Can I Do Change of Institution and Post UTME Same Day?

For Some Schools, You Can Still Register Post UTME the Same Day
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This question and answer are coming at the time candidates are desperate to effect changes of institution the last day to the closing of post UTME portals of some schools. 
Having known that change of institution may take time before it reflects on the school portal, some candidates still want to know if they will be able to do the post UTME registration the same day they do the JAMB change of institution. See how long it takes JAMB change of institutions and courses to reflect on the school portal.
If you’ve read the post linked above, you might already have the clue as to whether it was possible to change institutions now and do post UTME immediately. Yet, let’s discuss it in full detail here for a better understanding.

A candidate recently asked:

UNIBADAN (UI) form is closing tomorrow… if I do change of course now will it reflect on my portal?

Here was my answer:

I won’t be so factual as to whether the answer is YES or NO. But it’s possible. I’d done that for people in the past and it worked. However, if the school will not allow you to change to them, because the closing date for the post UTME is too close, JAMB portal will alert you immediately that you can’t choose the school in the change of institution portal. Hence, you can go for another school. In other words, once you’re able to do the change, it will reflect and you will complete your registration by the same day or the following day. If it doesn’t reflect by the deadline, it means the school is likely to extend the registration. Be on the lookout for an extension.

Don’t be confused about that. What I said above was very correct.

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At my office, I do registrations for people and I’ve got lots of experiences to share.

Why Some Schools Will Not Allow Changes and Post UTME Registration the Same Day

Some schools will not just let you do the change of institution today and be able to do post UTME registration today as well.

For example, the like of FUNAAB, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILAG, ABU, UI, FULOKOJA, FUBK, UNIZIK, DELSU, FUGSAU, FUOYE, FUTMINNA, UNILORIN, etc will wait for JAMB to forward your details to them. After receiving your details, they will upload them to their databases. It’s after this that your details will appear on the school portal and you can now register.

Do you think all these activities can happen within a day? The answer is YES and NO.

It’s YES because I have seen a school like UI doing that. Once they accept the change of institution on the JAMB portal, they will definitely update your details on their portal even if it’s a day to the end of post UTME registration.

In the case they don’t do that till the deadline for the post UTME/screening, you should expect them to extend their registrations a few days to accommodate the new changes.

For Some Schools, You Can Still Register Post UTME the Same Day Without Waiting

The explanation and the case above showed you how it might not be possible to do the change of institution now and register the post UTME also now.

However, we have very many institutions that allow you to do their post UTME registrations as soon as you do the change of institutions. For instance, Adeyemi College of Education, Tai Solain University of Education, Ladoke Akintola University, Osun State University, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State Polytechnic Esa-Oke, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oke Ogun Polytechnic Saki, Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Ekiti State University, Federal Polytechnic Ado to mention but a few allow you to register right away.

Some of these schools don’t bother to update their databases until later. Some wait until they complete the post UTME exercises before updating their databases with the list of those that have so far changed to them.

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UNIOSUN, in its own way, for example, instructs those who have just changed to them but their details have not got to the school or reflected, to choose the “OTHERS” option instead of the “FIRST CHOICE” to enable them to proceed with the registration.

The FEDPOLY EDE post-UTME application slips of those that just changed to the polytechnic will show the UTME score as “0”.  A few days later, or when it’s time to print the exams slip, the real score will appear. This means the school has collected the new changes from JAMB and updated her database to reflect the real score. See Ede Poly Post UTME Issues, JAMB Score Showing Zero (0) and Solutions


Before you change to a school at a late hour, kindly be sure that such schools don’t necessarily update their database before you will be able to register. This is the best take, anyway.

However, if you insist on schools that must update their databases before you can register their post UTMEs, kindly take the risk. It’s worth it. What is important is that, if the school won’t accommodate or provide for further students, JAMB will alert “you can’t change to the school any longer” at the point of the change. Hence, you can consider any other still accepting changes.

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