Can I Serve at NYSC After NCE Programme?

You Can Proceed to B.Ed In Order To Serve after NCE
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Who won’t know that NCE holders are not going for NYSC? This is a question someone with background knowledge on Nigeria education will be asking – stumbling a post like this.

If we’re sincere, very many admission seekers – especially those who want to consider offers for National Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes are not sure if they will serve after NYSC.

The answer to this question is straightforward. And it’s just NO, you won’t serve after NCE.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you won’t serve at NYSC at all in life. If after NCE you decide to serve, you have other things to add. And below are what you must know upfront.

Why You Won’t Serve at NYSC With NCE

NCE is a three-year course in any college of education in Nigeria. It’s equivalent to OND, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced Level, or Cambridge Advanced Level programmes. These programmes are generally the first phase of a degree award (i.e B.ED). Therefore, they’re not equivalent to BSC Education or HND yet.

Having said that, only HND and BSC holders are allowed to serve at NYSC in Nigeria. In other words, you must be a graduate of a university or polytechnic (at Higher National Diploma level) before being mobilized.

You Can Proceed for B.ED in Order to Serve at NYSC

As earlier said, with NCE, you’re just as an ND or a JUPEB holder. Just as OND holders are required to obtain JAMB direct entry forms if they must cross to a university or obtain HND forms if they must proceed to Higher National Diploma, so also you’re required to obtain DE form to cross to a university.

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You’re now aware that you will need a BSC or HND before you can serve. However, you are not likely going to continue to HND with NCE. Yet, you’re allowed to continue to a university with NCE. If you follow this path, you will be required to spend 3 years more in a university to obtain a degree (usually in education). Then, proceed to NYSC with that.


It’s impossible to finish NCE and proceed to NYSC immediately. You can achieve NYSC service if you just cross to a university for additional three-year studies at the college.

To some people, the journey is truly long. Three years at NCE plus three years post-NCE is sincerely longer. Compare that with going to a university with a 4-year education programme, you will want to go for the latter.

However, going for NCE will not deprive you of clarion’s call – you now understand what to do next.

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