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These are the different range of tractors available for different purposes both on the field on off the field adapted for different soil conditions and farm operations. 

Availabble tractor grades are listed below: 

TE Series   20 &-8211; 35 
TB Series   35 &-8211; 60
TA Series   55 &-8211; 82
TD Series   75 &-8211; 100
TG Series  125 &-8211; 185 






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TE Series utility tractors are designed for multiple works such as farming,

transportation. It can provide power from 25 – 35 Hp powered by

reliable three-cylinder diesel engines. 

TE Series can be matched with various implements  

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The TD series utility tractors have engines that can provide 75 to 100 hp.

TD series can provide a steady stream of big torque which helps when

engaged with a variety of heavy work

TD series tractor

These series are designed for multiple works in small farms and pastures,

can provide power from 35 to 65 HP powered by reliable four-cylinder diesel engines.

TB series tractors