agriculture sustainability


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Sustainability is the ability to be in existence, survive, persevere and ever last. Sustainability is behavioral based&-8212;- our actions as a people ensures the abilities to lasting or depletion A UN 1987 Brundtland Commission Report on sustainable development defines sustainability as &-8221; means that we meet the needs of the present without comprising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.&-8221;The report offers guidelines to governments on the promotion of economic development that doesn&-8217;t sacrifice the broader long term integrity of national natural resources.THREE foudamental elements of durable society:(a) Environmental stewardship(b) Economic viability(C) Ethical behaviorIts only when the three elements of a durable society are taken together that ensurance of long term survival and smart use of the eco systems and our social systms are guaranteed.Sustainability is characterized by human sets of behavior. It&-8217;s our responsibility to think of how the present economic and social persues will affect the future. Doing so will lead to an economically, environmentally and socially acceptable outputs.The drive to endure or survival &-8212;- sustainability is wired in our DNA and in that of all other species. As people we poses more capacity to predict the end result as opposed to other species. It&-8217;s this capacity to predict that places the responsibility of sustainability stewardship.As farmers and citizens it&-8217;s our responsibility to make sure we treat our rivers, streams, forests, animals, grass, soils and everything else that we need to successfully farm our land with great respect.&-8221; Farming in and by itself is not inherently sustainable. Throughout history, dozens of cultures, from the mesopotamiaas to Mayans, have collapsed as a result of their agricultural practices.&-8221; Gary Klepper p30Modern testimonies of unsustainable nature of the current agricultural practices:(a) Insecurity of the food supply chains(b) Small and medium farms survival threats(c) Food recalls due to diseases contamination(d) Seed Genomes removal of important crops from the public by multi national corporations The ability to be sustainable must start and end with ethics. As farmers and citizens we need to understand our individual ethical responsibility of land stewardship. This will help propel deeper actions reasons.Monoculture agricultural practices violates an important ecological fundamental principal of diversity&-8212; which is an important component of ecological stability.Sustainability is traceable, our behaviors and actions leaves behind a trail of foot print, it&-8217;s a journey defined by our adherence to practising ethical farming.Happy sustainable farmingThink the present, Think the future.Our sustainable way of combatting Soil Acidity in our agri-land soil preparations to save its fertility and productivity for the future generation is the inducement of Humus, the Humic and Fulvic Acids contained in King Humus Plus.

agriculture sustainability
agriculture sustainability

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