by the relevant accrediting bodies.
  1. University of Jos (UNIJOS) does not accept A&-8217;level Mathematics for Physics. Accepts B.Sc. second class and above in related programmes.
  2. University of Kano (BUK) does not accept NCE.
  1. University of Ibadan (UI) does not accept &-8216;A&-8217; Level Zoology.
  2. Ambrose Ali University (AAU) does not accept a degree in Zoology and Botany
  3. University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) accepts Registered Nurse (RCN) and Registered Midwife (RM) Certificate only in addition to UTME requirements. Accepts Registered Nurse (RN) or and Registered Nurse  certificate only for DIRECT ENTRY and does not accept &-8216;A&-8217; Level passes or any Degree for DIRECT ENTRY
  4. AUN accepts ICGSE and &-8216;A&-8217; Level Cambridge and does not offer admissions direct to 200 level. May transfer credits relevant to its major at the discretion of the Dean of school.
University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) does not accept NCE, ND/HND but accepts IJMB & JUPEB &-8216;A&-8217; Level.
PLASU does not accept university diplomas and other diplomas not accredited by the relevant accrediting bodies.
  1. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUTECH) does not accept ND lower credit for Direct Entry.
  2. Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) does not accept NCE
  1. University of Calabar (UNICAL) accepts Degree, not below a good Second Class Lower Division in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory, Biology, Zoology or Chemistry. Does not accept IJMB for Direct Entry.
Plateau State University (PLASU) does not accept university diplomas and other diplomas not accredited by the relevant accrediting bodies.

Universities That Doesn&-8217;t Accept Direct Entry At All

The list given above generally accepts DE applications but may not under certain conditions, for selected courses, with selected grades, with selected programs, etc. However, we have some universities that are not accepting Direct Entry applications to date.
This also called Nigeria Army, Airforce, and Nay University. Irrespective of the courses, applicants&-8217; grades, A&-8217;level programs, and so on, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) doesn&-8217;t accept applicants for DE. In other words, they&-8217;re are not admitting to 200 level through JAMB.
The university strictly admits to her 100 level courses, only the UTME applicants.

2. Nigerian Police Academy (POLAC)

Similarly, the Nigerian Police Academy (the Nigerian Police university) doesn&-8217;t accept DE applications to date. Interested applicants are to obtain their forms using UTME and O&-8217;level results. Only the admission into 100 level is possible till now.

3. Nigeria Army University Biu (NAUB)

This is a recently created university for the Nigerian Army only. In other words, it&-8217;s different from NDA.
To date, the university has not started admitting through Direct entry more likely because it&-8217;s in its infant stage. With time, they should be admitting to 200 level.

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Universities Accepting Awaiting Results for Direct Entry (DE)


Let&-8217;s answer your questions: can someone apply for direct entry with awaiting result?, the list of universities that accept awaiting result for direct entry, Does LASU accept awaiting result for DE, Are all Nigerian universities accepting awaiting result? etc

Are you seeking admission through direct entry (DE)? Do you fall to the category of DE applicants who wish to use awaiting results for their registrations? You may want to know your position if your ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB and Cambridge Advanced Level results are not out but you do want to take advantage of the current JAMB DE form.

I had covered much on the use of AR for admissions including UTME, Remedial, Advanced courses and Predegree etc in the past. Now, candidates for DE should find this guide resourceful for their concerns too.

Direct Entry (DE) Applicants Are Allowed to Use A’level Awaiting Result

Yes. Applicants for DE are allowed to use awaiting results but which result precisely? Let’s see things further.

Before you apply for DE, you must be a holder of ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, HND, BSC etc. The final result called “the statement of result” or the certificate from any of these programmes will be needed at the CBT centre where you will fill your DE application. The centre will:

  • Fill the details on it,
  • Scan and upload it online

    What if your previous school has not completed preparing the results for your set? What if they are yet to be giving results out to any of you that graduated the particular year? Can you use awaiting result to apply for you DE?

    The answer is YES. Go ahead to the CBT centre after obtaining the form and fill AR for your result.

    However, you must visit any CBT centre immediately your result is released. Take the printed copy to them for scanning and uploading.

    Direct Entry Applicants May Not Use O’level Awaiting Results

    A similar case is for DE applicants wishing to use SSCE awaiting result.

    This is unusual though.


    How did you complete your NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB etc without SSCE result in the first place?

    So, I don’t think it is done well if you have completed and awarded result of your previous course using AR throughout.

    If however, your case is that you wish to write a better SSCE result to pull the new admission, you may want to use SSCE awaiting result at this stage.

    The conclusion here is that, once, you use awaiting for either you O’level or A’level qualification, you must go back to CBT centre as soon as it is ready for uploading.

    Your admission will be on hold until this is done well. Neither school nor JAMB will give you admission with AWAITING RESULT status on your profile.

    What CBT Centre will Fill For DE Applications Using Awaiting Results

    1. For those who use awaiting results for SSCE, the centre will fill in AR for all your required subjects and leave the space for “scanned upload” empty until you return for reuploading later.
    2. For those using A’level awaiting result, the centre will fill in AR for your grade, then you have zero (0) point.
    3. Note that no school will give you admission for 0 point.

    Universities Accepting Awaiting Result For Direct Entry

    As earlier said, if your grade doesn’t reflect in your registration, no school will give you admission. So don’t be misled that some schools may still offer you space notwithstanding.

    Let’s see how admission will be processed to get a better idea of why.

    1. After your DE registration, JAMB will forward the list of applicants to the schools so they can prepare or invite you for their post-UTME/DE or screening (whichever the school is using).
    2. The school conducts the entrance and/or screening. Then if you pass, they forward the list of applicants they prefer to JAMB
    3. JAMB checks to see that you’ve uploaded all your results i.e SSCE and NCE, ND etc during or after the DE registration. If things are all completed, they give you admission through JAMB CAPS which you must accept before you can be able to print JAMB admission letter.
    4. Then, the school is sent the final list before they upload that to the school portal for you to see and pay your acceptance fee.

    In summary, if anything is missing in your JAMB profile especially any of your results, your admission will be on hold (even if the school wishes to give you) until you do the right thing.

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    IJMB and JUPEB in University Vs Study Centres: Which is Better?

    IJMB and JUPEB form at a university vs study centre
    We need to talk about obtaining IJMB/JUPEB and similar A’level programmes forms of university of choice and that of study centres.

    Sound familiar?

    What is A’level Programme?

    For those who are new to IJMB and other A’level programmes. Here you have it…

    A’level is a Pre-University programmes based on a country&-8217;s education system. A’level takes usually 12 months of duration to complete depending on which university and intake. Students who study A’level will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of their chosen subject.

    In Nigeria, several universities accept candidates from all A’level programmes such as IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced, Cambridge Advanced, etc.

    Such students are admitted through JAMB Direct Entry admission instead of the UTME for SSCE students.

    Hence, frustrated candidates who could not pass UTME are taking to these A’level courses as the final resort – after all, they don’t need to write UTME or pass it again.

    The question at hand now is “where best to do this IJMB, JUPEB, etc?” Is it better done in the university or any of the A’level study centre?

    Ok. Let’s break things down.

    Those universities that are accepting IJMB, JUPEB students are also running the programme within their campuses or dedicated study centres owned by the institutions.

    However, some independent bodies, organizations or individuals equally run those programmes their own study centers across the nation.

    After the programmes, universities can accept their candidates or produce them to any other school if those candidates chose to seek admission into other institutions.

    Independent study centres only have the option to produce candidates to universities. They can’t accept them themselves since they’re not universities.

    The Real Picture of Study Centres Running IJMB and Other A’levels

    These centres sell their forms online or through a few liaison offices.

    If admitted, you would be lectured, groomed to be ready to write A’level exams.

    IJMB exams is set and marked by Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) which is the sole administrator of the programme.

    JUPEB exams are set and marked by the University of Lagos (UNILAG) which is in charge of the programme.

    And so on…

    If you must know, universities and study centres are not in charge of setting or marking the exams. They only prepare you for the joint exams that will be conducted nationwide by the bodies in charge.

    If you pass, the centre delivers your results to you. Then, you’re on your own.

    You’ll have to obtain the JAMB direct entry form, choose your universities of interest and process your admission into 200 level of your desired course.

    If you fail, that’s the end.

    The True Picture of Universities Running A’level Programmes

    The situation is not far different from study centres.

    However, the university has one main advantage over the study centre.

    They trained you. Then, you’re their burden.

    You stand a better chance of gaining admission into a university 200 level programme if you’re their A’level candidate than if you’re coming from a study centre.

    This is just a mare common sense.

    A university will want to make better provisions for her candidates before considering outsiders.

    In fact, a university will eventually find a course to drop you if you don’t meet up with the requirements of your proposed course.


    If I must give you my stand on this, I prefer you obtaining the form of a university running IJMB, JUPEB or other A’level programmes to the study centre around.

    While some study centres will convince you that they have connections with those universities you chose for DE, the truth still remains that outsiders stand a lesser chance.

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    UNIZIK JUPEB (2020/2021) Form: Price and How to Apply

    UNIZIK logo


    Admission into the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) Programme For 2020/2021 Session

    Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) Programme for 2020/2021 session.

    The programme leads to the award of JUPEB Certificate which enables the candidates to gain Direct Entry Admission into Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka and other JUPEB affiliated Universities in Nigeria and Abroad.

    UNIZIK JUPEB Admission Requirements and Eligibility

    Eligible candidates must process a minimum of Credit Level pass at maximum of two (2) sittings in at least 5 subjects (inclusive of English Language) relevant to the candidate’s desired course of study in the University.

    The duration of the the is one academic session of two semesters.


    Subject combinations
    History/Literature/Christian religious studies (HLCRS)
    Economics/History/Literature (EHL)
    History/Igbo/CRS (HICRS)
    Igbo/literature/CRS (ILCRS)
    French/Literature/CRS (FLCRS)
    Government/Literature/Christian Religious Studies (GLCRS)
    History/Igbo/French (HIF)
    Music/Literature/Christian Religious Studies (MLCRS)
    Government/Economics/Mathematics (GEM)
    Literature/Economics/Government (LEG)
    Biology/Economics/Government (BEG)
    Government/Literature/Christian Religious Studies (GLCRS)
    Biology/Government/CRS (BGCRS)
    Management Sciences
    Business Studies/Accounting/Mathematics (BAM)
    Mathematics/Accounting/Government (MAG)
    Mathematics/Economics/Government (MEG)
    Mathematics/Economics/Business Studies (MEB)
    Business Studies/Accounting/Government (BAG)
    Business Studies/Economics/Government (BEG)
    Business Studies/Economics/Accounting (BEA)
    Government/Economics/Accounting (GEA)
    Agricultural Science/Biology/Chemistry(ABC)
    Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics (PCM)
    Physics/Chemistry/Biology (PCB)

    Candidates are to note that the above-listed subjects combinations meet the requirements (as applicable) for admission into Degree Programmes in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Managements Sciences and Arts courses in all JUPEB-affiliated universities in Nigeria including Nnamdi University Awka.

    UNIZIK JUPEB Admission Method of Application and Payment

    1. Visit:
    2. Click on createa a profile. Enter your Surname, First Name, Middle Name, Email, Phone Number etc. and click on SUBMIT. A Registration number and password would be generated for you. Print or copy out both the Registration Number and password for login and click on Finish to be redirected to the login page.
    3. Enter the Registration Number as your username and the password as your password, and click log in.
    4. Click on STEP ONE, click on generate RRR. Your registration number name, email, phone number and application form fee of 15,000 naira will be displayed. Click on GENERATE.
    5. Print out your invoice and proceed to the bthe ank to make the require payment of 15,000 naira. The account number is the RRR number on your invoice.
    6. Visit the portal 2 hours after your bank payment, login with your Registration number and your password.
    7. Click on STEP TWO, click on confirm payment. Your registration number, name, e-mail and phone number will be displayed. Enter the RRR number and click on VERIFY PAYMENT. You will see a notification “payment verification successful” “Transaction pending”. If your payment verification is successful proceed to (viii) else retry (vii) until the verification is successful.
    8. Click on STEP THREE, click fill the application form, fill out apthe plication form and click on SUBMIT.
    9. Print out your acknowledgement slip.


    • Applicants into 2020/2021 preliminary programme are advised to be checking our website from time to time for their admission status and other relevant information.
    • All candidates are required to register for 2020 JAMB Direct Entry during the programme.
    • All candidates are required to use valid e-mail addresses and PERSONAL Telephone Numbers.
    • The forms must be filled and submitted online either immediately or within two weeks of accessing the website. No downloaded or printed copies of forms will be accepted.
    • Candidates are advised to follow the Application Instructions very carefully and ensure they select the Correct SUBJECT COMBINATIONS. Failure to do so may adversely affect the candidate.

    Phone: 08122466487, 08071595824
    E-mail: [email protected]

    The submission of online forms closes on the date to be announced later.

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