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10 Most Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Are Single Mothers

10 Most Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Are Single Mothers &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 10:31:56 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

nollywood single mothers

In this “modern world” being a single mother is no longer a big deal and some of our actresses in the Nollywood movie industry also feel the same way, quite a number of Nollywood actresses are living single even though some of them have been married before and have given birth to Children, many of them are actually products of relationships that turned sour, some of them went through the process of changing their marital status to ‘married,’ only to realise that marriage isn’t really for them for whatever reasons that made them come out of it, we have taken a look at some of the leading Nollywood single mothers and have made a compilation of them here, hopefully, you’ll find it interesting and entertaining.

Nollywood Single Mothers

Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun

After separating with co-actor and husband, Saidi Balogun, Fathia is a single mother taking care of the two kids from the wedlock. Fathia is an Actress, producer, Mother and Entrepreneur who still looks very radiant even after two kids, she seems not bothered by her marital status, although it has been rumoured again and again that she was quitting the single mothers’ club to get married again, we are yet to confirm this. In 2013 Fathia changed to her maiden name, Faithia Williams.

Lola Alao


Lola is a Nollywood single mother of a daughter which came as a result of her short marriage with a US-based dude, unfortunately, that marriage did not last.

Bukky Wright

Bukky Wright

Looking so radiant and charming out of a marriage that produced two kids but she’s still enjoying her life as a Nollywood single mother and an actress.

Grace Amah


She is one of the most recent members of this league of Nollywood single mothers, though it’s still been perceived that she might still end up with the father of her son.

Ibinabo Fibresima

Ibinabo Firesema

In addition to the two kids she has from two different relationships, she increased the number with the one she had from her relationship with actor Fred Amata, a lover of kids, she has made motherhood look so easy and fascinating.

Shan George


Known to always be in one relationship or the other, she has two sons that are currently studying abroad.

Eucharia Anunobi


The “Sharon Stone” of Nollywood as she is popularly called joined the league of Nollywood single mothers when her marriage with Charles Ekwu hit the rock bottom, not without a son named Ramond though. She catered for the kid all alone until his sad death.

Monalisa Chinda


This adorable lady parted ways with her husband Victor Dejo-Richards a few years after their union produced  a child. The child called Tamar, is loved by both parents but under the custody of the mother.

 Genevieve Nnaji

genny nnaji

Genevieve has been an inspiration to a lot of women. Despite giving birth at a very young age, she has been able to manage her status as a single mother with her career, and also been able to keep the eyes of the press off her daughter, we don’t know so much about her daughter, but we know her name is Chimebuka.

Nigerian Movies: Watch Nollywood Movies Online For Free

Nigerian Movies: Watch Nollywood Movies Online For Free &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 10:31:54 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economies despite that its economy continues to stall. The country has a mixed economy with financial, manufacturing, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors making huge progress to revive the economy. Entertainment, which includes music and the blossoming Nigerian Movie industry (colloquially known as Nollywood) plays a massive role in the revenues of the country.

The industry’s potential as a big export product to the rest of the world is very important to the country especially as its government is enthusiastic about the need to diversify from its over-dependence on oil for most of its export revenue. This is why the sector has been included as a lifeline Nigeria can hang onto.

Nollywood Sucess

Nollywood is born out of coincidence meeting resourcefulness. The industry’s history dates back to the late 19th century and the colonial era in the early 20th century. Not many people had interest in venturing into the business. Fortunately, in 1960, the then filmmakers (Hubert Ogunde, Jab Adu, Ola Balogun, Moses Olaiya, Adeyemi Afolayan and Eddie Ugboma) who started out their career in stage performance produced the first set of Nigerian movies. Due to lack of finance and the huge cost of film production those days, the filmmakers were distressed but they didn’t give up. Over time, more people began to be keenly interested in the industry. This encouraged creative and dedicated people willing to produce films in the face of massive technical challenges to join the industry.

Also, the rise of affordable digital filming and editing technologies has also helped tremendously in awakening the country’s video and film industry.

Currently, the industry which was previously overlooked has grown very quickly over the years to become the second largest film industry in the world in terms of annual film productions, ranking ahead of United states Hollywood and just behind Indian Bollywood. According to CNN reports, Nigerian movie industry is a US$250 million movie industry, producing some 200 videos for the home video market every month.

Additionally, the industry has grown to become the largest movie industry in Africa both in terms of value and number of movies produced per year. It is also now one of the country’s biggest employers.

The prestige and the success which the industry is currently witnessing have a good impact on the country and on the wider pan-African diaspora. With this kind of trend, it won’t be long before Nollywood finds the same bearing with Bollywood that has produced many remarkable arty and acclaimed movies, with budgets close to those of the Hollywood productions.

How Did It Grow So Fast?

There is no doubting the creativity and perseverance of the Nigerian people even in the face of problems, so it should not be surprising that the country’s movie space has evolved. Besides, the industry takes advantage of real-life events on the continent, portraying true situations in the country, including undesirable and desirable ones.

This is in contrast to many movies especially Hollywood movies, which highlight the lives of upper-middle classes without showing that part of African life that is the continent’s reality. From big homes with servants and drivers to expensive cars, cute dresses and over-dramatized storylines. Although this has been appealing to viewers from Africa and rest of the world, a greater number of Africans and Nigerians prefer creative movies with storylines they can relate to and featuring people who look like them, living the high life.

With many talented new filmmakers ready to up their game when it comes to giving the best quality, and a digital revolution in film distribution (reducing piracy), the future can only be brighter than it has ever been for Nollywood.

How To Watch Nigerian Movies Online

Lately, some interesting contents emerging from the Nigerian movie industry have been winning hearts. This is because, in the last two decades, the industry has moved from quantity to quality, from tape to big screen and from local to a global presence.

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the best Nigerian movies ever produced, how and where you can watch them Online for free. This page features the best Yoruba Nigerian movies, best Hausa Nigerian Movies and best Nigerian Christian movies. Let’s take a look at some of the best Nigerian movies available Online For Free. (These Nollywood Movies are updated from time to time). Watch them online for free

Watch Nigerian Movies (Nollywood Movies) For Free

Is Wentworth Miller Gay or Married? Wife, Boyfriend, Brother, Family, Net Worth

Is Wentworth Miller Gay or Married? Wife, Boyfriend, Brother, Family, Net Worth &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 10:31:54 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Wentworth Miller, the English-born Prison Break star like most celebrities and most humans has some shocking truths in his life which have been uncovered and brought out in the open. Outlined below are some of them. But before we go into that, let’s take a quick and concise look at his biography.

Wentworth Miller Bio

Wentworth Earl Miller III was born on the 2nd of June, 1972, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. His father Wentworth Earl Miller II was a lawyer and teacher, and his mother, Joy Marie, was a special education teacher. He has two sisters named Leigh and Gillian.

For his early education, he was schooled at the Midwood High School, Brooklyn. At the school, he joined a group “SING” which was involved in an annual musical production in Midwood. He then moved to Quaker Valley High School, Pennsylvania and graduated in 1990.

As a young boy, he always had the flair for acting but never thought of pursuing it as a career, fast forward to the future, we are glad he did.

Is He Gay or Married?


Wentworth Miller denied being gay on thousands of interviews he had, even claiming to have the desire for a wife and kids in one of them. Sometimes, he simply refused to answer questions about his sexuality because he was afraid of the possible backlash. He was afraid that an open admission of the truth about his sexuality would hurt his career in a big way because of the open discrimination against gays that is still evident even in the showbiz industry. He admits he didn’t want to see his career which he had worked so hard for simply come to an end.

During a Human rights dinner in Seattle, Wentworth Miller tells of his challenges while growing up, trying to be like the perfect kid. He did this by speaking, standing and holding his wrist the right way as he put it. He considered every day as a test where failure would have resulted in heavy physical, psychological and emotional prices to pay.

Miller later came out as gay in a letter addressed to organizers of the Russian international film festival who had invited him to the event. He simply stated that though he enjoyed visiting Russia in the past, he couldn’t come to the festival due to the country’s anti-gay laws where people like him are violently persecuted. The letter was also posted on the GLAAD website.

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Wentworth Miller knew he was gay when he was quite young and admitted only to close family and friends in later years. However, it took him 41 years to go public with the news much to the shock of most of his loyal and clueless fans. The letter to the international film festival organisers was his first bold move, followed by his speech at the Human Rights Campaign event. However, instead of a huge backlash, there were praises from several quarters including several gay societies commending him for his boldness.

He stated that he lived in fear because of his sexual orientation and was pretending as if everything was fine. As a result, he first Attempted Suicide at Age 15 and has attempted to take his own life several times after that when he felt he couldn’t take it. During his confession at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner, he said he attempted suicide when his family was away for the weekend – he swallowed a couple of pills.

His Family, Brother, Wife and Boyfriend

wentworth miller
Miller and Luke Macfarlane

As far as we know, Wentworth Miller doesn’t have any nuclear family of his own at least not yet anyway. Though he had stated in an interview of his desire to one day have his own family “wife and kids,” now, however, after coming out as gay we doubt if that is a possibility. Nevertheless, with civilization and advancement in modern medicine, there is a high chance of this if he decides to. He could adopt children, go the way of surrogate or subscribe to other equally great options available for gay people like himself.

Miller is a very private person when it comes to his relationships especially now that he has come out of the closet. Nevertheless, he has been spotted with a few guys who we believe he has dated before and after his coming out. Some of them include; Luke Macfarlane, Kristoffer Cusick an Mark Liddell.

However, these relationships are based on speculations given that the prison break star hasn’t publicly come forward to announce or confirm any relationship. Notwithstanding, he hasn’t debunked the claims either so who knows, it might just be the truth.

Miller doesn’t have any brother at least not a biological one. However, the only brother he has as we are aware of is a fictional one. Miller’s brother was played by Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) in the hit Fox Network’s television drama Prison Break.

wentworth miller
Miller and Lincoln Burrows

Miller whose character was Scoffield in the series played the role of a caring brother who devised a means to aid his brother to escape death row after he was wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit.

The on-screen brotherly love and resemblance of the pair were such enough to make lovers of the series wonder if they weren’t brothers in real life. Oh well, they are just that, on-screen brothers.

Wentworth Miller’s Networth 

The prison break star has done quite well for himself in his career as a Hollywood actor and screenwriter. His net worth is currently estimated at $4 million. This is not a bad figure for the actor considering how it all started. From being an assistant at a film production company and a bookstore clerk.

Recently, to advance his career and enhance his portfolio he stated that he has had to reject certain job offers that are of low budget and of a smaller impact in order to wait out for bigger and more encouraging projects.

Quick Facts About Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield)


1. Worked Odd jobs Before the fame

Wentworth Miller didn’t start off easy or land off on fame accidentally, he had to start small by working as an assistant at a film production company and a bookstore clerk before gaining minor roles leading to his most laudable works yet – Prison Break.

2. His First Tv Roles

The character as the sensitive and introverted David Scott in ABC’s mini-series Dinotopia was His first starring role. Also, he wrote the screenplay to Stoker under the pseudonym Ted Foulke.

3. Admits He’s a Loner

Wentworth Miller admits in one of his interviews that he is a loner despite spending most of his days putting together shows that involve hundreds of people and promoting it. He further says he often desires to spend time on his own but due to the dramatic way his life has changed; being alone is a luxury he can no longer afford.

4. A Perfectionist

He once talked about his high expectations of himself and admits that he is always hard on himself. He says he is normally greatly disappointed in himself whenever he doesn’t deliver as per his own expectations. He always cares about the smallest details and will do everything to ensure that his work is perfect. He only competes against himself and no one else and therefore never compares himself to any actor.

5. Will Visit Russia Only when Anti-Gay Laws are Changed

After boldly coming out by declining Russia’s international film festival invitation, he further goes on to say that he will visit Russia if the country stops the violent persecution of gay people and changes its anti-gay laws. This shows his full support for gay people and it clearly shows that he is finally at peace with his sexuality.

More facts will definitely come out later. Everyone will want to know who Wentworth Miller is dating because the last gay rumour about him was that he was dating Luke MacFarlane the Brothers and Sisters series actor who was and is still openly gay.

Top 10 Romantic Nigerian Movies

Top 10 Romantic Nigerian Movies &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 10:31:52 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Yoruba Movies, Romantic Nigerian Movies

We all love romantic movies, don’t we? The best romantic Nigerian movies Nollywood has to offer are movies that anyone should not miss.

This is a never-ending list of classic romantic Nigerian movies. We’ve taken our time to bring you the very best of the very best Nigerian romantic movies that you can watch anytime and still feel like they just hit the box office.

We’ll continue to add new ones as we come across these romantic movies, so keep checking back, and feel free to make suggestions. Please tell us what you think of our list of the most romantic Nigerian movies anyone can see or watch online for free.

Do we need our heads examined for leaving out movies like ‘Sarafina’? Speak to us on Facebook or on Twitter or simply leave a comment below.

Here’s what the BuzzNigeria movie critics think are the 10 most romantic Nigerian movies.


The movie Isoken is about a beautiful, successful lady by the name “Isoken” who at 34, is still unmarried. Eventually, at her youngest sister’s wedding, her overbearing mother thrusts her into an orchestrated matchmaking with the ultimate Edo man, Osaze.

Osaze is handsome, successful and from a good family, making him the perfect Nigerian husband material. Just when you think she has finally found Mr Right, Isoken meets Kevin who she finds herself falling in love with and he just might be what she truly wants in a partner. The only problem is, not only is he not an Edo man, he is Oyinbo.


Dakore Akande as Isoken, Joseph Benjamin as Osaze, Marc Rhys as Kevin, Funke Akindele as Agnes, Damilola Adegbite as Joke, Lydia Forson as Kukua, Tina Mba Mama as Isoken, Patrick Doyle as Papa Isoken.


The movie tells the story of a young couple Muna and Imoh who are the perfect lovebirds. But tragedy strikes as Imoh has an accident on his way to work went into a coma. His loving wife Muna battles financial challenges to pay his bills until the hospital threatens to take him off life support if she fails to pay. She runs to her father Mr Mba and he gives her some money that bought Imoh one more month of life support.

Worrying about Muna’s obsession with her husband’s health, her sister Tina invites Muna to the club where she meets Yemi. She tries to keep at arm’s length, but Tina tells him about Imoh since he is a medical doctor. Months later, Muna and Yemi become really close and have sex which resulted in a pregnancy. At the point Muna finds out she is pregnant, Imoh wakes up from his coma and insists she terminates the pregnancy, but Yemi is having none of that.


Adesua Etomi as Muna, Blossom Chukwujekwu as Yemi, Kunle Rhemmy as Imoh, Kofi Adjorlolo as Mr Mba, Tamara Eteimo as  Tina, Desmond Eliot as himself.

When Love Happens

The movie tells the story of a 28-year-old event planner feels the clock ticking on her chances of getting married. With a friend getting engaged and being tasked to handle the wedding, she starts online dating and a Vlog of her journey. After lots of dates, she has a real chance at love.


Weruche Opia as Mo, OC Ukeje as Dare, Beverly Naya as Jennifer, Oreka Godis as Tseju, Gideon Okeke as Tobe, Desmond Elliot as  Lanre, Wale Ojo as Mr Laguda.

Weekend Getaway  

Five couples with relationship issues who spend the weekend in a plush, exotic hotel. A bored bachelor meeting his online love, a married couple looking to revive the spark in their relationship and a wealthy cougar descend upon the tropical paradise that is Le Meridian Hotel in Akwa Ibom for a weekend getaway.


Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Nouah, Monalisa Chinda, Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu, Beverly Naya, Alexx Ekubo, Bryan Okwara, Uru Eke, Ekere Nkanga, Ime Bishop Umoh, Bobby Obodo.

The Wedding Party

Dunni, a 24-year-old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents, Engineer Bamidele and Mrs Tinuade Coker, is about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie, the handsome son of Chief Felix and Lady Obianuju Onwuka.

The couple took a vow of chastity and are looking forward to a ground-breaking first night together as a married couple. Between matchmaking attempts on the bridal train, a wedding planner on a mission to succeed, the unruly behaviour of some ‘village’ guests much to Tinuade’s horror, Dunni’s uncertainty about her new husband’s faithfulness during the time of their courtship, make us wonder if their love will get through their wedding reception unscathed.


Adesua Etomi as Dunni Coker, Banky Wellington as Dozie Onwuka, Iretiola Doyle as Lady Obianuju Onwuka, Richard Mofe­Damijo as Chief Felix Onwuka, Sola Sobowale as Tinuade Coker, Alibaba Akporobome as Bamidele Coker, Beverly Naya as Rosie, Zainab Balogun as Wonu, Daniella Down as Deardre Winston, Kunle Idowu as Harrison, Emmanuel Edunjobi as Pastor Leke, Somkele Iyamah as Yemisi, Ayo Makun as MC, Enyinna Nwigwe as Nonso Onwuka, Ikechukwu Onunaku as Sola Akinyemi.

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My Darling Princess – 2009

This is a romantic story that involves the life of a beautiful princess, the only child of a powerful king who fell in love with a charming and handsome Igbo boy and this inter-tribal love affair seems to raise the eyebrow of both families. Against all odds, the lovebirds are ready to go all out to achieve their aim of being together forever. Love knows no bound!!!


Stephanie Okereke, Muna Obiekwe, Enebeli Elebuwa, Ngozi Nwosu, Eucharia Anunobi.

Romantic Touch –

Jessica succeeds in seducing her best friend’s Fiance who ends up leaving his fiancee for her. Watch how this plays out.


Desmond Elliot, Ireti Osayemi, Ann Njamanze

Ghetto Love

George was formerly a robber until he changed his ways when he got into some bad guys trying to rape a lady, he rescued her and later they both fell in love


Segun Arinze, Ini Edo, Emeka Enyiocha.

My Girlfriend

Mercellina dumps Kalu a poor bike rider for Johnson because he is rich. Now Kalu is not ready to leave Mercellina for anybody and he is ready to fight for his woman with the last drop of his blood.


Francis Duru, Queen Nwokoye, Nonso Diobi

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Lonely Hearts – Romantic Nigerian Movies

Charles and Yemi compete for Aima’s attention. At first, they pretend they’re gay but when Aima learns the truth, it’s on.

Aima happens to be a writer for a magazine. She interviewed “Tiana,” who is some sort of celebrity. Tiana discussed an affair she had with a younger man that ultimately ruined her marriage. She revealed all of the details except the identity of the man. Aima’s boss orders her to find and reveal his identity.

Aima also has to deal with her drug addict sister Lizzy who only calls when she needs money. She wound up leaving town owing her dealer and landlord.

Another storyline focused on Debbie who is a movie director married to an abusive husband. After one hit too many, Debbie made a powerful move and left. Shortly after, she found love again.


Belinda Effah as Aima, Okey Uzoeshi as Yemi, Morris Sesay, Perez Egbi, Barbara Soky as Tiana, Ime Bishop Umoh, Uche Jombo as Lizzy, Desmond Elliott, Ini Edo as Debbie, Kenneth Okolie as Charles.

Lonely Heart

A beautiful, intelligent but overzealous young businesswoman who runs her company and her love life like a drill sergeant. Will she ever find love this way or she will have to live with loneliness for longer?


Stephanie Okereke, Olu Jacob, Ini Edo, Emeka Enyiocha, Moses Armstrong and Fina Peters.

10 Best Nigerian Yoruba Movies You Must See

10 Best Nigerian Yoruba Movies You Must See &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 10:31:52 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Yoruba Movies, Romantic Nigerian Movies

What are the best Yoruba movies to see? This is the question most Nigerians ask and we’re here with some answers. Following our recent publication/videos titled the best Nigerian movies you must see this year, we’ve come up with another article we believe will be of interest to our readers especially if you’re from the south-western part of Nigeria – Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria.

Below is a collection of some of the best online Yoruba movies you need to see. The list below is not comprehensive but we’ll keep updating it from time to time.

A Collection of Free Yoruba Movies You Need to See Before the Year Ends


Elulu tells the story of a mentally unstable handsome man called Gbeminiyi, whose condition didn’t deter Ojuolape from offering to help him recover and get married to him. Sadly, Ojuolape’s parents refused after they found out. You can’t afford to miss this interesting movie.


Timutimu is one of the most interesting Yoruba movies that is loved by all and sundry. It tells the story of a beautiful and charming wife who saw herself in great distress and difficulty just because she wasn’t able to bear a child. It features comic actor Odunlade Adekola and other Yoruba popular faces including, Kemi Afolabi, Rose Odika, Kola Ajeyemi and Bukola Odediran.

Aye – Award Winning Yoruba Movie

Laronke mistakenly bumps into the bathroom while Dauda, her elder brother’s friend was having his bath and this made Dauda swore that he must see her nakedness as well at all cost. Would Laronke who already had a lover accept Dauda’s advances even while under pressure? Find Out!

Ikorira – Latest Yoruba Movie

Bode and his little sister Adun are very close. Adun must first scrutinize and endorse Bode’s girlfriend before Bode goes into any relationship with her. When Bode falls in love with Abike and brings her home for Adun to see, it is hatred for Adun at first sight.

Ajo – Yoruba Latest Movie

Ajo is a story centred around a young lady who desires nothing but happiness and a great future but tends to forget that our destiny is like hand palm prints that can never be erased.

It features your favourite actors and actresses like Lola Faduri, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe, Mistura Asunmo, Yinka Quadri and a host of others.

Sonto Alapata

Sonto and his father are meat butchers. His father died a mysterious death while trying to secure a butcher’s permit for his son. Sonto who knew his father’s death was spiritual, decides to cook himself with juju so as not to be caught by death unaware. He now commands superpowers. What does he do with it? Watch!


Both male and female children should be treated equally. This movie tells the story of a father who preferred pampering his son as his heir more than his daughter. Find out how it all merged. Starring: Joko Val, Taiwo Aromokun, Lere Paimo and many others.


This movie tells the story of a skilled labourer who needs to go through a kidney transplant to survive. He was later helped by an old friend of Olaigbade (Tai Balofin) whom he had once helped, bailed him out of the situation.

One good turn deserves another they say but Olaigbade’s kind-heartedness now leads him to the devil’s door in his quest to seek fortunes. He is then lured into the Ogboni cult. This is a must-watch movie.

Jaguda Metta [Part 1] – Latest Yoruba Movie

Jaguda Metta is yet another interesting movie capable of leaving anyone spellbound.

Jaguda Metta [Part 2]


Funke realizes her husband is cheating on her and comes home late. She begs her sister Abimbola to come stay with her maybe her husband will change. He changes quite alright but comes home early to Abimbola instead. Abimbola is truly a suspense-filled drama. You need to see it.


Iwalewa is a story of a young lady who believes beauty is everything at the expense of good character and brain, she learned the reality the hard way.

Pastor Were [Part 1]

A Prophet suddenly runs mad during a church service. He was rescued by a member who insisted that something unbelievable must be done for him to regain his senses. Enjoy!

Pastor Were [Part 2]

A Prophet suddenly runs mad during a church service. He was rescued by a member who insisted that something unbelievable must be done for him to regain his senses. Enjoy!


A nymphomaniac married young lady’s sexual appetite heightens days after her marriage which causes her devoted husband constant embarrassment. All efforts to give a lasting solution to this act leads to an unforeseen event in the marriage. This is a must-watch movie.