CAPS Doesn’t Show O’level Exams Number? Reasons/Solutions

Seeing The JAMB registration Number is Normal and Correct
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I just addressed this confusion in my office. A student walked in to ask: “why was my O’level showing JAMB registration number instead of O’level Registration Number?”

If you don’t know what we’re talking about yet, candidates should check if their O’level result is truly uploaded during JAMB registration by the CBT centre. And if you’d just returned to upload awaiting results, you may still want to confirm if your results are duly active on JAMB portal.

In fact, if you don’t have your O’level results uploaded to JAMB portal, I can assure you, 100%, that you won’t be offered admission this year even if you score 100% in your post UTME. See how to check. Not yet there? See how to upload.

Back to the question at hand.

This is a student’s CAPS O’level results with blank exams number

After candidates checked their status for O’level results on JAMB portal, they were greeted with their results grades as correctly as uploaded. However, instead of seeing the NECO, WEAC, NABTEB or NBAIS results and the exams or registration number, what they saw instead was JAMB/UTME registration number.

Here is the question: What is wrong? Is this normal? is this how everybody’s CAPS page like? Is there anything to do in order to make the number O’level one instead?

Seeing The JAMB Registration Number is Normal and Correct

Generally, JAMB will only display candidates’ UTME registration number instead of WAEC or any other O’level’s. Only a few CBT centre take the pain to include the exams number.

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This may be confusing though. But don’t be.

JAMB is only interested in the grades of required subjects for your proposed. They, as well, want to know whether it’s WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or NBAIS. They don’t want more.

Hence, once your result and grades are all clearly updated, there is no need to be worried about the non-inclusion of SSCE exams number.

If you still want to please yourself to the maximum, you can return to another or same CBT centre and request them to reupload the result for you. However, not doing that will not affect your admission.

Some CBT Centres Only Uploaded 5 Required Subjects

As a matter of fact, JAMB trusts their CBT centres. That’s why they don’t allow cafes to upload O’level results for admission seekers. They believe CBT centres will NOT enter grades to manipulate the admission process. CBT centres are aware of the consequences if they do.

And in the same vein, CBT centre can just upload only the 5 required subjects in your O’level instead of all the subjects. For example, a CBT centre can upload Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology for a Nursing candidate instead of all her 9 subjects.

In this case, nothing is wrong with that. Those are the subjects JAMB and schools want to reckon with.

Just like in the case of blank exams number, if you insisit you want all the subjects to appear, you can return to the CBT centre or the one around you for a re-upload.

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