Adeyemi College of Education

ACEONDO SUG disclaims alleged protest by students

The Students Union Government of Adeyemi College of Education has released a circular letter notifying students and the Public in general that the Institution disclaims any convened protest attack to take place

See announcement below;

ACEONDO SUG disclaims alleged protest by students

&-8220;It has come to our notice that some set of unknown individuals are trying to use the name of the Students’ Union Government to stage a protest in front of the college gate.

We hereby inform the College Community and the General Public that the proposed protest that is being planned by these unknown individuals which is said to kick start from the College gate is not organized by the Student Union Government or any Student of the College, hence we enjoin the students and the general public to disregard this in their own best interest.

Moreover, Presently all students are expected to be at their respective homes in as much as the College has not re-opened for academic activities.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the current ongoing protest has been hijacked by hoodlums, we advise the organizers not to make use of the College gate for the purpose as anyone apprehended will face the consequences.

Similarly, it is important to note that necessary Security operations has been informed, in this vain we want to advise the convener of this said protest to desist from using the name of the Students Union Government as this can lead to us taking legal actions

Finally, we want to enjoin Students to please continue to stay safe while anticipate the safe reopening of our college for academic activities&-8221;  

ACEONDO SUG donates COVID-19 precaution materials to hasten resumption

In an attempt to augment the effort of the College Management in ensuring that the College is safely reopened for academic activities as soon as possible, the Coalesce Juggernaut &-8217;20 led by Com. Ayoola Olamilekan J. (Baba-Ipaye) presented to the College Management Wash hand basins and buckets, hand sanitizers, soaps and other materials needed for the safe reopening of the College on behalf of the entire students.

We believe at this crucial period, the Government and the Management of the College can&-8217;t do it all and our efforts as students has to be felt as well as informing the College Management that the Students are ready for the resumption of academic activities.

ACEONDO SUG donates COVID-19 precaution materials to hasten resumption

We want to appreciate the efforts of the College Management so far in ensuring that our College is safely reopened for academic activities.

Furthermore, we want to implore all students that while we all anticipate an official release from the management, let have it in our mind that Protocols of Federal Government of Nigeria, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and as well as that of the Ondo State Government will be highly followed while the school resumes.

In order to avoid embarrassment or any disciplinary actions please note that:

1. Use of nose mask within the College is highly important.

2. Washing of hands at intervals or use of hand sanitizers is as well important among others. 

Finally we want to urge Students, the College Community and the general public to please disregard any news stating a specific date of resumption, as they are false and misleading, the College Management will officially announce a date of resumption as soon as things are in order.&-8221;

Please continue to stay safe while we await the safe reopening of our College.




Com. Ayoola Olamilekan J. (Baba-Ipaye)       ACESUG President

Com. Mohamed Rasheed O. (MRO)                ACESUG General Secretary

Com. Abiola J. Oyelami                                    ACESUG  Director of Information

ACEONDO issues a resumption notice to staff

Kindly recall that the National Commission for colleges of Education (NCEE) vide letter ref no NCCE/PM/CFCE/235/IV dated 23th March,2020 conveyed the directive of the federal ministry of Education (FME) for the closure of all schools with effect from 23rd March,2020

In view of the recent briefing by the presidential task force team on Covid 19 the Federal Ministry of Education through the NCCE and vide a letter ref no NCCE/PMCFCE/253/vol IV dated 14th October,2020 has directed the immediate resumption of academic activities in all schools

ACEONDO issues a resumption notice to staff

Based on the above the management has directed that all staff on COMPCASS 4/CONTIDISS 9 and below are to resume work with effect from 19th October,2020 from 8am to 4pm daily 

All members of staff are to procure protective items such as alcohol based hand sanitizer face mask shield for their personal use only please note the above information for strict compliance thank you