Hоw tо buy and sell Bitcoin іn Nіgеrіа

Hоw tо buy and sell Bitcoin іn Nіgеrіа &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 11:42:57 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Are you planing to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria for profit? In this article, we will try to help you as much as we can.

Bіtсоіn іѕ a vіrtuаl currency. It’s a dесеntrаlіzеd dіgіtаl сurrеnсу whісh uѕеѕ рееr tо рееr nеtwоrkіng аnd сrурtоgrарhіс рrооfѕ tо ореrаtе thе ѕуѕtеm. Bіtсоіn wоrkѕ thrоugh a ѕоftwаrе ѕуѕtеm аnd dоеѕ nоt hаvе аnу gоvеrnmеnt соntrоl оvеr іt.

Bіtсоіn is mаnаgеd аnd соntrоllеd bу іtѕ uѕеrѕ аrоund thе wоrld. Buуіng аnd ѕеllіng Bitcoin іn Nіgеrіа is dоnе the same wау. Kеер іn mind thаt thе рrісе оf bіtсоіn сhаngеѕ tіmе аftеr time. Buуіng аnd ѕеllіng Bіtсоіn іn Nіgеrіа ѕtаrts wіth thе following ѕtерѕ.

Gеt a wallet. An е-wаllеt is a store оr a рrоvіdеr thаt оffеrѕ software from whеrе bitcoins саn bе bought, ѕtоrеd, and traded. It wоrkѕ on уоur Dеѕktор, Smаrtрhоnе’ѕ аnd Laptops

Sіgn uр wіth a wаllеt. This іѕ thе nеxt ѕtаgе оf сrеаtіng аn e-wallet. Sіgn uр wіth уоur e-wallet. It wіll аllоw уоu tо make аn ассоunt to ѕtоrе your bіtсоіnѕ. The е-wаllеt trader wіll оffеr you a chance to соnvеrt your local сurrеnсу іntо bіtсоіn. Thеrеfоrе, thе mоrе lосаl currency уоu hаvе, thе mоrе bіtсоіnѕ you саn рurсhаѕе and vісе- versa.

Connect Yоur Bаnk Aссоunt. Aftеr ѕіgnіng uр, уоu have tо соnnесt your bаnk account tо уоur trаdіng ассоunt. Fоr thіѕ purpose, ѕоmе verification steps аrе tо be performed. Onсе the verifications are performed, then уоu can ѕtаrt рurсhаѕіng bіtсоіnѕ.

Wауѕ to buy and sell Bitcoin іn Nіgеrіа

Bіtсоіn exсhаngеѕ: Buying аnd ѕеllіng of Bіtсоіn іn Nіgеrіа аrе allowed thrоugh bіtсоіnѕ wеbѕіtеѕ саllеd Bіtсоіn exchange. Thіѕ іѕ done with Nіgеrіа сurrеnсу (Naira) оr wіth any other сurrеnсy. The leading bitcoin exchange are currently: Luno and Nairaex

Trаnѕfеrѕ: Trаnѕfеr thrоugh mobile рhоnеѕ, соmрutеrѕ оr online platform. It іѕ thе same as ѕеndіng cash іn a digital way. Bіtсоіn traders саn buy and sell Bitcoin thrоugh this way.

Another way to buy and sell Bitcoin іѕ through Mіnіng: Sоmе реrѕоnѕ called thе miners built a secure mining nеtwоrk. Thе mіnеrѕ verify аnd rесоrd еvеrу nеw trаnѕасtіоn in what’s known as a public, trаnѕраrеnt ledger and thеrеbу rewarded rеgulаrlу fоr аll newly vеrіfіеd trаnѕасtіоnѕ.

Yоu hаvе tо bе aware оf thе current price of Bіtсоіn before уоu buу. Onсе уоu make your fіrѕt рurсhаѕе, your bank ассоunt wіll bе debited, аnd уоu will gеt thе bitcoins. Thе e-wallet you are wоrkіng with wіll ѕhоw you thе сurrеnt еxсhаngе rаtе.

How to make money with Bitcoin

How to make money with Bitcoin &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 11:42:36 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Have you been wondering how to make money with bitcoin and the best ways to achieve that? In this article we will try to help you.

There are so many popular ways of earning money with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new currency created in 2009. With Bitcoin, there are no middlemen, meaning no banks! No need of mentioning your real name and no transaction fees are charged. We are going to discuss 6 of the most popular ways of how to make money with bitcoin.


Top ways to make money with Bitcoin

Here are the best ways to make money with Bitcoin


  1. Trading your bitcoins

Bitcoin trading simply involves buying and selling of bitcoin. You buy bitcoin when it is low and sell it when the price is up.  This is done with the help of brokers. Brokers are applications in companies that act as middlemen in the transaction. There are many market instruments offered by the brokers; you can learn and master how to trade your bitcoins in the comfort of your living room. Making money trading bitcoins only require you to open an account with the brokers then you are set to earn more money or even more bitcoin.

  1. Gambling

If you are lucky, you can make some money. Maybe you are familiar with online casinos, you can try. The easy quick and straightforward, is to play a game you are familiar with and earn some money. It may not be the best way of earning bitcoins, but it has been proven to be the one of  ‘fastest’ ways if you are good at it. You can earn a thousand of bitcoins just from hundreds at your favorite casino with live dealers in the comfort of your room.

  1. Invest your bitcoins and make more

Apart from trading your Bitcoins, you can invest them by saving in bitcoins saving accounts. There are companies which let you open accounts and save your Bitcoins. With such investments, your bitcoins will not only increase in their value, but you will also earn more with your dormant coins.

  1. Freelance to earn bitcoins

If you got some skills you could trade them for bitcoin, for instance, you could write for blogs or websites especially the new ones in exchange for bitcoins. Depending on how professional you are, and how skilled you are you can earn hundreds of bitcoin for your skills. You will be amazed how many people online are wiling to offer you bitcoin for a task.

  1. Bitcoin faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives away small amounts of bitcoins to its users, in turn, the owners make money by putting ads on their websites and pay people who visit their websites to see the ads and do complete surveys. This kind of industry sums up to 50% of the traffic of bitcoin websites today. In faucets, once you invite someone to their website you earn some Bitcoins. Some of the popular bitcoin faucets include: FreeBitcoinCointiply, Moonbit and more.

  1. Mine your bitcoins

Bitcoin is not like paper money were producing more into circulation only lands in the hands of the Central Bank. Bitcoin can also be mined by everybody; this means that you have the control of creating money on your own through mining which entails high configuration computers and software that are specialized. Mining of bitcoin is a simple act of using a particular software in solving complex and hard mathematical problems to be paid a certain amount of Bitcoin for each task. You can also choose to mine the Bitcoin yourself. However, it become expensive as Bitcoin value continue to grow and cost of electricity rises as well. Cloud mining, on the other hand, offers a chance to those who can’t afford to run this software on specialized hardware by themselves.


There are many ways to make money online, check our complete guide: How to make money online (With complete guide)


Thank you for reading and feel free leave your comments. We hope we have been able to answer your question of “how to make money with bitcoin”


Top ten secrets you need to know about bitcoin

Top ten secrets you need to know about bitcoin &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 11:42:32 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Since it was introduced, Bitcoin has become a currency that is accepted across many nations and can be used in exchange for money. There are basically three ways of earning Bitcoin:  by offering services in exchange for Bitcoins, buying bitcoins with money or mining them yourself.  If you are new to bitcoin or just want to know more, here are the top ten secrets about bitcoin that you should know. You want to learn how to make money with Bitcoin, you can click here to read that.


1.     There is no entity that controls Bitcoin.

The inventor of bitcoin is unknown. There is no soul owner of Bitcoin. There is no company or website that has the right over Bitcoin. The same way you can download a photo or a song from the internet is how the Bitcoin software works. It is an open-source software, this means that anyone and everyone can access it.

2.     The number of Bitcoin is not infinite.

The number of bitcoins is finite, meaning it is limited. This is the reason why it is a stable currency since it has a certain limit number. Everything that has limits is valuable. Bitcoin is rare and has a limited quantity, that is why it is cherished worldwide.

3.     Bitcoin has no set value.

Bitcoin has no inherent value, another reason why it has a unique and stable value. There is no currency where bitcoins value was inherited from. It has a certain unique value. However, the value varies on the kind of services provided for them.

4.     You can see all transactions made.

A every important thing about bitcoin is that there is no unnecessarily secrecy, no one can manipulate you. Relying on the fact that bitcoin is available for everyone, everything that has something to do with bitcoin including reports and transactions are available. Since there is no one who controls the operations and transactions that takes, anyone is able to simply search for detailed reports and transactions and get hold of it.

5.     Bitcoins can be mined.

As discussed there are three basic ways of getting bitcoins, either by earning them, buying them  or by mining them yourself. The term “mining” is used to refer, solving math problems using a certain software that exchanges Bitcoins for every math problem solved. The people doing this are called miners.

6.     You can’t reverse a transaction.

This is just the way it is. Once a transaction is made, there is no reversing. In other words, there is no going back. That means you have to be careful when carrying out transactions with bitcoin.


7.     Transactions can be made with little or no fee.

The main reason why banks are there is to make a profit, it does not cost the bank a thing to transfer funds from one account to another but still they charge their customers. This is a way banks are earning money for nothing, lending people the money we save with them and make the profit intended for us. With Bitcoin there is no charged fee when making transactions since no one owns it, therefore no one wants profit off your sweat. As you get to know more about bitcon, this is one quality you will appreciate that you cant find in a regular bank.

8.     Bitcoins have special wallets.

Perhaps you are wondering where you would keep your bitcoin. The thing about bitcoin is that it has almost all the quality of your regular currency. There is no reason to worry about where to store them, bitcoins has digital wallets where it is safe for you to keep your bitcoin. It is the same with a bank account, the difference is that you do not pay any fees to keep your earnings. It is like an actual wallet, you will have it anywhere and everywhere, and you will be able to do whatever you want at all times.

9.     Losing your wallet is disastrous.

If you lose your wallet, it means that you have lost your bitcoin forever. This is the most dangerous thing, not unless the other side returns your bitcoin. This is why it is important to take care of your wallet security and use the right transaction website. Be careful how you store or spend your money because losing your wallet is losing your bitcoin forever!

10. Purchase of thing using bitcoin is allowed.

Of course, you can buy things using bitcoin. There is no problem at all as long as the seller accepts payment using bitcoin. It is an advantage that bitcoin is becoming popular every day.  As more people get to know about bitcoin and embrace it, soon you maybe able to buy things at every shop next to you with bitcoin

Best places to trade bitcoin online in 2019

Best places to trade bitcoin online in 2019 &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 11:42:25 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Are you looking for where to trade bitcoin in 2018? We have got you covered! Keep reading!


Bitcoins have grown to be the topmost cryptocurrency worldwide today; it might even overthrow regular money some day!


This is a good news because it means you can earn a lot of money when trading Bitcoin. However, for you to get the most out of this trade, you must make major speculations and pick the best places to invest your bitcoins in.

These are some of the best sites you can invest your Bitcoins in 2018;



Etoro has to be our first choice. This is a platform with over 12 million people trading. You can trade bitcoin and all Cryptos here. You can also trade currencies and others.  Because of it’s large user base and credibility, Etoro is the reliable. Click here to go to Etoro



This is one of the best sites on the internet today to invest your Bitcoin. This site makes trading so straightforward. With this site, you can do absolutely everything to with Bitcoin, it allows you to trade units from other customers with the highest level of security.

It is the safest platform and must be first on your list. A person can trade Bitcoin on a weekly or monthly basis. If you get more familiar with this site, you will be more comfortable dealing in bitcoin. Click here to go to Coinbase



This site has a major advantage, it a has a section for each country and supports their currency. This is a site where people meet to exchange their Bitcoin. Yes you can trade bitcoin here.

When it comes to security, it is pretty well secured, thanks to it protected escrow, that protects its customers from scammers. This means that the buyer must confirm payment before money it is released. This site is very advantageous, especially for beginners. Click here to go to LocalBitcoins



It’s one of the high rated peer to peer Bitcoin exchange sites. It has so many users, it allows you to trade using so many methods. These methods include PayPal and western union. It’s quite easy, just select your payment method and how many coins you wish to buy. Click here to go to Paxful



This was the very first site that passed an independent audit. Since then there has been a tremendous growth meaning it has an acceptable number of customers. This platform specifically deals with trading Bitcoins.

This site is popular because of its easy set-up, therefore it mostly attracts new users. Its security is just like Coinbase; it is of high level. The engine is also large enough to serve many people. It has been rated as one of the best bitcoin trading sites, and therefore there is no worry about it being slow.



Its major advantage is that it allows the use of debit and credit cards. With this site, you can also turn your Bitcoin into a proportional amount of gold. Just like Coinbase, it security is tremendous, all the transactions are highly monitored. This is the only site that offers this kind of special deals. It is also the oldest Bitcoin exchange platform still on the market.



If you are a beginner, the sites listed might not be the best for you, however, this is the go-to for you. You will need something that is not too flashy, but advanced. If that’s what you want OKCoin is where you should be. This site is really good for investing. However, if you are not a trader it won’t be easy.



Bisq is quite flexible as an open source application. It also the fastest way to laying your hands on online Bitcoins. Moreover, it is a safe site. You can also choose to remain anonymous in all transactions you make.

How to start investing in Bitcoin in Nigeria

How to start investing in Bitcoin in Nigeria &-8211; this Article or News was published on this date:2019-05-16 11:39:14 kindly share it with friends if you find it helpful

Almost everyone have somehow heard of Bitcoin. Most people usually heard about it in passing but don’t know what it is. For some others, their question is if it is legal and how can they start, while for some others the question is what can they do with Bitcoin. In this article we will look at how to invest and make money from Bitcoin in Nigeria.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is simply digital money, meaning that unlike Naira or US Dollar that makes use of paper, Bitcoin is completely paperless. It was created with the intention of making it easier to move money from country to country, some even call it borderless money. Bitcoin, unlike regular currency (fiat), is not controlled by any single individual, organisation or government rather is controlled by Bitcoin users around the world.


Is Bitcoin Legal?

As to whether it is legal, in some countries it has been tagged as illegal although it is difficult to restrict people from using bitcoin. However, in Nigeria, there are no laws/policies against the use of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin in Nigeria is 100% legal


What you can do with Bitcoin

Regarding what can you do with Bitcoin in Nigeria, a couple use cases are: using it as an investment vehicle to diversify your assets; trading by making gains off the price fluctuation just like forex trading. Bitcoin can also be used to transfer money across borders faster and cheaper.


How to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

On how to start investing in Bitcoin, it’s pretty easy. A couple years ago the reverse was the case but with platforms like Quidax, investing in Bitcoin from Nigeria is seamless.

You can start investing in Bitcoin with as low as N50 and can fund your account with either your debit or via bank transfer. All you need to do is Create an Account, Deposit Naira into your Wallet and then Buy Bitcoin.

Follow these steps to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria using Quidax:

1. Creating an Account

  1. Go to and click ‘Create Account’ in the menu
  2. Fill in your details, submit and verify your email via the link sent to your email
  3. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on verify your identity

2. Depositing Naira in your wallet

  1. Click on “Wallets”  in the website menu.
  2. Select either “Bank Deposit or Card Payment”.
  3. Enter the details of how much you want to deposit and click on ‘Pay’ or ‘Submit’ if you selected bank deposit.
  4. For card payment enter your card details and click Pay. If you selected bank deposit make a transfer to the account details, ensure to include the ‘Deposit Reference Code’ in the transfer summary.
  5. Once done your Quidax wallet will be credited with the value you deposited.

3. Buying Bitcoin

  1. Once your wallet is funded click on Instant Buy/Sell in the menu
  2. When the page loads Click on “Buy”.
  3. Select Bitcoin (BTC) as the currency to buy and Naira (NGN) as the currency to buy with.
  4. In amount to spend, enter the amount you want to buy. Example: If you want to buy N5,000 worth of BTC, type 5,000 in the field.
  5. Alternatively, you can switch to “amount to buy” using the double arrows to the right of that field. In this case, type in the amount of the asset you want to buy. Example: If you want to buy 0.5 BTC, type 0.5 in that field.
  6. Confirm all the details.
  7. Click “Buy”
  8. You can check if you have been credited, by clicking on ‘Wallets’ in the menu


Bitcoin price in Naira

Below is bitcoin price in Naira.