Can I Use This Year JAMB Result For Next Year Admission?

Can I Use My Last Year JAMB result For this year or Next Year?
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Do JAMB results ever expire?

The straight answer is, Yes!

But, for how many years can I use it for admission?

The answer is 1.

See more below…

I’ve got calls regards this question. “Can I use the last UTME result for the next admission year?” Can my last JAMB result be used this year? And many other variants…

I threw you a post about this when it was proposed that the JAMB result should be you used for three admission years. You can check the post here.

And back to your question: can I use my 2019 result in 2020 or 2020 in 2021 etc?

The answer is NO.

Don’t be confused yet. I have more details on this below.

I know you’re getting your information somewhere – you’ve been told that the last result could be used for another admission year.

It’s was proposed that candidates should be using their UTME scores for more than one year but this bill never saw the light of the day. It wasn’t eventually passed into law. Hence, you can’t use the result of this year next year – at least not for now.

Why Can’t I use My UTME Result Another Year?

I think this was well defended by the former JAMB registrar – prof. Dibu Ojerinde. The old man said JAMB was meant to test students’ academic ability not intelligent quotient (IQ).

If JAMB is such exams that test IQ, it could be adopted to be used for more than one year.

However, this basis was not acceptable because O’level results such as WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB can be used for years and they too, are not to test our IQ.

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Yet, we can still bend to him because these SSCE results are evidence of completing studies at secondary schools instead of a-year preparation for an entrance exam.

Conclusively, don’t duel on the dream that this or last result can be used next year. That may happen in the future but not for now.

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