Buhari New Year N10,000 Gift for Nigerian Youth: What You Must Know


Are you aware that President Muhammadu Buhari is giving Nigerian youth N10,000 as a new year gift according to a report? Are you confused and want to know whether the claim was true or fake? Below is a post I personally researched and composed to guide you through this dilemma.

President Buhari N10,000 New-Year Gift Link Shared Across Social Media

Most recently, people were sending a post across social media; Facebook, Whatsapp, etc that Mr. President is giving out money gifts for the New Year, and a form was opened through the link which people could apply through.

This message was, in its entirety, a false claim.

Mr. President, through any organization or executive, has not announced any free money. Kindly disregard should posts. 

I remember the same mass message surfacing this time last year. This post is an update!

The Buhari New Year Gift Application Form is Fake

If you critically look at the said form, it was the handwork of some fraudulent people. A federal government form can’t be this cheap. Google Free Form!?

The screenshot of the fake Buhari free cash form

The application form was designed by FREE Google form. Imagine Buhari will need a free form to collect applicants’ data. That’s not true!

Whether they call it grant or loan, President Buhari is not dashing money to the youth as a New Year gift.

They Did Not Ask For Money, So I Have Nothing To Lose

A man has called me to ask if this Free 10,000 is true. I made efforts to convince him that it wasn’t. I warned him to beware of fraudsters. To my dismay, the guy insisted on trying it since he has nothing to lose. “After all, they didn’t ask me to pay any money”, he lamented. 

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Ok, I understand.

Now, check the form again. These people want to collect your personal information including your email address, phone number, name, etc. They can use these details against you in your bank, business, and so on.

This is a smart way scammers do collect people’s information. Before you know it, they can contact you through SMS, email, etc (even years later) in order to take advantage of you elsewhere.

My advice for you, “run”.

But News Has It that Buhari is Giving out Money to People

You can be right.

Recently, the federal government, under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice, has been giving out what they called “Trader Moni” and “COVID-19 Relief fund”. This is not free New Year money. Trader Moni is only opened to the market women and men who applied through their local government, market association, etc – not through the internet. Whereas the COVID-19 relief fund was officially announced on the radio for interested people late last year.

Another free money was approved for disbursement among the identified poor families in the country. The cash payments are part of the Nigeria National Social Safety Net Program which helps poor families and Switzerland is believed to have returned about $1bn to Nigeria over the last 10 years.

This is not through the internet as well.


Apart from the two well-known and officially announced money being given out by the federal government but not under the personal name of Mr. President, claims that you can get money from President Buhari is fake and should be treated as such.

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