Can I Do JAMB Part-Time Registration at Cafes?

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We have shared updates that every prospective part-time candidate should obtain the JAMB part-time form which you may be aware that very many candidates had done through the nearest JAMB offices.

However, due to congestion at the JAMB offices around you or the ones you visited, you may want to consider using the service of a cafe instead of queueing all days before it’s your turn.

This is why a few candidates had asked if cafes or certain approved business centers providing internet services can do the JAMB part-time registration too.

Are cafes allowed or approved to register candidates for the JAMB part-time form?

Cafes Are Not Allowed to Register JAMB Part-Time Form

Just like the registration of JAMB UTME/DE, cafes or any internet service business centers around you are not allowed to fill the JAMB part-time forms for candidates. 

In fact, no specific requirements for any cafe to be able to do it. The registration is beyond their permission. In other words, cafes are not permitted to register you in case you decide to skip going to the JAMB office.

JAMB Office Are Generally Assigned to Register Candidates for JAMB Part-Time Forms

To date, only JAMB offices across the nation are allowed to start and complete the registrations for candidates. Of course, the population at the offices may be alarming, yet no cafe is permitted to relieve the board.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether you use the service of the JAMB office in your state or elsewhere. What matters is visiting any JAMB office. Although, we’ve received complaints from several candidates that JAMB offices are not attending to candidates, not from their states.

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If this is the case, you may consider the JAMB office of your state of origin or where your proposed school is.

CBT Centers Are Allowed to Register Candidates for JAMB Part-Time form

As back as 2018 when the JAMB part-time application was stated by the board, accredited CBT centres were allowed to register you, instead of going to the JAMB office.

However, just recently, a few candidates had reported that CBT centres are now referring candidates to JAMB offices, again, for the registration. 

The reasons for this may not be made public yet, I believe JAMB reserves the right to allow the CBT centres to do the registration or otherwise. They might have been suspended from doing the registration in the meantime.

The board may decide when to allow them and when not to allow them. I think with the level of stress candidates are being subjected to, the board may, at any time, reallow the CBT centres around to resume the registrations.


If you’re out to apply for the JAMB part-time form, you may consider the nearest CBT centre first (if accredited). Then, if they’re now allowed to fill the form for you, they won’t hesitate to help. If otherwise, you won’t have any other choice than to go to the JAMB office.

If waiting is necessary, you just have to bear that as your closest cafes won’t help.

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