Can JAMB Give A Candidate Two Admissions in CAPS?

Once you Accept Admission from one Institution, Other Chances are Blocked
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You’re on the right page if you seek answers to a series of questions including, who gives admission between JAMB or school? If JAMB, can it give admission from two or more schools to a candidate on CAPS? If schools, can a candidate gain admission into two schools at the same time? etc

I had covered a great deal of what JAMB CAPS is in my Post “CAPS: System Through Which JAMB Will Give Admission to Aspirants”. I made a brief reference to it also in, “4 Stages that Follow Writing JAMB UTME”.

So if you find yourself on this page by search, you may likely want to know more or wish to find the answer to the above question and a series of related concerns.

I write to address this question after I received a voice note from a concerned candidate. She wanted to know if she has been offered admission by a school through JAMB CAPS and she has accepted it, is it possible for another school to offer her admission.

Many admission seekers are in the same dilemma and you should read to the end to get answers.

The Purpose of JAMB CAPS

The very reason why JAMB introduced CAPS is to prevent multiple admissions among other things. JAMB is instituted to ensure no student is offered admission into two schools while other candidates are forced to be home.

In other words, JAMB sees to how admissions are being offered by every school and makes sure no one is offered by two different institutions.

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Ok, let’s see how the body achieves this.

Once you Accept Admission from One Institution, Other Chances are Blocked

As soon as the admission exercise begins, each applicant can monitor his or her admission progress. This can be done by regularly logging into your JAMB profile.

At a time, you will see “Admission is in progress”. Later, you see, “You have been recommended for admission” etc. I detailed these messages, their interpretations and their orders in the post referred to above – CAPS: System Through Which JAMB Will Give Admission to Aspirants. But at the very end of the admission year, you will be presented with a school that has offered you admission – if any.


  1. This school will be one of the schools you wrote their post UTMEs and passed or partook in their screening exercises so to say.
  2. A strange school (the one you didn’t choose) is not likely going to offer you admission. Only expect admissions from schools you chose and partook in their post UTME/screening exercises. Although it’s possible to be offered admission by a strange institution. See details how this is possible in the post, “Given Admission by A School You Didn’t Choose? See Why and What To Do“.

Back to my explanation,

If your CAPS displays a school that has offered you admission, you will be given options to “Accept” or “Reject” it.

That’s where your fate is decided.

Effects of CAPS “Accept” OR “Reject”

If you accept the offer

  1. Immediately you accept the admission, you’re automatically a new student of that institution and you can’t reject such an offer later unless you don’t want to go to the school any longer or want to defer.
  2. Then, JAMB blocks any other schools from offering you admission even if you’ve partaken in their post-UTMEs/Screenings.
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If you reject the offer

  1. First, you don’t have to reject admission offer unless you’ve partaken or will partake in other schools’ post-UTMEs/screenings. In other words, don’t reject an offer unless you believe the other school will surely (by merit or connection) offer you admission.
  2. After rejecting the offer, JAMB opens you up for any other school to offer you admission. The body will inform the rejected institution that you’d declined and should replace you with another lucky student.
  3. Sooner, if you’re lucky, the school you hope for will also offer you admission and then you can accept the offer. For this, you will keep rechecking your CAPS status to know when you’ve been given by another school.

See: What JAMB and Schools Do When you Reject Admission on CAPS

What is the way out?

With the state of admission in Nigeria, most candidates open themselves up to opportunities that come their ways. Most applicants have even resolved to consider programmes including; pre-degree, Nursing, Health Tech and Hygiene Schools, IJMB, JUPEB, and Cambridge A’level, Daily Part-time and Sandwich – just to leave home.

Meanwhile, some candidates are so determined about certain schools and courses. Some are OAU, UI, UNILAG, UNILORIN, UNIBEN, UNN, ABU fanboys. If you’re one of these adamant admission seekers, you’ve to be careful about CAPS and how you partake in the admission activities for the year.

Below are your takes.

  1. You could have selected four schools in UTME. Yet, your most desired school should be your No. 1
  2. You should only change to another school as your first choice if you’ve COMPLETELY changed your mind to the new school.
  3. Don’t partake in post-UTMEs or screenings of several schools. Stick to the ones you want most.
  4. And eventually, in most cases, it’s the school you do her post UTME or screening that is certain to offer you admission through CAPS
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